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    Driving and fibro pain
    Labbimom posted:
    I was diagnosed w/fibro about 6 months ago and could use some advice. I tried Cymbalta, but had too many side effects. I haven't tried any other medications, yet. I have a lot of chronic pain in my hands/arms and driving very far seems to be a trigger. I have just had a job opportunity pop up that would require me to drive about 50 minutes each way. I went for the interview on Tuesday morning and have been in really bad pain since then. If I get the job, is it realistic to think that I could drive that far daily? Do the medications people talk about give that much relief? My hands were so crippled up this morning that I couldn't do simple tasks and driving very far would have been out of the question. I would appreciate any advice or tips. It's a great job for me, which is why I'm hoping there is a way to get relief that won't leave me so drugged that I can't work or drive safely.
    marysxx responded:
    Most of these meds do give some relief but, you sometimes have to keep searching till you find what works best for you. I am 45 and, have had this since I can remember. What I find works best for me is get in the pool with a kick board and, fins and, just keep swimming!!! I have tried EVERYTHING. This works
    campcop1 responded:
    I can understand your problem with the driving. I kept not complaining about how I hurt when getting home from a short trip. I live in the country and everything is at least a 25 mile trip. I tried going from a big SUV to a sedan and found I couldn't get out of my car when getting home. My neighbor would have to help me out if my husband wasn't home. I finally found a cross-over that the seats were at the right height which helped getting in and out. I also found that a telescoping steering wheel is helpful in putting the arm positions at better angles without moving the seat. I also only buy a car with heated seats. I have both a pool and a spa which help. I am one of these people that simply don't complain about pain especially after I've had doctors simply write-off if I mentioned fibro to them. I also have bad osteoporosis and they prefer to address that. I finally had a nice nurse practicioner that gave me Savella. That has made a difference for me. I tried Cymbalta and that stuff is terrible. The side effects are bad and it wasn't created for fibro but depression. Savella doesn't have any drowsiness issues so driving is okay. If your car doesn't have heated seats, you can purchase a heated pad for your car for pretty reasonable at Walmart. Hope this helps.
    D12345678 responded:
    I have had a job opportunity like that recently. By the time i got there, on the first day i could not work.
    Even driving 45 minutes to the doc appnt and back is a long day for me. don't feel bad.
    i thought i was on the mend and could work.but i can't and that's ok. can't stress about it.

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