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    Flu Shot
    Beckster025 posted:
    Good Afternoon!! I have been looking for this information and I can't seem to find it. Is FMS a neurolocial condition? If so, I am wondering if it is safe to get my flu shot this year. The information they posted was that if you have a neuroligical condition you should not get the shot. I don't know if I am just not looking in the right place, or if I don't know what I am searching for. Any input is greatly appricated!! Becky
    Anjl26 responded:
    FM is not considered a neurological condition and yes, it's safe to get a flu shot.
    jaxgirl1952 responded:
    Hi Becky I have a flu shot every October and have an appointment for one in two weeks. I have had FM for 17 years and I always have a shot and have never had a reaction. I cannot imagine having the flu on top of how we already feel! Karen
    sleepwalking responded:
    New research points towards malfunctions within the central nervous system as a cause of fibromyalgia. Abnormal levels of "neurotransmitters" (chemicals that transmit nerve signals in the brain) and/or hormone levels have been reported in fibromyalgia patients. Here is some other research: I got a flu shot last year and got so sick that it turned into pneumonia. Like many with FM I seem to have a compromised immune system. After I recovered from that (2 months) I went and got a pneumonia shot which is supposed to last 5 years. I would like to get a flu shot again despite my last experience because I think the flu, if I get it, might just finish me off for good.
    Socialwrkr responded:
    My doc says it's safe for fibro patients to get the flu shot and in fact, she highly recommends it! I got my first one last year and had my first year without a significant bout of pneumonia in several years. I usually get a severe cold/flu that ends up in my lungs. So I already got mine for this year!! For me, it's a great thing! I hope whatever you decide works well for you!! Take care
    annette_030 responded:
    Flu shots are safe for folks with FMS. I have had FMS for about 13 years and have never missed a flu shot, and never had the flu. My doctor encourages all her patients to get them, unless they have a specific problem that contraindicates them. We are getting ours next week. Take care, Annette
    annette_030 responded:
    Your illness was NOT from the flu shot you had. The injectable vaccine is made of dead virus and CANNOT make you sick. People can get a local inflammatory reaction at the injection site, but not a systemic illness like flu or pneumonia. The nasal spray vaccine is made from a weakened form of the virus and there is a remote possibility that you could get ill after having it if your immune system is compromised. I think FMS is a neurological problem, but not one of the types that would preclude you from having the flu shot. Thousands of people a year die from the flu. It is not always a benign illness. We seem to have this discussion here every year. Thanks for the link. Take care, Annette
    limhwa responded:
    I had a bad reaction in 1987 to the flu shot. I was working in a Hospital as a Radiologic Technologist and they " suggested" we alll get the shot. It was my first.. Then I was diagnosed with FMS in 1996. It took me that long to find out why I never recovered form the muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, bowel problems, joint pain and memory problems. I also started to come down with almost every illness I came in contact with.. My doctors said it was not related to FMS, but the truth is, no one wants a lawsuit. No one would say it was, because Doctors stick together against lawsuits. Get the shot if you liike. I don't recomend it.

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