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    leg pain at night
    jad2u posted:
    Does anyone else have really bad leg pain at night? I don't have it every night, but it is becoming more and more frequent lately.... It's mostly knees and goes down to my feet. I remember having this when I was much younger and the dr. told my mom it was just growing pains. What can I do to make it go away????
    charity1234 responded:
    Hi Julz,

    I don't get leg pains at night that often but do sometimes. It could be RLS which is restless leg syndrome. Try looking this up online and see what it says...... I normally just take some pain meds when i do get bad cramping.

    Wish I was more help to you.... Hopefully the others will reply but it wouldn't hurt to check for RLS.

    Take care, Charity
    Havienna responded:
    I do have leg pain at night...most nights. I don't have RLS so it's just part of the FM for me. You might want to check with your doctor though to makes sure you don't have Rest Leg Syndrome or something like that.

    I take Robaxin (muscle relaxer) at night just before bedtime and it seems to help some but mostly the biggest help has been a hot shower/tub before bed and then use the heating pad or rice pack on my knees as I'm trying to fall asleep I have to have a pillow under my knees if I'm lying on my back or between my knees if I'm on my side. On the really bad nights, i might use some biofreeze as well.

    Hope that helps!

    jad2u responded:
    Thanks for the good input.
    Yayabay06 responded:
    You hiot the nail on the head!! So to speak because sometimes it feels like hammers are hitting my legs. I cannot believe the pain in my legs!!!

    I put heat on them. That is the only thing that helps me and it is temporary. Can you believe it??? I had leg pain when I wsa young also.

    I wish I could help but the only thing is my heating pad!! I medicate and it takes the edge off.

    I wish I could help you more. This is such a terrible condition to have and really not much helps a lot of us. Just temporoarily.


    mommyof20903 responded:
    Hi Julz, I too have the exact same leg pain and it really roars it's ugly head at night as well. I feel like I'm a little girl again because I,too, feel like I am having growing pains also. It is from my knee down and my feet hurt most of the time too. Sometimes the pain can penetrate ijust above my knees. The one thing I do that helps that I don't think anyone has mentioned is I have also wrapped my legs in ace bandages just because the tightness or pressure of the bandage seems to give me some relief. It's not pretty but it does help.

    The wierd thing is that one leg is usually worse than the other (my right leg). I don't know why it is.

    I, like the other sufferers who have responded do mostly the same things for relief. I take a muscle relaxant because when I go to rub my legs, there are a lot of knots there. I also wrap my legs in a heating blanket at night because the pain is a real "achy" feeling. I have used biofreeze to help too.

    I know the pain is rough, especially in the cold weather.

    The thing that scares me is my little boy gets really bad growing pains and FM seems to be heriditary!!! I can't even think about it w/out tearing up. I wouldn't wish FM on anyone let alone my child ! Hopefully it just means he is going to be tall just like his daddy.
    stacy9237 responded:
    Do I ever have leg pain. Mostly in my right leg, it always seemed to be when I got into bed. I started laying on my back with a body pillow under my legs, it seems to help. Now the pain is starting during the day. My legs just throb and my knees ache. I keep getting a cyst behind my right knee and nothing can be done for it but lidocaine injections. anyway, try putting the pillow under your legs and see if that helps.
    Queenbead responded:
    Hi Jad2U,

    I have this gnawing burning pain in my left leg every night. Just the left leg. It burns and the pain goes behing my knee and downward towards my ankle. It keeps me up at night. Once I wake up it gets better and goes away while I am moving around. Then the cycle repeats itself every night. I have not been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but I believe I have it. I did not know there was a relation between the leg pain and Fibromyalgia. I know exactly how you feel!! I wasn't sure what to do about it, I told my doctor and she thought it might be a side effect from the Exforge I was taking for high blood pressure, so she changed my medication and it still hurts!
    annette_030 responded:
    I often get burning pain in the back of one knee. I use Lidoderm patches for this pain and it works well. You might discuss this with your doctor.

    They are very expensive unless you have insurance that covers them, but perhaps he could give you some samples to try and see if they work for you.

    Take care, Annette
    nanny0231 responded:
    I suffer from leg pain at night also. When I spoke with my doctor about it, she prescribed Magnesium. It worked tremendously. After the prescription expired, I began taking over the counter magnesium (found by the vitamins) every night at bedtime and it provides relief. Hope this might work for you.
    chronikpain responded:
    Julz, I have the exact same thing and what's more is I have explained it to others as the same pain I used to get as a kid that were explained away as growing pains! My symptoms are only when I lay down at night. They ache, and feel hot - the same feeling as you have in the summer time when you are looking for a cool spot on the sheets to lay. They are restless and I have to move them constantly, but it is NOT restless leg syndrome. It is mainly in my calves, however if I dont take anything to settle the symptoms I notice it begins to make me feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes. Does any of this sound familiar to you? My doctor prescribed me Klonopin for this particular issue and they worked wonders. I have since switched to Valium basically because my tolerance had built up to the klonopin over the course of a couple years. But it is very much worth asking your doctor for Klonopin or something similar (xanax, valium, etc) .... it helps calm these feelings in your legs and helps you sleep soundly, too. Plus these meds have generic forms so they are often covered by insurances and/or are much cheaper than those for Restless Leg Syndrome. Good luck Julz...... I hope for you to get some help. That feeling in your legs is enough to drive a person to drink!!

    1234leroy responded:
    I have had severe pain in both legs from the knees to the feet, front and back of the legs, during the night. My doctor prescribed Gabapentin 400 mg capsules (2 before breakfast & 2 at supper time) daily. Since then, my pain disappeared. See your doctor, hope this helps.

    dfrieda responded:
    Wow! I have never heard of others having the same pain that I have in my legs at night since they were kids and the doctor also told my parents that it was just growing pains. What I have found to help is taking hot baths or ice cold baths, bengay; but need to be careful not to apply too much bengay. Not very common but bengay can be deadly when you apply too much and with the pain I have at night, I have applied too much. I am currently using trazodone to relax my body and that helps quite a bit. My doctor and I figured out about a year ago, that my pain in my legs is due to an iron deficiency, so I have been eating lots of foods containing iron and in the last year I have noticed an improvement. It takes iron a lot longer to be absorbed in your body than other minerals and vitamins take, so if you think you may have an iron deficiency and eat more foods with iron, give it some time to work. Give it at least 6 months, that is how long it took for the iron to kick in for me before I noticed any results. I also am going to be tested for Celiac's Disease which is when you are allergic to gluten. And if a person eats gluten for like years and is allergic to it, what can happen is your body doesn't absorb vitamins and minerals very well anymore and that is where an iron deficiency/anemia can come from. I hope some of this can be helpful to anyone with pain in their leg/legs at night.

    RocioRivera responded:
    My 3 year old son has leg pains at night too. He has had it for the past 1 1/2 now. The doctor checked for arthritis, fm, referred him to a Rheumatologist and nothing all test came back normal. He wakes up almost every night crying in pain. I rub his leg or legs depending on what hurts him that night. Most of the time I end up giving him childrens motrin. I feel so bad for his pain and for giving him the motrin. I don't want this to affect him in the future, but I feel there really isn't much I could do but to rub his legs and give him medicine. Does anyone out their have kids with the same problem?

    What can I do
    Littlefox77 responded:
    Hi Julz, Every night especially in bed. My butt down my legs into my feet. My feet get numb and I get a sharp pain which shoots into my heal. I have to flex my feet and rock my legs, it helps some.

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