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    Falling or stumbling when stand up
    countrystablecandles posted:
    When I got out of bed this morning I almost fell.. Then I held on the rail and the wall going down the stairs.. I was in the kitchen coooking for hubby and almost fell again.. Everything that I picked up I dropped..

    I think after I take the kids to school I am going back to bed!!!
    Hope you all have a better day than I am and little to no pain

    {{{Soft gentle hugs}}}
    jamesii responded:
    That seems to be a common problem with us in the fmly. I don't know if it is the meds we are on or due to the brain changes from fibro. I suspect it is both. I have only been on the fm meds for about 8 to 9 months now, and I had the problem long before that. It has gotten worse since going on the meds though.

    I always make sure there is something to grab on to when I am doing things. When putting on clothes, shoes, etc. I am very prone to losing my balance.

    I am determined that I will not fall and break any bones. My mom has broken her hip, her wrist, her knee from falling. I have a bone loss issue and know that it would be easy to do that. I don't want the pain, surgery, or the rehab associated with that. My mantra: be safe, don't fall, protect myself at all times.

    Hope things get better for you.

    TCL38 responded:
    Oh Marcie I am so sorry!

    I hate those days! They scare me! I know FM isn't progressive like MS but on those days when I can't hold on to anything it sure doesn't do much to reassure me.

    Maybe a little more rest is the ticket?

    Feel better!

    countrystablecandles replied to TCL38's response:
    Jim, Tanya thanks for replying to my post.. It seems to happen to me on the really foggy days... I seem to be better now though so maybe it has something to do with the lingering effects of the flexril.. I think that I took my last one a little later than normal last night.. I will have to try and remember to take it earlier tonight and see if that makes a difference..

    Tanya I was dropping everything I picked up this morning.. I told hubby he better pour up the tea or I would probably end burnt from dropping the hot tea all over me and the floor.. He is such a champ about all of it though.. He tries to make me a laugh about it so I don't cry...

    TCL38 replied to countrystablecandles's response:
    I have that same reaction on Flexril until it's out of my system.

    If you took it later, I'll bet that's what it is especially since you're feeling a little better. Man until that stuff is out of my system I am WUI....walking under the influence....LOL

    That sounds like a good man you have there. You're so lucky!

    fibroinsd responded:
    If it doesn't clear up...maybe call the doc??? I hope you are ok..cece
    countrystablecandles replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Thanks yall.. Yes Tanya I am lucky.. It took him a few years to understand all the problems I have, but once he did he changed his way of thinking.. Not saying that sometimes he gets frustrated, but heck so do I...

    MagPrincess replied to countrystablecandles's response:

    I have this happen. it happens more when I don't have enough sleep or if I am exhausted.

    It happened the other day at a restraunt. I almost fell because on foot didn't move.
    countrystablecandles replied to MagPrincess's response:
    It is scary when you don't have anything to hang onto or nothing to break your fall... Yeah I hate when that happens....
    catfl replied to jamesii's response:
    My balance was so bad, even before the fibro diagnosis, that I went from being an occuptational therapy assistant, to trouble walking and falling, to walker, and walker and wheelchair. I now get around pretty well, the pain and balance isn't as much of a problem when I a moving as standing. I started Tai Chi (the international group based out of orangeville, cananda) two years ago with a walker. It certainly has helped me find balance points and shift my weight properly. I only use the walker now for long stop and go walking like in an art museum. They couldn't find anything else that caused the balance problem, and then the combined fibro problems that I think I am the 2 million dollar woman. Too bad the pain doesn't make me feel like one.

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