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    No Pain Bra
    Zubydoo007 posted:
    NOTE from WebMD: Be sure to Join our NEW discussion on this to share your input:

    Comfy Bras and More

    I heard of 1 bra for Fibro patients. It is available at Target, but it is a chemise-bra ! Too hot in the summer, and getting those "hot flashes"!
    Has anyone found a "Pain free" bra that I can try ?? I have some now, no wire, easy fit along chest, put the least amount of time spent in it cause such pain and I just want to take it off FAST !! I really don't want to live the rest of my life bra-less. let's face it girls, gravity will really get us this way.
    Please forward any info if you have found one you can "tolerate" for at least 4 hours. This disease is so terrible, if others only knew !!
    Thank You So Much,
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Zubydoo and welcome.....MiMi in NC....I wanted to tell you that when I wear them....I have to wear a sports bra....very soft....and they fasten in the be really honest with you though....I have not found any to be really comfortable....but I also think it is the FM kicking in on this with a lot of things....

    Good luck...and if you find one....I do hope you will share it with all of us....

    Take care...

    MagPrincess replied to dollbug's response:
    I don't know what to tell you. I am constantly adjusting mine all day. I just don't have a choice.
    Anjl26 responded:
    Bra = Ancient torture devise! I've not found any that are specifically great. I can not stand an underwire and usually get one with some padding in the strap.

    I have a couple of sports bras and frankly, those are even worse for me. They are soooooo tight, squishing the girls in ways that just aren't natural. LOL

    As soon as I get home, the bra comes off. I never wear one around the house.
    squarley replied to Anjl26's response:
    I have had to quit wearing one to pain full ,it hurts all around chest and even breast get sore, never thought it would get to this thank God I am small busted ,never thought I be thank full for that.
    alispazz responded:
    I have a drawer full that I can't wear...I do have a couple of non underwire, that also have elastic on the end of straps that really look like (sorry girls) old lady bras, wider stretch fabric around you and lift and separate in front with fabric, no clevage builder and not sexy at all but I can wear them 6-8 hrs if need be without increasing pain level to much, just no v=line or scooped neck

    I think they are Hanes, and should be available anywhere they sell them.

    I go out so little anymore I don't worry about it,

    pnaturegirl responded:
    I have yet to find one either? LOL>>>>

    Like Sharon, As soon as I am home off it comes!

    Natural feels best and sports bras our also to tight on me and I do not have much chest either but cannot stand the tightness!!
    WomanInBath responded:
    Thanks! I needed this too!
    I was going to go out this week to look for one, I have just VERY recently gone out walking in the mornings. Not far.....but out of the house!! I swing my arms as I go and now my underarms are raw from the point of the under wire.
    I cannot go without, I'm a double D now, I was never small chested but how do you girls keep from puting on weight? The only ones in my size are torture devices!
    You're right....If they only knew.
    Fondly, WIB
    WomanInBath replied to WomanInBath's response:
    FYI the last few days, I have put on a soft t-shirt, then my bra, then another, loose t-shirt on top of that. Helped a little.
    Zubydoo007 replied to dollbug's response:
    Well, It looks like we are ALL in the same boat !! The chest area
    is where the Pain and discomfort is. It is torture !!
    I was going to go today and look for one, but after reading all the feed back, it seems like a waist of money.
    If only 1 bra manufacturer would tackle this PROBLEM, imagine the profit they would make !!
    Zubydoo007 replied to MagPrincess's response:
    Thanks for the reply, maybe we should all start a "Pain Free Bra"
    for Fibro patients campaign !!
    If the bra manufactures knew all the money they would make, I think they may start the "design" !!
    MamaNan replied to WomanInBath's response:
    Have you tried Lane Bryant's cotton no wire bra? It's the only one I can wear. Very comfortable. My daughters who are a bigger cup size wear them, too.
    christinam4 responded:
    Actually, I am just the very opposite. I have to wear a bra all the time. I am not big busted, only a "C". Before I had my hysterectomy my breast hurt sooo bad, nothing could touch them, no shirt, nothing gently rubbing against them. Therefore I had to wear a bra, to keep anything "rubbing" against them. Now after, it is a little less painful, I guess it was because my hormones were off. Now that I have no estrogen, it is tolerable. I still wear a bra all the time, even when I sleep, because of the slightes touch hurts them, and the bra kinda protects them. I just had to jump in here and give my two cents...Lol.....
    jeannefromwi replied to MamaNan's response:
    I can't believe that i'm reading this! I'm crying because you are talking about stuff i've been dealing with alone for years. I have fibro and cannot work, wearing clothes hurts,especially bras, and lomg has this forum been here?
    WomanInBath replied to jeannefromwi's response:
    I'm brand new here too, just jumping around this site and appreciating like crazy!!
    I know just how you feel, I cant believe I finally found a site where the last post was not 6 months ago.!!!
    These women are talking daily, I cant wait to read more and hopefully be able to help someone else.
    Welcome to you and thanks to the rest of you, I finally found someone who understands.
    Love, Love, Love.

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