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    Dollbug posted:
    Welcome back.....Today is going to be a good day.....MiMi in NC....I am so glad to "see your post".....I sure hope things have been good for you....

    I know that it has been a long time since you posted....I have thought about you and wondered if you were doing ok....this exchange has really changed and it is growing by leaps and bounds again....we have so many new members....and I often wonder how many are out there just lurking.....I am sure we would be shocked to know...

    It has been really hot in NC this past has been like a summer week....but suppose to get cooler by Sunday....I sure hope so...I often wonder if this is going to be a scorcher when summer gets here....

    I do like warmer weather is so much better for both my mind and my body....but lately I think my body temps are all out of sorts.....I can be feeling ok...and then out of nowhere I can get really hot and then within seconds I can be having cold chills....I should be past this stage....or so I would have is almost like I am trying to get the flu....but I do not get I do not know... newest grandson is 7 months old....he is a sweetheart....very laid his dad...and is such a joy to be around....he giggles a lot and he has been wanting to stand up and walk now for is so funny to see him try....he is pulling up now....and wants to stand up all the time....I think he will be walking early....and he is cutting teeth....chews on everything...

    Sweet Pete who is 3 and G who will soon be 6 are growing up so fast...I can not believe the difference in Sweet Pete since he started to preschool....and G is in kindergarten...they both are very smart little ones...

    Having grandchildren are parents rewards for having their own children....this has been the best time of my life....even though I struggle each and every day with the wrath of the dragon....I call my therapy....they are the apples of my eyes....they are all so very sweet and bubbly....full of energy and life...

    OK....that is my story for today....

    I am so glad that you posted....and I hope you will stay with us....

    I do hope things are well with you....take care and good luck...

    Meme0221 responded:
    Dearst MiMi~

    Ohh, how I miss you all so very much! I came by to take a peek & it's so sweet of you to make a shout out to me, thank you ever so kindly!

    Things are still the same here, just chugging along best as I can. I've had some really scary days to where I wanted to vanish into thin air, but time is a slow healer as they say... Just a slow process. However, I just started having a few 'decent days' emotionally, once in a while. I've been making lemonade, MiMi, lol...

    So nice to hear your enjoying those precious grandbabies! Wow, they are certainly growing so fast & so adorable in your pic profile. Goodness, I know they have to be most certainly the greatest blessings in your life! The innocense & purity of children brings us such joy & passion for living life, don't they?!

    I hope you yourself have been doing well, dear MiMi. I miss my FMily very much. Unfortunately, my survival has meant my being away for a bit, but I will try to get back on board soon... I think of you all daily & wish everyone well. Good to see your still here, many have left. Hopefully, they will return b/c we do miss them.

    Thanks for saying hello. And I send out a warm welcome to all our new FMily members that I haven't had the privledge of meeting yet. -Welcome aboard-

    Do take care sweet MiMi & FMily! Miss you all & love you lots!

    Warm Hugs,
    Anjl26 replied to Meme0221's response:
    MeMe!!!!! <big hugs> So good to see you posting!!!! :D Did you know we have a doctor posting to the board now? It's been great to have his input here.

    I hope you're able to get back to see us regularly again but never fear, we'll still be here when you're able.
    fibroinsd responded:
    Just wanted to add my hello...I didn't see your other post..but you are always in my mind..and I hope you are doing better..

    hugs to you

    Meme0221 replied to Anjl26's response:
    Dearest Sharon,

    Thanks for the warm hugs! Mmph! I've missed you all terribly, I can't say it enough... Things are still the same unfortunately but I'm trying to get out of my shell, if you will.

    I did know that we were suppose to get an FM Dr. on board & I read his posts earlier this morning. He's great! It's wonderful to have him w/ us.

    Thanks for dropping in to say hello, it means a lot to me. I''ll try to stick around more, lol. :-) Miss you all so much. Take care & have a great day.

    Warm Hugs,
    Meme0221 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Dearest Cece,

    So nice to see you too! You all are just so great to chime in to say hello. :-) I've missed you all greatly. Things are difficult still, but I'm hangin in there. I will try to get on here more often, simply b/c I miss everyone so much.

    Thank you for the well wishes. Here's wishing you the same, dear Cece. Hope to see ya'll soon again.

    Warm Hugs,
    CORYSGIRL30 replied to Meme0221's response:
    MEEMS! :) Miss you too.
    debw216 replied to Meme0221's response:
    Hello Meme! My name is DebW (there are 2 other "debs" here so I add the W) and I was diagnosed, just last month. I saw a new Rheumy and he said that I have had Fibro since my very first symptoms of Lupus back in the late 1980's.

    That very first day, I came online and into one of the most rewarding exchanges that I have ever belonged too! The people here are truly exciting, powerful and amazing! I felt right at home and everyone here, has been so wonderful and supportive....

    I am also so happy to be able to meet you. I have read some of your posts, and find you so warm and graceful....and just a joy to read your posts!

    I can't believe there is another Meme! When I first came here I explained to MiMi that, that is what we call my youngest granddaughter. Her name is Miranda Kay (after my mom) and we call her Mimi....and sometimes, Mimi Kay. She is my pride and joy and truly the best therapy that I could have. My heart just melts when we play together...and I can do nothing but smile when I am around her. She is truly grandma's girl! I have 4 grandchildren... Aubrey is soon to be 10. Nathan is 8 yrs old. And sweet Mimi is 3 and a half. LOL.... And Brandon, who is 12.

    Will be going there for Mothdays Day, and I know that I am in for a all the children and myself will play games and play catch up on whats going on in their lives....

    I so hope that, you are up to coming back soon! Please take care! (((soft hug)))

    DebW : )
    debw216 replied to debw216's response:
    Oops....Mothers Day. Gee, I miss that spell check... LOL....
    Meme0221 replied to CORYSGIRL30's response:
    Hey Jules~

    Ohh, I miss ya girly! So nice to see you too, my sweet friend. I hope you & your family are doing well. Hope to keep in touch more often, things have been difficult for some time now. We'll have to catch up soon.

    Warm Hugs,
    Meme0221 replied to debw216's response:

    So nice to meet you also! Yep, we have 2 MiMi's/MeMe's on here, lol. We actually both became members on the same day 3 years ago, neat huh?! My family call's me MeMe, ever since I was a little girl & they still do...hence, the name.

    Futhermore, I'm terribly sorry you've been dx w/ FM & Lupus alike. I have both myself & it is tortourous living w/ it, isn't it?! Goodness, what a terrible combo to have, argh.

    I'm very happy you have found us, we have a very warm & friendly group here. Once FMily, always FMily! We certainly help one another in ways only we can understand, that's what's so great. We just "get each other". Thanks for the kind welcome back! -Times/circumstances have been hard, which have taken me away, but I hope to check in more often.

    I can't wait to talk more w/ you in the near future. Thanks again for your kindness & well wishes. Take care my friend.

    Warm Hugs,

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