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    jamesii posted:
    Hi, Jim from Ark. here. I guess I am in a bit of an IBS flair. Things changed about a week ago. I was taking several meds for constipation, I don't need those right now. I think I saw a bit of blood this morning. I just recently had a colon scope. It showed diverticuli and a few hemmorhoids. No other problems.

    I know FM sometimes accompanies IBS. I have both of those. They really got bad at the same time. So, I assume they are related.

    Today I started boiling in my intestins and passing a lot of gas. last time I did that I wound up in ICU as I bled out. I bled so much they thought I would have a heart attack and hooked me up to a bank of monitors.

    It seems that when I start the boiling and growling the blood soon starts to flow. I am hoping and praying that it is an intestinal virus causing the intestinal upset.

    In the past I was taking Arthritis meds containing aspirin. That caused me to have a bleeding problem, they took me off those and the bleeding stopped. It has not happened in several years. I am taking Omega 3 fish oil capsules, they warn of possible bleeding. I don't know, just a bit worried.

    Not sure what I want from this. Has anyone had a bleeding problem associated with the fish oil? Also, please pray for me as I am a bit concerned.

    CORYSGIRL30 responded:
    Hellooo, Jim from Ark.! So sorry it's that bad. I have IBS too, but it hasn't amounted to that. I'm assuming your regular doc knows about this...right...Take it easy, ok??
    from1952 responded:
    Oh Jim you have my prayers. I wound up in the hospital with bleeding from the rectum, but not the amount you are, and did. I take fiber pills every day (not the whole amount they recommend) and when I bleed, I start with clear (albeit flavorless) liquids. Eventually I get regular again. However, starting the fiber tablets I haven't had any problems. I take them at night just before bed. A point in their favor, right after my morning coffee I go. How's that for regular? :)

    Anita in Tucson
    fibroinsd responded:
    Oh Jim, I will add you to my prayers...well, I will add this to the other stuff I have for you ! Maybe the extra stress lately with the DIL and son is causing all this.

    I have been going through the same stuff without the bleeding. It sure isn't fun. Wish I could just get normal for awhile, not at the extremes. We did decide we had a little 24 hour flu here..but looks like I am still not quite back from it.

    The bleeding is a problem, though. I hope you can get in to see the doc soon.

    pocotaz responded:
    Hi Jim,

    Have you let your doc. know about the bleeding? You mentioned you had a colonoscopy done alittle while ago--be careful and let the doc. know --they may want to check this out.

    Hemroids can bleed if irrated --so it could be that-- watch what you eat having diverticuli-- i have them to and was told that because i have pain alot--to avoid anything that has seed in them--like pickles --popcorn ( i still eat that ) ect. as the seed can get caught in the diverticula pouches.

    You need to find a way to keep your self regular as this just exaserbates the colon going back and forth from constipation and the runs. That is what cause these pouches --being constipated--

    It makes parts of your colon weak and causes pouches to form which --if not careful-- can rupture and cause infection--end up in hospital on antibiotics--or worse --

    So you want to be kind to your colon--o.k. Try to find a good regiman--don't use laxatives--not good for IBS--better to use stool softeners. That doesn't cramp your colon.

    Hugs and hope things are o.k.--- Please let s know how you are doing o.k.


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