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    wet feet feeling
    deli61 posted:
    HI all, i all that i have read here,i have not noticed anyone saying anything about a wet foot feeling

    I have this quite often and it is so annoying, my feet will all of a sudden feel wet, they arent, but they feel like it.

    also, does anyone else feel like their head is too heavy for their neck. i get this and i just want to prop up my head with something because it feels like it weighs a ton..

    Just wanted to know if this is part of fm or just something i have.
    anyways thanks for any imput
    take care all and remember give a good day
    Socialwrkr responded:
    It could be a parethesia, a weird nerve pain response and yes, that is very common with fibro.

    The nerves are processing a feeling to the brain that isn't accurate. It might be an itch, burning, tingling, bee sting feeling, odd sensations, etc.

    I've had occasions to rip my sheets off in the night thinking a rat just walked over my foot. I felt it! But nothing there.

    And I get a cold, wet feeling in my right forearm, especially if it's resting on any kind of table. I will lift my arm to wipe it off and realize it's not really wet. Feels like it's sitting in a puddle.

    So yeah, your "normal!" lol

    The head could be heavy fatigue. And muscle weakness isn't terribly unusual either.
    Be Gentle on Yourself!!! ~~Aimee
    mickadee1975 replied to Socialwrkr's response:
    agreed I get it sometimes when I lay down to sleep it feels like my bed is wet or my pillows and shoes at times. just a weird feeling.
    I also find myself propping my head up with my hands because it feels like its filled with bricks LOL

    deli61 replied to mickadee1975's response:
    Oh thank goodness, thought maybe my brain was not doing what it was suppose todo for me..

    Am glad to know others feel this way also.
    Hope everyone has a good day today, keep smiling even when feel you cannot. that way makes everyone wonder what you are
    alispazz replied to deli61's response:

    If our brains were working the way they should...we would not have this feeling....but if they could talk...My guess is that they would say....Hey come on lets mess with the sensors in feet, yeah lets...make her fee like shes standin in ice water...(or with me its usually my butt, that has that sensation...not pleasant in middle of the night when you wake up wondering if you peed the bed...LOL...glad I haven't regressed that far. It can drive you nuts for sure.

    I have found that when my head feels to heavy for my neck it means I have been slouching to long, so i sit taller and arch my back for a while....helps some...personally, I would love to have a home traction machine....

    If you read the fibronomics thing we have been doing with DR Mark, you will see that the head is one of the areas that gives us fits.....

    Follow your heart and not your dreams..the dreams are from your mind and can lead you astray, the heart never can..SMOLOL Hugs Ali
    stardusthealer responded:
    Thanks. I thought I was loosing it. Then I thought- look it up. It's nice to know it is real Hang in there all and Bless you.
    rowan73 responded:
    Hey, I get that too!!!! Wow! The stuff I hadn't realized...or never could put into words....wet feet, thighs/posterior, heavy head (though I've had whiplash & have damaged that ligament)...i thought it was just me being weird...i also get what I've come to call fibro-eyes-vision changes from day to day(muscle tension around eyes).
    Smile you're never alone, and laughter is the best medicine. As Bobby McFerrin said Don't worry, be anthem for me...remember stress makes it worse ;)

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