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    Includes Expert Content
    FM and vision problems
    imirish2 posted:
    Dr. "P",
    My daughter was telling me about a discussion you posted on FM and problems w/your vision
    Is it located on this website?
    I suffer from FM and was recently dx with cataracts (50 years's old). I had surgery back in April and so far my vision has not improved.
    Since being dx w/fibro 5 years ago my eyesight is much worse.
    An_199266 responded:
    I think FM does play a role with bad vision. I have blurry vision that is quickly deteriating and I, also, have double vision.

    Dr. Pellegrino how does FM affect vision? Does poor vision keep deteriating (forever)? Can bad vision caused by FM be reversed at all?
    Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
    Hi Imirish,

    Visual problems and visual symptoms are common with FM. The different FM "problems" can also explain specific visual problems:

    FM myofascial pain = eye muscle pain. Eye pain is frequently the result of painful eye muscles. Yes those muscles get myofascial pain pain too and can cause headaches, pain when looking in different directions, pain when blinking hard or opening the eyes wide, "stiffness" with moving the eyes. This may also cause our eyelids to twitch, and contibutes to blurred vision and problems focusing.

    FM allergies/sensitivities = eye allergies/sensitivities. Our eyes water, itch, and burn more, are bothered more by smoke, strong odors, and sunlight. This contributes to blurred vision and eye pain.

    FM autoimmune dysfunction = eye autoimmune dysfunction. Dry eyes are common and they contributes to eye pain and blurred vision.

    FM dysautonomia = eye dysautonomia. This likely plays a role in sensitivities, poor night vision, difficulty focusing, blurred vision and other eye symptoms.

    FM brain fog = eye "fog." This leads to the visual overload we often experience esp. when shopping and scanning shelves and having problems visually deciphering exactly what we are seeing. This also explains when we read and re-read the same paragraph and still don't "understand" what we just read. This is our visual-brain disconnection that's part of the fibro-fog.

    FM does not cause cataracts or loss of vision or retinal detachment. Other eye problems may be present so one should always work with an eye specialist for any persistent visual symptoms.

    I'd write more about the eyes but I don't want to overload them (yours and mine!) Hope this helps put into focus the FM - eye connection. You see, I made a pun. <----(And I made another one!)

    I'm so punny tonight.

    Dr. P
    Dollbug replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    Dr. P......I think your FMily is really getting to you have caught on quickly to the humor here....LOL....

    Good post....and you are right....we do need to focus....on whatever the subject happens to be....

    Thanks for sharing.....I am sure others will also understand the humor here that you have shared with us....

    You just keep getting better and better.....LOL...

    Take care...

    IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    Really great info to have, Dr. Pellegrino, pun and all. Yet another one I'll keep handy for myself (I have vision issues too) and for the members here. :-)
    Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you'll help them to become what they are capable of becoming. ~Goethe
    195552 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    Thank you Dr P ! You have cleared up some vision problems i have been having, im thinking my eye doc may not know about fm problems, i worked for retina specialists for 11yrs and never heard about fm and vision. im printing this one to take to the eye doc, just in case............thank you..............mary.........>^.~.^<!
    mischelle360 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    Great Info! Pun and all :)

    I have this:
    FM allergies/sensitivities = eye allergies/sensitivities. Our eyes water, itch, and burn more, are bothered more by smoke, strong odors, and sunlight. This contributes to blurred vision and eye pain.

    And this:
    FM dysautonomia = eye dysautonomia. This likely plays a role in sensitivities, poor night vision, difficulty focusing, blurred vision and other eye symptoms.

    Although I never had blurry vision until starting Savella. But I have Terrible night vision and have for Years and Years now. I never understood it as I can see good, read small print (until Savella). But blind as a bat at night. And the oncoming traffic lights on dark roads is the Worst!

    And during the day, I cannot drive without shades on, the bright sunlight, I can't drive without them and if by chance I Have to, I get the worst headaches from it.

    I also have this:

    FM brain fog = eye "fog." This also explains when we read and re-read the same paragraph and still don't "understand" what we just read. This is our visual-brain disconnection that's part of the fibro-fog.

    Although I have been raised believing I have a learning disability and that was my problem for not being able to understand or explain what I just read, lol.
    An_199267 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    Dr. Pellegrino,

    You did it again, awesome info. and clearly stated!

    OMG! Myofacial pain in the eyes. I never would have thought about that. I have had a lot of eye pain with eye movement for years. I always wondered what that was but never pursued it for answers.

    I do have eyelids that twitch, headaches, and blurred vision. I can't tell you how good it feels to have an answer for this!!

    Dr. Pellegrino, you put so much time and thought into your replies and that is very much appreciated! You also brighten our days because you are so "punny"!!

    Thank you!
    Anjl26 replied to An_199267's response:
    Excellant info Dr P. I have many of these as well... allergies, dry eyes and headaches.

    I get alot of pain in my face (cheeks and forehead) which I've always blamed on my sinus/allergies issues. Now I'm wondering if in fact some of it is FM related as well.
    Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections. hugs Sharon
    imirish2 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    Well Dr. P you crack me up!
    Just when I'm getting into this educational reply you hit me with your incredible sense of humor.
    Thank God we can all laugh about our ailments as well.
    This info has been amazingly helpful.
    I too will print it off and take it to my next eye surgeon's appt.
    He is very open to discussing whatever I present to him
    I did fail the dry eye test and my vision problems have increased since being dx w/FM.
    My concern is my vision not improving much at all since the surgery and could the FM be why.
    I will speak my doc. about this and if I have more info. to pass along I will post it for sure.
    Thanks again Dr. P.
    KeenansNanny replied to mischelle360's response:
    I am very interested in your comment about Savella and vision problems. Like you, my blurred vision really worsened after taking Savella, and my vision has rapidly deteriorated. I could read any small print, thread needles, etc. Now I can do none of that. Also, the vision in my left eye went from 20/30 to 20/200 in a very short period of time. I knew my vision was getting more blurry, which is why I went to an opthamologist and an optometrist. One of them suggested that it may be the Savella because of the "accomodation" side effect that is listed. But I went from no glasses to trifocals. My doctors won't speculate on whether my vision will return if I come off of Savella. But since I can't take Lyrica (lots & lots of swelling and 27 pound weight gain in 7 weeks) nor Cymbalta (extremely elvated liver enzymes), Savella is the only thing that keeps me out of bed 24/7. I was taking 50mg twice a day when this happened to my vision. I have since been increased to 100 mg twice daily for worsening sympoms of FM. My vision has not deteriorated any more since the increase, but the vision loss really worries me. I think we should both report it to the FDA so they can further research and let physicians know that it is a possible side effect. Three of my physicians could not tell me what the cause might be, and two of them prescribe Savella frequently.

    I would love to hear Dr. P's comments on the subject of Savella and vision problems. I have all the other conditions as well (dry eye, night vision problems, blurry vision), but the rapid change in my vision is very disturbing. I am 51 years old.
    Tany84 replied to Mark Pellegrino, MD's response:
    I think I'm having the eye dysautonomia. The past couple of years, every time I go to get my eyes checked I have told them that I keep getting blurred vision. It can last anywhere from a few seconds to about 30 seconds and rubbing my eyes doesn't help. I also have been having a lot of night vision problems. Two different eye doctors have said that I have developed a slight astigmatism but that it's not bad enough for them to be able to adjust my Rx to help. The problems I'm having don't seem slight! My night vision has gotten terrible! I can hardly read road signs at night. I even had one eye doctor (not my normal one, I just tried him because he was cheaper) get very rude to me because he tested my eyes for allergies and didn't find anything and I still said I was having problems.
    And I do sometimes have problems focusing. Is there anyway to test for this? If so, would it be an optometrist or a regular Dr.?


    mischelle360 replied to KeenansNanny's response:
    Hi KeenansNanny,

    Before Savella my eyesight was perfect. I can't medically prove that as I have never been to an eye Dr before, lol, but I have never had any trouble seeing. Other than driving at night that is, I don't think I have ever been able to see good driving at night.

    Since starting Savella I noticed my blurry vision the very next morning after starting it. I read novels off and on all day long every day, and know for a fact I read before bed without the blurry vision. Yet the next morning and every since it has been blurry.

    I even do this now when reading on webpages like this... hold down my Ctrl button and scroll up with my mouse to make the text larger so I don't have to strain to read.

    Your story scares me... I really feel so much better on Savella, my pain is nothing compared to before Savella. Yet, if I have to choose pain or loss of eyesight, I would choose the pain. :( And that's saying A Lot!

    Now I did read that blurry vision is a side effect from Savella and read it at the webmd site. I also read that if u have a certain eye problem you should Not take Savella. I don't remember the name of the "eye problem" but you can bet I am on the hunt for it now.

    I will post a few links for u to read when I find them, savella's side effects and such.

    I am 41.... and so far I am still on 50mg twice a day.
    mischelle360 replied to Tany84's response:
    Ok, Here is one, and I must say that after reading this, I was scared to take Savella. It took me a week to gain the courage to start taking it...

    Another one..

    Now this is the one about the eye problem... If you are taking Savella and have never read this, then it is a "must read". If you have read it before, you'll find the eye problem listed on page 2.

    I hope this helps! And Thanks for sharing your story with me also! I do know if my vision keeps getting worse then I will stop taking Savella.
    mischelle360 replied to Tany84's response:
    Sorry, I hit reply on the wrong one ^^^ and didn't realize it until I had submitted, lol. I meant to hit reply on KenneansGranny.

    Brittany, I don't know who would test for that. Hopefully someone who knows will come along with an answer :)

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