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    Describe your "fibrofog"
    ValarieW77 posted:
    Hey everyone !

    Thought I would start a discussion on what you all experience with "fibro fog"? We all talk about it and experience it with this illness so I would love to hear your own experiences.

    I know with my "fibro fog" I feel as though I am half way there, haha if you know what I mean, really in a blank at times. I used to speak so well and now when I am talking to others, I stop in mid sentence searching for those words and they just don't want to come out or I can't think of what I want to say ! I can't remember things as well as I used to EVERYTHING is written down or it is gone from my brain ! Example: I felt terrible a few weeks back when I told my parents I would stop by there house to help my dad with his computer and you guessed it, the time came and went and my poor parents of course started to worry!

    Anyway these are some things that I experince and would like for you to share along with the rest of us.

    Hope you are all well Valarie

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    mrahoe responded:
    have it all the time i think but it varys in how bad i have it.

    my memory is bad but at times an add will come on tv and i cant remember what i was watching. and at times i say things that i not only slur but they make no sense at all.

    annette030 responded:
    I found my "fibro fog" was more drug fog than anything. I got off of antidepressants and about 85% of my fog went away. I still deal with some of these kinds of symptoms, but so do many other people, not all of whom have FMS.

    I remember my healthy mom had these issues around menopause time. She was always complaining about forgetting words, or the reason she came into a room would slip away as soon as she got there.

    I have read of many other folks on other message boards calling their "fog" by whatever the name of their disease is.

    I write myself notes, and make lists and get on with my life.

    Take care, Annette
    alispazz responded:
    I am not sure mine is a fog, it is more of a i really don't care or want to kind of thing....that usually comes on days where sleep has evaded me at night.

    I use to have what most call fog on here when I took certain drugs, so I try to avoid that classification...Lyrica was one of the worse as not only did it interfere with the though process, it made me dizzy.
    Follow your heart and not your dreams..the dreams are from your mind and can lead you astray, the heart never can..SMOLOL Hugs Ali
    An_199319 replied to alispazz's response:
    Funny you should mention this. I had this "memory" discussion with 3 sisters (age 40-46), & they are the same way with memory not being so great. Not one of them have fibro, so I don't thing it is fibro related, at least not for us. We chalked it up to age. I do agree with Annette, the meds can alter your memory as well.

    I & this is just my opinion!! So don't hate...I don't believe in fibro fog, maybe "aging fog"...
    MiniSS responded:
    Hi everyone, I deffinatly have the fog. I work as a server at a rest. were I don't have to take the order just get the drinks, customer doesn't even have to tell me just read what they ordered and get it, If someone talks to me on the way to waitress station I forget what they ordered. This forgetting is nothing new to me I've had memory problems since I was a teenager. Trying to remember something that I study'd for and it's not gotten any better. While I'm typing I have to remember how to spell and sometimes can't. I've wrote down a word and looked at it and said that's not right and it was. It can be very frustrating. I write list's and keep a note book small one in my purse, I stay very orginized at home so I don't forget where I put something and I really makes me a little nuts if I can't find something. I've alway's been bad with names and I will repeat the person's name to try and remember it. For me it is not the drugs causing my fog, and for the people around me it can be upsetting. I forget to call, or what day I was to call or that they called and left a message and I erased it and never got back to them. Sorry going on and on about it, it bugs me and I know it bothers others around me. thanks
    BEACHAHOLIC responded:
    Oh Valerie u must have ESP, because I am mostly upset about not being able to b the well spoken person I once was.....and memory what's that? Neither short term or long term, my friends and family remind me of my history and very IMPORTANT events that I have NO memory of!!!!!!!
    Sometimes I wonder if it could b ALHEMZERS...I've been like this since age36....and both of my parents have FM, and I see them all over again in me....
    Please know u r not alone....the only way I cope is to find HUMOR in all of this when u get past the anger of being robbed of all ur precious thoughts(like ur childrens childhood!!!!)
    here for u in NJ,
    BEACHAHOLIC responded:
    Hi Val
    I also wanted to tell u my Ultram although it helps with pain truly contributes to my perhaps ur meds may add to ur's as well....
    jroseland replied to BEACHAHOLIC's response:
    I am 28 and have had "fog" since I was about 22, so I know age has nothing to do with it for me. I have had FM since childhood but did not get the fogginess til later.

    I also can empathize with the not being able to spit words out. I was a really good student and kind of prided myself in my vocabulary and ability to speak well. Well, pride goes before the fall, I guess. FM has taken a lot away from me and that's just another thing on the list!

    I also was not on medication when the fog started, so that is not it for me either. Although, I do agree that meds can sometimes make it worse and sometimes could be the sole cause.

    I am not foggy all the time. Exercise really helps me along with the anti-depressant I take (wellbutrin). And I've taken effexor in the past and while I hated some side-effects, it also helped me be less foggy. So that tells me that the fog could be caused by low levels of neurotransmitters.

    I think higher pain levels and stress contribute. I am fortunate because I have a very low stress part-time job and I think this helps tremendously.

    I do think many people with or without FM have memory problems. We live in a very hectic, high stress society. But I attribute my fogginess to the FM--most people my age do not have the memory problems I have.

    The best coping strategy for me is to kind of roll with it and try not to get too frustrated when I forget things. But I am not a type A personality so I think it's a little easier for me to do that.
    Dee_lightful responded:
    I would say that I have "fibro fog" most of the time. It's difficult for me to hold a conversation since I could hear them talking but I can't remember what was being said. Sometimes I know what I want to say, but when I start talking it doesn't come out right. Oh, by the way what was the topic of discussion??

    We all need a little humor now and then...more now than ever.

    take care, dee
    gnmoonlight replied to Dee_lightful's response:
    I too have the fog but really only when in pain! My kids get frustrated because I used to remember EVERYTHING! So when mom forgets they think their world is falling apart. However, the flip side is they do enjoy trying to have conversatons with me when the words don't come out right. We laugh for hours at the things that pop out.....when I know what I want to say and something close or random comes out. I only take meds when I am hurting really bad and take Citalopram for depression for years. The fog is a new thing that just started this year. So find the humor in it.....and go by the motto...."if its not on the doesn't exist! " ;0)
    TigrLaurie responded:
    For me it comes and goes. Remembering names is a real challenge and it didn't used to be. A smile seems to help get over the embarrassment.
    mischelle360 responded:
    I have fibro fog and have since I was a child so drugs have nothing to do with mine. I'm not saying some drugs won't have the same effect, just saying it isn't in my case.

    I was told I had learning disabilities in school, I now know my leraning disability was fibro fog. I would know a test frontwards and backwards but come test time my mind would go completely blank. Still today, if I feel pressured, my mind goes blank.

    If asked what I just said, I feel put on the spot and my mind goes blank. ugh!

    Names for me is the worst... I can remember faces but names evade me completely. Not only in people but same with street names and such. Names of popular songs and the names of popular singers... they just don't "click". Same with movies and most TV shows unless they are ones I really really like... and have watched for many years. But again, if asked what those are, lol, mind goes blank.... DUHHHH

    I have been like this for as long as I can remember... started when I was about 9 and I am now 41.

    I really hate it when I get up to get something and can't remember what I was going after... Or got to tell someone something and it completely escapes me.

    I do think the Savella helped with the fibro fog, at least it did when it helped with the pain, yet I still think it does help still to some degree...

    I question myself all the time.... Did I do this? Or did I do that? and I will check behind myself a lot to make sure I did what I was supposed to do.

    The list is endless, lol. On my Really Big Duh moments I blame them on being blonde,lol. But I now know it is the FM and not my just losing my mind.

    Words also fail me. I know what I want to say but the wrong thing comes out and for the life of me I can't say what I mean.

    Take Care!
    MiniSS replied to mischelle360's response:
    mischelle360 wow that's what I was trying to say, only thing I think that's different is I noticed it when I hit puberty, the more stressed I am, the worse the memory. Just thought you said it better than I did.
    mischelle360 replied to MiniSS's response:
    Hi MiniSS,

    I think the fatigue hit me the worst when I hit puberty... My memory went way before then, lol.

    As far as you forgetting to return people's calls and such... I am the same way also. I am real bad about reading email's or my IMVU messages in a hurry and think.... I'll reply later when I get back on... and I always forget! Never fails, lol.

    Sometimes weeks later I will reply saying... If I replied before now then ignore me! I'm losing it! If not then forgive me for I have a lot going on right now... That's how my replies start out usually, lol.

    And I agree, the more stress the more fog there is as well as the pain... The pain alone makes the fog thicker. But with me, I think the "fog" is always present and has been for most of my life. Those things just makes it so much worse.

    I hope you have a good day!

    Take Care!

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