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    Is FM inherited?
    CountryLady46 posted:
    I was just wondering if anyone knows if Fibro can be genetic? I am 47 and just found out 3 months ago that I have fibro but have been dealing with osteoarthritis for years now. I have one Son and he is 27, he was diagnosed with Fibro last year and has DDD and DDJ. He now draws SSD and benefits from the VA since he is a war veteran. I am adopted and to this day do not know what my medical history is, that is why I am wondering is all this could be genetic or inherited? Thanks!
    ValarieW77 responded:
    Hello CountryLady46

    To answer your question, Yes, Fibromyalgia is genetic. There have been known facts that Fibromyalgia runs in families.

    As quoted on the National Fibromyalgia Association Website(NFA)
  • Recent research has suggested a genetic component. The disorder is often seen in families, among siblings or mothers and their children.

  • Hope this helps and take a look at the NFA website. Much information there and can answer many of your questions.

    Take care
    An_199455 responded:
    Fibro is definitly in the genes. The discussion link below is an excellent posting by Dr. Pellegrino concerning Fibro and Genetics. I think that you will totally enjoy it! @
    MNJeepguy responded:
    I was recently diagnosed. My mom has had it for over 5 years and her sister has it too.
    1rmouse responded:
    Linda R here and I know personally that Fibro is in the gene pool on my Mom's side. She suffered from it as did her mom and more than likely her mom as well. I know that neither of them got a Fibro DX but suffered from symptoms that are now so well known to be Fibro in nature. :(
    I know that I suffer with more symptoms then they did and Thnakfully, so far, none of my 3 girls show any signs of it, but I am sure some form of Fibro will surface.
    annette030 responded:
    My understanding is that one can have a genetic predisposition towards getting FMS, but that is different from what many of us think of as an inherited disease. I think of an inherited disease as one where the parents each have a "bad gene", and if they have a child who inherits the "bad gene" from both of them, the child will get the disease. My understanding of FMS is that it is NOT like that.

    I am one of a large extended family and I am the only one with FMS, so I feel that is an important distinction to make.

    Take care, Annette
    annette030 replied to 1rmouse's response:
    Why be sure that one or more of your kids will get FMS? Maybe they won't? Think positive.

    I am the only one in my large extended family with FMS, no one else even has anything remotely like it.

    Take care, Annette
    An_199456 responded:
    from what I was old, yes, it is younger son has it, but, not goes into older son doesn't seem to show signs of it, although, he is tired, at times
    BelPwnt responded:
    Everything I've read about the genetics of FM uses careful language like "suggests a possible genetic link". Nothing I've read says FM is genetically inherited like blue eyes or even psoriasis are. I asked my doctor about it and he said the jury is still basically out on that aspect of FM...then again, "the jury" seems to still be out about most of FM. It's not a well understood "condition"/"syndrome"/"illness" (all terms I've seen used on different sites or in different books).

    The short answer is: Maybe.

    Keep in mind that genetics is still a relatively new field. A fact the Geneticist my son was seeing for a while made sure I was well aware of.

    Looking back over the last five generations of my mother's family and four generations of my father's family, it appears I'm the only one with FM. The vast majority of my family members have lived into their 90s and had had remarkably healthy lives until their 70s when the normal affects of aging made them slow down a bit.
    dhl159413 responded:
    As a longtime sufferer of FMS (diagnosed in 1992) it is not inherited nor is it a disease. Other than my maternal grandmother who, while undiagnosed endured all the symptoms we know now to be FM, I'm the only one in my family that has FM.

    So, take heart those of you that are concerned that you may be passing this on to your kiddos. It's not the case. It is genetic but not inherited.
    An_199457 replied to dhl159413's response:
    Don't forget that a lot of fibro symptoms are caused by Lyme and other bacterial infections. Lyme can be passed to your kids in the womb and some people believe it can function like an STD. Always consider Lyme when dealing with fibro symptoms. Especially if there are tons of other weird things going on as well.
    dawnreid replied to annette030's response:
    Interesting you say this Annette. My sister had it (along with RA and Lupus). I only have FM. No one else that I can think of in our family has it. However, people in my family do suffer from RA or general arthritis conditions.
    Dee New Jersey, USA May all beings experience happiness May all beings cease from suffering ~ Namaste ~
    dawnreid replied to An_199457's response:
    What if my Lime test came back negative? Should I have them test me again? I do live in a woodsy area.
    Dee New Jersey, USA May all beings experience happiness May all beings cease from suffering ~ Namaste ~
    An_199458 responded:
    I don't believe it is inherited at all, then again I don't think it is a disease, or illness, it is PAIN.

    I come from a huge family & so far the only one who has it. Total of 16 sibilings...they are all parents nor grandparents, nor aunts / uncles ever had it that I can recall.
    An_199459 replied to An_199458's response:
    I definitely believe it is inherited. My mother had it but it took me most of my life to realize we were suffering from the same thing. The doctor misdiagnosed me with rheumotoid arthritis and mother's pain started as a result of back surgery. Mother had the other symptoms such as IBS which I have too. Migraines, feeling better in the sun, etc. My grandfather was sick and committed suicide before I was born. I believe Fibromyalgia must have been tjhe problem. My uncle also suffered with pain, restlessness, inability to digest his food, and depression. He committed suicide in his early 40's. Men can't hold down a job when it gets to be too much of a health crisis. Strangely, after mother had a stroke six years ago she never complained of pain again. I think the brain is the problem with sending pain signals and the stroke changed that. I had gotten my firbromyalgia into a remissive state until I had a neck fusion about eight years ago, Now it is back in full force. I think diet and exercise are the main tools we have to fight back against the disease. I also go to the Chiropractor for adjustments and take pain medication. Anyone else have a connection in their family? I believe that a stressful event, especially when it involves the spine, can set off a genetically predisposed case of Fibro.

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