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    Fibromyalgia and colds, flu and other illnesses
    peonyrev posted:
    I am just wondering if other people with fibromyalgia find that recovery time for illness that usually take a healthy person a day or a few to recover from, that you several more days. Whenever I get sick, it seems like it takes me so many days to recover. I am always concerned about what "co-workers think" when I am absent from work for several days when they can work through a cold or stomach flu, etc. and be back to work after a day.
    squarley responded:
    Yes I have fm and what ever I have if its a cold or surgery,it takes me longer to recover. I had a angiogram for my heart and most people walk out of the hospital ,not me I could not even walk for months. The doctors are not aware of how different we react to things. I really Wish they were up on it,they do not believe me. But I know we react differently and its just the way it is,so don't feel bad it is not our fault we have this fm and every thing that comes with it. Soft hugs, Squarley
    1rmouse replied to squarley's response:
    Yes it's true those of us with Fibro take longer to get over things like a cold, the flu or surgery.

    I learned that first hand over the years. I am in a Fibro flare right now and have been for over a month now and I got the flu two weeks ago and it triggered IBS and then I got an ear infection. One on top of the other. ; ( I was just so sick. I didn't get out of bed for 6 days. It took 2 weeks of stomach meds and ear meds to get me back on my feet. And UGH I am still in the Fibro flare. ; (

    A tip I got a year ago from my Rheumy is to take Zinc every other day while sick and that seems to help getting me get over things faster. Maybe that would work for you as well.
    Ok just wanted to pop in here with that.
    Soft hugs going out your way.
    Linda R.
    peonyrev replied to 1rmouse's response:
    Thank you Linda and Squarley for the response. I appreciate the feedback and am relieved to know it is not just me.
    Linda, I used to use zicam swabs everytime I felt like I was coming down with something and it did help. Then they came out with the warning that the nasal swabs can destroy your sense of smell, so I discontinued using them. I will look for other zinc options when I get to town next time. Thanks!
    An_199598 responded:
    People with Fibro usually have a "dysfunctional immune system" (due to their overstimulated autonomic nerves), which causes more problems with allergies and illnesses.

    Merry Christmas!
    1rmouse replied to An_199598's response:
    Sadly those of us with dysfunctional auto immue systems do suffer with more colds and flus than most people, even taking the flue shots and lots of Vit C and Zinc. ;( doesn't alwasy protect us from coming down with either or.
    Its not fair, but it seems to be the 'norm' for us with Fibro.
    I try to ward off getting ill with such things as colds and flus by bumping up my C dose and intake of anti oxicedents during the winter months. I make sure I have my daily does of D3 as well. There is a lot of ways to stay well clear of those who may be sick theses days so I do that as well by staying indoors and limiting my trips out to markets, dr's offices, malls and places where a lot of people gather.
    Wish I had more advice to offer you, but hope some of what I posted was helpful.
    Have a wonder holiday season.
    Soft hugs going out your way.
    Linda R. :)
    An_199599 responded:
    In my opinion fibro has nothing to do with the auto immune system, it is a more nerve related. That is why we feel the pain more than others. I believe more people suffer from colds/allergies/sinues than ever before though.

    Fibro to me is how someone feels the pain compared to others. I do not call others normal, because there is no "normal" to how we feel pain. Everyone is different. Fibro is pain all over. I wish it were an illness, then we would get over it.
    1rmouse replied to An_199599's response:
    Anon_2912 your dead on with your post. And in, part for that, I stand corrected. The thinking now is that Fibro is a nerve driven illness.
    But years ago Fibro was also considered to be a mental condition.To prove that point when I was DX'd with Fibro over 30 years ago I was sent to a Head Dr. and given meds for depression. The thiking was I, not any illness, making my self sick.

    Having said that let me add that some of us do seem to have weaker auto immune systems because of other illneses. Example: Fibro and Lupus, an auto immune illness, symptoms seem to run side by side, so much so, blood tests have to be given to rule Lupus out and Fibro in. I dunno way Lupus, an auto immune illness, is so much like Fibro that is gets DX only after the Lupus tests are taken, but it does. And I don't know why, my body seems weaker and less able to fend off colds, simple infections and flus while I am in a Frbro flare. Just seems that is the way my body works.
    I just did another round of blood tests 2 weeks ago up and Vanderbilt, ( because I am in a long running Fibero flare and am fighting a stomach flu, allergies and an mean ear infection) , where they looked for Lupus, amoung other things because I am having such a hard time
    getting well. The blood tests showed that I don't have Lupus, thank goodness, but sometimes I am just so unable to fight things off that my doctors go double check.

    Thanks again for your post and info. Always nice to get the right info out there.
    Have as great upcoming Holiday season.
    Soft hugs going out your way. :)
    Linda R.
    An_199600 replied to An_199599's response:
    Hi Anon 2912,

    Fibro is definitely nerve related and it is these "hypersensitive" autonomic nerves that cause our immune systems to become dysfunctional.

    I have provided you with a link that will take you to a few prior discussions where Dr. Pellegrino talks about our defective immune systems. immune system&userType=1

    I hope you find these discussions interesting and informative!

    Merry Christmas!

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