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    Fatigue w/Fibro
    Pixe5 posted:
    Dear Dr. P and anyone else,

    I've had Fibro since I was 14. My parents sent me to a chiropracter who diagnosed me with scoliosis. The treatments hurt me so bad that I would pretend to feel better in order to stop the treatments. Later a another Dr. diagnoised with Fibro which made more sense as to where the pain was coming from since I have only a very mild curvature of the spine.

    At the same time the FM started I developed a serious depression that was eventually diagnosed as Bipolar. I was also under alot of family stress and verbal abuse, which it seems to me that may have triggered the depression and the FM.

    The Fibro has gone back and forth, being really painful on the one hand, and on the other, hardly noticeable. At this time the pain is bearable as long as I'm am taking magnesium. I am not on pain meds although I am on Cymbalta for depression amd FM. I have not really noticed any difference with Cymbalta.

    Most people on this website talk about the horrible pain and my heart goes out to them because I've been there. It seems to me that the fatigue is only a secondary symptom. I'm just the opposite. For the last few years I have been unable to drive or work because of overwhelming fatigue. I have that "Fibro Fog" which makes it hard to concentrate on the coorespondance courses I am taking. I am actually "cheating" on tests, doing them open book because no matter how much I study I can't remember anything. When I talk to my friends I often feel spacy and I will stop in mid-sentance because I can't remember what I was saying.

    I am desperate to get help. I just can't see myself dealing with this for the rest of my life (I'm only 46, and going through that mid-life thing.), and it just makes my depression even worse. I was relieved when a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I thought that once I got treatment I would have my energy back. Wrong! Please advise me on any treatment that does not use addictive drugs such as Provigal and Nuvigal!

    Thank you!
    mrahoe responded:
    hi pixe

    welcome . you have found a great place for info and support.

    im the same age as you (for another 11 days. lol) i was a truck driver who no longer drives at all and now between fibro and ostioarthritis is confined to a wheelchair. fatigue is for sure kickin my butt.

    i only talk to 4 ppl anymore because of the loosing the train of thought in mid sentence. and only 2 of those visit the house and i very rarely go out except for dr visits.

    i have yet to find any answers but just thought i would let you know your not alone. if everything goes right i should get my medical marijuana licence soon but i use that for pain but it does help clear my mind a little to. . not to mention the lower stress levels

    im sure others will be along who might have some advise for you

    if your intrested in real time chat with voice
    squarley responded:
    I had fm 10 years or more and I was getting worse had my b12 and vitamin d tested both were low the low b12 was making me so tired, when I started the b12 pills got some of my energy back so get these tested can make a difference, hope this helps, light hugs, Squarley
    Pixe5 replied to squarley's response:
    Thanks. I guess the little things can make a big difference. I'll try your suggestions.
    Bridg30 responded:
    Hi Pixe5,
    I have had Fibrom for 7 years. I've recently started going to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center closest to me. Which is in King of Prussia Pa. They have helped me tremendously with my brain fog and concentration! I was just like you. They are giving me alot of supplements to take. Mostly B12, Magnesium, and Ribose Plus. I'm also deficient in Vit D. I take a prescription for that. Plus I've started on Thyroid meds. As for my pain, my joints are the worst for me. And my muscles get tired out real quick. I'm 42 and I feel like i'm 80. But i just started at the FMS center 2 months ago so I'm hoping I can find some relief. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. It's important to have people to talk to that are going through some of the same things!
    BDevild responded:
    For me, the pain is secondary also, although I AM on Lyrica, Cymbalta and Flexeril. The overwhelming fatigue is my biggest concern. I'm also 46, on disability. My FM was a result of 4 HUGE surgeries in 1 year, a pancreatectomy, 2 surgical blockage repairs in my small intestine and a hematoma removal which left a huge "hole" between my breasts. I resigned from a very high paying, high pressure job as a client services manager for a manufacturing company, with about 20 employees in my dept. I'm a Christian, and I've found that prayer, my own and those from support groups across the country help my depression symptoms. I felt better when I was doing warm-water FM classes, but lately I'm just too blame tired to go (yes, I'm southern - LOL). I have fibro fog also and dizziness. If you haven't tried Lyrica and muscle relaxers, they may help. I tried Savella, and it worked on the fatigue wonderfully well, but I stayed nauseated all the time and my depression worsened, since you can't take Savella and Cymbalta, so I went back to my "old" regimen.
    Prayers for you!
    An_199694 responded:
    I felt the same way on Cymbalta until I decreased the dose. It doesn't help the pain quite as much, but I don't have as much trouble concentrating or remembering things. I have been taking Provigil for the fatigue. It has helped some, but not as much as when I first started taking it. It's worth trying.
    barbk66 responded:
    I have had fibro for years. Over time i found out that when i took my thyroid pill i was ok. When my meds were changed it would act up and i had alot of pain. My synthroid med makes the difference. I keep the tsh below normal. If it goes up I start having more pain.I say it has something to do with the thyroid. Doctors will say no. Check it out. It worked for me and iam pain free.

    Thank You
    mariemarie36 responded:
    I am 36 years old and was also diagnosed with FM. My problems are also with feeling fatigue and body aches. I also have one hand that hurts more than the other, but my doctor says that it is carpel tunnel. I can't sleep at night and tired all day. I also was checked for sleep apnea, but that was not the problem with me. My doctor indicated that when I am sleeping that I am not getting enough REM sleep which has caused my sleepiness during the day. I currently see a rheumatologist and a psychiatrist, and they are pretty much, for the most part, have been doing the best that they can do. My doctor has prescibed Cymbalta for FM, Vyvanse so I am not tired during the day, and zolpidem and tizanidine to sleep. I feel your agony, and I hope you find the medication that works right for you.
    CritterLoverJS responded:
    Pixe5 - Fatigue is my top sympton. I've only been diagnosed for about a year. My other top symptons are GERD and migraines. I haven't found THE solution for fatigue. My doctor is working with me on several fronts. I take several supplements because my body doesn't seem to hold potassium or vitamin D. I also now go once a month for a B12 shot. It helps a lot. I tried Lyrica, but it made me mean so I stopped. To help sleep my doctor gave me oxazepam. In laymans terms it helps turn my brain off so I can stop thinking about the day. I also have started taking Melatonin 1 to 2 hours before I want to sleep. This has also helped me get better sleep. I still get worn out by mid afternoon, but I can start the day fairly well. I have not found a solution for the fibro fog. I keep hoping my workplace won't notice too much. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to pull that off and cover my mistakes. I can't seem to find the right words when I'm speaking to people. It's like I lose my vocabulary in mid sentence. I hope some of this helps you with your fatigue. You are the first one I've seen that also doesn't have pain as the #1 symptom. It always made me wonder if I was diagnosed correct - grateful, but wondering.
    Good luck.
    Moxie1956 responded:
    My heart goes out to you, Pixe5, and on behalf of all who sojourn on this msg board, we welcome you. I hope you find empathy and encouragement here; I certainly have, even though I am on sporadically.

    Fatigue is definitely a symptom of fibro, but then there is the separate dx of chronic fatigue syndrome. Some on here have been dx'd with both.

    I'm glad you've discovered some relief with the regular intake of magnesium. I don't know if you've read here or elsewhere, but Vit D is essential. Ask your pcp to have your levels check by simple blood testing. Another woman who is faithfully on board here stresses the value of Vit D. She has a separate board discussion regarding it. I now take 4,000IU/daily and have finally found fairly consistent relief. In light of that, my current challenges are fatigue and keeping chronic migraines at bay.

    I am 54 and received dx 3 and a half yrs ago. In retrospect, giving some really bizarre physical issues I've had since my 20's, I've probably had fb for quite some time. Even now, I try to behave like nothing is wrong (constant denial;), but I do get stopped dead in my tracks and into the recliner I go, with my pain meds cocktail, and I'm useless for several hrs to sometimes a few days.

    I am presently taking online courses working towards an A.S. in School Age Education in order to be a Teacher's Asst. It's my 1st semester and 5 classes is overwhelming to say the least. But, to be stopped abruptly with pain/fatigue is maddening! I'm determined not to let this demon defeat me, and I will become gainfully employed again!

    I wish I had a dollar for every person who says, "Oh yeah, I do the same thing all the time," when I'm trying to express my frustration over the "fibro fog." Yes, they very well may have had occasion to lose concentration, train of thought, or memory over something critical, but it does not happen to them on a regular basis, every single day, to one degree or another. I understand taking open book exams! (My instructors allow it, so I don't feel like I'm cheating:)

    The most difficult thing I'm trying to learn is how to pace myself. When there are looming deadlines when school work is due, some of that structured pacing is dictated. But, I'm trying to practice time mgmt tips along with excellent study habits, with a master schedule made out for the whole semester, then a wkly schedule with all of my goals, and finally, a daily "to-do" check-off list. All of this takes discipline, something I'm rather short on, but, again, I'm trying to learn, and I think every little bit helps.

    I can't advise you on treatment, but I do know that all of us have to work hard on seeking out anything and everything that might work. And sometimes, stuff may only work for a season, then you find something else. Just stay pro-active! Visit here frequently because we all have ears to listen and hearts that empathize with one another.

    (((warm hugs)))
    Psyk2b responded:
    Pixe5, I am one of those who suffer with severe pain and the Fog started for me about 3 months ago. I am also taking classes (online), can no longer work, due to the pain and worry about my future. The fog has been limited to forgetting names (of people and items), appointments and things, until a few days ago. I was on my way home from the grocery store, turned onto the street that I love on, and was suddenly overcome with this terrible fear that I was lost! It lasted only a few seconds, but I was terrified! I realized I was only 6 blocks from home and had one of teenage "children" (I am mom to all of my son's friends) with me, and she reminded me that we were right down the street from the house. I have read others post that they no longer drive because of the fog and no I am worried that I will soon be joining the group of non-drivers because of this. I am having the same issues with school that you are, not remembering things and taking tests "open book". I have heard that our Fibro is not supposed to be progressive, but I am starting to think that this information in wrong. I worry daily how I will manage when I am no longer able to get around myself, I already use a wheelchair for any type of distance walking and a cane eveyday just to stay upright. Just thought I'd add my own comment to let you know that you are not alone! Good luck and I hope you find a solution to get you back to as normal life as possible!
    blueyes1005 replied to CritterLoverJS's response:
    I fall into all of these issues, to one degree or another, but this is the first I have seen anyone mention having difficulty with their potassium level. My vitamin D levels are fine, but I have chronically had low potassium (and the supplements have helped my fatigue and clearing my thoughts a bit). Does anyone else with fibro have this and have they been told why? My MD doesn't understand why it is low.
    atown42 responded:
    Hi. My pain has been under control for a long time. With me, the fatigue was the issue that most impacted my quality of life. My dr put me on Adderall (extended release and/or regular). I understand your concern about addiction, but I think that people who take stimulants for the buzz are more likely to become addicted than people who really need it, like people with ADD and Fibro. Not only did it help my fatigue, but the fibro fog too. I felt more in control of my life which also helped me to feel less anxious and worried. I thought that it also helped with the pain........right from the beginning. I think that med has helped me more than any other I've taken for fibro and I'm on a pretty low dose. Just my "two cents."
    Psyk2b replied to Moxie1956's response:
    Moxie, I hear you on those looming deadlines for school! The first thing i want to say is "Thank God for online schools!" I would never be able to actually travel to school, sit for hours and be able to concentrate on some else's schedule. My school requires attendance 1 hour each week /per class for a live seminar/lecture. My classes lately have been flex schedules so I have 3 choices for each class on which seminar I attend. Thankfully we are also allowed to use our books for exams and we take 2 classes at a time, 3 at the most with permission. I am 36 and I am pursuing my B.S. in Psychology. I have always been the "counselor" to all of my friends and even strangers seem to tell me their problems. I am determined to complete my degree and pursue my dream. I have been doing great until this current term, when I am having trouble keeping up because of the fatigue and fog. It was recently suggested by my academic advisor to contact disibility services, to ask for whateve accomadations I might need. After being in denial this entire term, I am about to ask for extra time to complete assignments without penalty. Perhaps this might be an option for you as well. This may help take some of the deadline stress and therefore relieve some of your symptoms. I am in my 2 year and have finally decided to stop being stubborn and take the services offered to "disabled" students. Good luck with your education. I know for me, it is the 1 big thing I look forward to and gives me a goal and a reason to get out of bed each day.

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