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    feeling shaky and weak today...does anyone else deal with this....
    sssfletcher posted:
    I deal with hypoglycemia....and I often get to experience the lovely feeling of very quickly needing to stuff protein in my body to get rid of the jitters and get me back on track....However - today I ate really good....and still feel soooo terribly shakey! I was at the grocery store and felt like I wasn't going to be able to finish the job. I had a little break this afternoon and am now feeling the same way again is a really terrible / scary feeling. I am not visibly shaking...but feel very trembly inside. I feel a pressure on my chest and just an overall complete weakness. I don't like it The only thing I can compare it to would be that feeling of needing to get my blood sugar levels up..... I really don't think that is the case and am just wondering if this is one of those kwerky fibro things?????
    missshortyd responded:
    So sorry that you feel bad.I also get that shaky and vibrating feeling when ever I am having a flare so you are not alone.

    soft hugs
    linda f
    angelswife responded:
    I have challenges with low blood sugar too when I'm in a flare. It seems like it doesn't matter how much I eat to get it back up again. It just doesn't want to move. I get wak and shaky and feel like I'm going to pass out.

    I read somewhere that a lot of Fibro people have low levels of ATP in their bodies. ATP is an enzyme that helps your body to process food; and with low levels your body can't do that efficiently. I am still learning about it so I can't tell you how to fix it, but it might help to know that that is what can go on.

    I carry glucose tablets for emergencies. If I feel weak and don't have food available right away, I take one of those. It helps with the shakes, etc. You might want to think about keeping some on hand.
    sssfletcher replied to angelswife's response:
    Thank you angelswife! I will pick some up!!! It can be such a scary and out of control feeling!!
    beabeagal responded:
    I get the same shaky feeling I used to call it "little tremors insid me!" Of course everyone looked am me like I was going off the deep end. I need to jot this info from this discussion to my rheumy cause don't think I've remembered to ask her about it. Usually happens after I ate lunch mostly I take so many pills these but I will also try the glucouse pills cause it does feel like sugar level has bottomed out.
    sssfletcher replied to beabeagal's response:
    I'm wondering if anxiety isn't playing a role in this too......I woke up this morning feeling the same way again......and yet when I went to bed last night things were going pretty well. How frustrating.....grrrrrr!
    angelldakota responded:
    hi hun... i am diabetic and when i am in a flare i have to watch my sugars really close... i tend to crash 2-3 times a day... other days i run perfectly ok... no crashes no problems with high sugars... also before i crash i can read high... then out of no where i am have my earthquakes and i am so week i fall easily for hours...

    i hope you feel better... have you talked to a dr yet about this...

    well... i have to go... take care... bless you...
    love... jan
    angelswife replied to angelldakota's response:
    Hey Jan---Welcome back! I've really missed seeing you here. Hope everything's going okay.
    fleeann responded:
    I deal with the same thing. All my life i have struggled with this problem. Wonder if there is a connection with fibro and hypoglycemia without diabetes. Are u diabetic?
    PomPom28 replied to fleeann's response:
    Yes, I have had fibro for over 10 years and the past three of four years I feel shaky and weak every day. I am on so many medications I feel like tjat I forget things and in a fog all the time.
    live4truth responded:
    I too, shake but, on the inside. At times it is difficult to walk.

    However, it does not always come through to the out side and it seems that there is nothing I can do to stop it.
    I do think that the FB is the cause of all the ("shaking going on")

    I too am hypo. (had this for about 30 years) but, try hard to eat when my body calls for it.

    When the shaking begins I try to lay down. This does seem to help, being still and relax.

    May you all be Blessed!
    chouchoudeux replied to sssfletcher's response:
    I'd have that tremor feeling in the mornings a lot, and thought it was symptoms of hormones (perimeno.)... now I'm pretty sure it is related to fibro. For me, it doesn't seem linked to food / blood sugars, but could be for many folks.

    All I can say is it's a terrible feeling. I guess better to know others go through similar stuff (eg: I prob. won't die from this).

    Best wishes for feeling better!
    An_199710 replied to chouchoudeux's response:
    Oh i love this discussion thing, i don't feel so crazy anymore! There are things on here i had no idea were related to FM and its a little comforting knowing im not the only one. The first symptom i've ever experienced with FM before i was even diagnosed was this shakey feeling... it would drive me nuts trying to explain it to someone then holding up your hand as proof and your hand isn't shaking but your entire insides are, like an anxiety attack. It happens when im really tired or emotionally stressed but there are other times it happens and i can't even find a trigger. I always seem to have a full belly when it happens so i never thought it had to do with what i ate. I'd get all nervous like something horrible was going to happen not even necessarily to me just thought they were panic attacks, but i think they just CAUSED the panic attacks because i didnt know what was wrong with me.
    nene_11 responded:
    I get that too & have been meaning to get my blood sugar level checked. Like everything else, it's probbly a fibro-thing!
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Denise in Pgh
    cj0611 replied to An_199710's response:
    What you said is exactly why I love coming to this site...I too thought I was losing my mind and felt like the biggest hypocondriac in the world! The shakey feeling you are all describing is something that comes on me often too. I too have tried grabbing a cheese stick, orange juice and anything I can to make the feeling go away. I have suffered from panic attacks too and do take .25 Xanax each morning to overcome the "shakey start". I try not to do that during the day but every now and then I need to because nothing else works. I do think there is a general connection with this symptom and auto-immune. My daughter has Lupus and gets the same feelings and has since she was in her teens. I find that after the shakey feeling goes away, I am left feeling even more exhausted than usual...just absolutely drained. All I want to do is sleep after the feeling passes. Same for all of you? Thank you to all of you for making me feel "normal". So great to read what others are going through. My heart aches for each and every one but it so helps me to know I can handle this as everyone else is doing too.

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