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    Am new to site just looking for some insite
    ashlymarie2 posted:
    I am only 21 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 16, I do not react well to antidepressents (they have oppisite affect on me). and most pain meds make me feel loopy... does anyone have a effective idea like of herbal remedies for my pain have been looking into Capsicum (topical) than melatonin, probiotics and magnesium. I'm open to any ideas.
    Another question though I watched the video webmd has and I do not have those pressure points they describe does everyone? I'm wondering because I know people make mistakes maybe I was misdiagnosed?....
    Just kinda sick of always being in pain I have 2 wonderful children and a amazingly rewarding job, my life would be so much more enjoyable with out pain.
    Thanks if you have any ideas for me e.mail me at thanks and god bless.
    Luvmygreys responded:
    I also did not react to the all of the pressure points. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, I take Lyrica, Cymbalta, Ultram, Ambien, Melatonin, vitamin D, fish oil, and Glycosinem (spelling??). I struggle with pain and burning in my hands and feet, pain in lower back, hips etc. The medications help me with the pain but the burning and tingling (like buzzing) is pretty much constant. I teach so I have to stand all day, so far I have been fine. When I am busy the pain isn't as bad.
    ashlymarie2 replied to Luvmygreys's response:
    yeah when i stay active im better too. i had bad reactions to antidepressents i just started triple flex (gloucosamine, congrotin and msm) seems kinda nice thus far... my worst part is its painful to raise my arms past my shoulders... i have a 2 and 3 years old... i got diagnosed when i was 16 seems to get worse mainly in winter though. i have a question ive been checking out melatonin b.c i have a hard time falling asleep although its a vitamin does react like a sleeping pill? im wondering b.c like i said i have little ones im cautious about it b.c im affraid i wont wake up to every little noise like i do now. ?! thank you for your insight greatly appreciated.
    Lauralizzie01 responded:
    I'm sure some others will pipe in, but I have found some relief since I started my cocktail.... Magnesium to help me sleep, Vitamin D daily (will affect pain levels if its low) daily vitamin, Zinc and Cortisol Manager (to help with sleep) as well as Tramadol, Flexeril, and my dr. just started me on Cymbalta, so we will see if that helps. I tend to get the most relief from my tramadol, as well as an OTC product called Stopain that is a menthol spray like ICYHot, my bed warmer (a whole body heating pad), massage, hot showers, stretching etc. Good luck!!
    ashlymarie2 replied to Lauralizzie01's response:
    hmmm yeah i had heard a little about magnesium and adding that ill look into those thank you very much!!
    lb707 replied to ashlymarie2's response:
    I was not diagnosed at a young age but my Mother and I figured I have had as early as 17 if not younger. I always blamed it on my thyroid.

    I am actually glad I did not know. I spent a huge part of my life until I was in my mid 40's treating only with natural products such as magnesium malate, melatonin and various other natural remedies. I also worked very hard on food allergies and eating healthy. I wish I taken better care of my immune system. I am glad I did not start meds til later in life.

    I am also one who cannot take antidepressants, I can take SAMe, but the price is high. I do take cyclobenzaprine and tramadol on a needed basis. The tramadol works somewhat like a very low dose antidepressant so I do have to be careful and not take very much or it will give a migraine.

    Just keep working at it and be prepared that when you find something that works you might have to change it up a little. For some reason once I get too use to something it no longer works so I have more than one plan and play musical chair with them.

    fibroinsd responded:

    I deal mostly with vitamins and exercise...I take a good multi, a good B-100 COMPLETE, 2000 units of D, magnesium and I have recently started using an apple cider vinegar pill...(but I have not yet decided how I like that..some good/ some not so good.)

    I hope you will check out the tips and toolbox post to the right for other ideas..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    jroseland replied to fibroinsd's response:
    I have used melatonin with pretty good success. Even though it is a supplement, it still does make me drowsy--similar to benedryl. I did find, though, that I could still be awake if I needed to be. I don't have kids but I understand that as a mother you need to be able to have your faculties if need be. For me, melatonin would have made that possible. The nice thing about it too, is that you can find it in all sorts of doses. I took 9 mgs (which I think is on the higher side) but the pills often come in either 3mgs or 5 mgs and I've even seen smaller dosages.

    Of course, you'd need to experiment a little to see how you would do on it. I hope you can figure it out!
    ashlymarie2 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    I've recently started taking triple flex and a few years ago i tried another vitamin for joints and now and than I have a problem with when im active my hands go numb? anyone else have that problem?
    Pixe5 replied to ashlymarie2's response:
    Maybe your circulation is poor. I don't know if the stuff you are taking can do that or not.
    Iwillfeelgood responded:
    I've had fibro for a number of years and don't have the traditional pressure points, but all the other symptoms. I recently tried and experiment with diet. I eliminated gluten, animal fats, processed foods/meats, beef, pork, caffein and sugar. I replaced sodas with apple and grape juice, limited citrus fruits and juices. I eat organic as much as possible. The diet itself reduced my pain and fatigue tremendously. I had heard and read a lot about ginger as a natural health option. From what I read, it stimulates all your body's systems that filter out the bad things hanging around in your blood/cells. It also has antibiotic properties. CAUTION: it does dialate your blood vessels so beware if you have problems with your blood pressure. I had to go on a lower dose of my BP drug. Anyway, I make a strong cup of ginger tea. I wash the root, don;t peel it and use about 5 quarter inch slices to a cup of water, bring it up to just before boiling, turn the heat down really and let it steep for about 30 minutes. I drink one cup a day. I also add fresh cinnamon and raw honey. Since I started this about 6 weeks ago, I am down from 6 Tramadol per day to 2.5 per day. I can go lower, but I am having go slow with the withdrawal from the Tramadol or I get the heebie jeebies realy bad. I am also using sweat therapy. I made up a make shift steamsauna (a plastic tarp and a pot of boiling water) and sit in it for 30 minutes twice a week. I discovered sweating helped me by accident. I went throug a few days of heavy sweating some time ago noticed that I had almost no pain for several days. These are some of my natural ways of controlling the fibro. Hope some of this helps.
    dawnreid responded:
    Hi There Ashlymarie2

    As you will read, many people try different things. I had the same question when I was first dx about a year ago. Here is what worked for me (experiment to see what works best for you)

    I do take Tramadol for the major pain. I suggest taking a 1/2 pill if you feel loopy or ask your dr to give you the lowest dose possible. For me it helped take the edge of the chronic pain and I am better able to cope with stiffness and strong aches. For break through pain or if the pain is mild I take OTC = Tylenol for Arthritis or Ibuprofen extra strength.

    Natural stuff that has helped me most: multiple vitamin supplements; extra vitamin D3, calcium, and fish oil. Melatonin and 5 HTP is good for sleep--but is curbs the appetite. Valerian tea is good for pain and sleep - it works just like an opioid actually. Chamomile tea is good for anxiety and to help you relax (easy the stiffness and tension). Real dark chocolate is good for depression. And, believe if or not, sex and intimacy with your partner that you love is great for depression and joint stiffness (take an OTC pain relief or Valerian tea for the pain 1 hr prior to being intimate).

    I also mediate and chant; this helps me with mentally managing my symptoms.

    Again, find the combination that works best for you. Also watch your diet. Some foods can contribute to fibro flare ups. Also, get rest! I know for me, fatigue is a major issue. So, I try to take naps as often as I can.

    Best wishes to you and I pray you learn to manage your fibro.
    Dee New Jersey, USA May all beings experience happiness May all beings cease from suffering ~ Namaste ~
    CritterLoverJS responded:
    To ashlymarie2
    I take melatonin bc and it is not like a sleeping pill. It just helps the sleep process. It helps make me sleepy and helps me fall asleep. I still wake up and hear things. I actually wear ear plugs to help me stay asleep (no kids just 6- 4 legged critters roaming around). I also take a vitamin D supplement. I don't think you need to worry about the melatonin and not hearing your children.
    My hands tingle and go numb often times while I'm doing yoga. I wonder if it is the pressure on them in certain poses. My circulation is fine they just feel like they are waking up after a body part has fallen asleep. This is a very strange disease.
    roddney responded:
    I will be sending u some via way of e-mail...
    roddney responded:
    I have a lot of things that I do that has just about cured my Firbo. I will be sending you an e-mail....

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