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    dizziness and clogged ear with pressure
    An_199781 posted:
    Just wondering if anyone else has dizziness with there fibro...I have been dizzy for 5 years now and had Mri's, ENT testing ,blood work,and nothing shows up anything about why I am dizzy or the feeling of tight pressure and a gurgling sound in my ears.

    Every time I go to the dr I ask them to check my ears and they always say they are ok...they look at me like I am crazy but I feel like I cant hear at all like I use to and the pressure is so tight around my ears and head...have headaches daily..

    Been to every kind of dr I can think of...I do have fibro but I dont know if dizziness daily and ear pain and pressure go along with it or not....I am just so tired of dr's not taking me seriously....I feel like I am going crazy cause they make me feel that way...

    Just wondering if anyone else has ear problems and dizziness...

    God bless
    TheLordIsPowerfull responded:
    Yes I have been feeling the same for 5 years have no clue why, for some reason I will be fine one min then it just comes on, I have seen Dr.'s after Dr.'s and the same here the ear's, pressure Yes I have the same thing your saying I really don't belive it's coming from the Fibro, at all I think it's because we think of it to much and because we think of it alot that we stress our selfs out, that's what I think I am not a Dr. so I can't say but that's what I tell myself.

    But your not alone I have the same I feel like Dr.'s look at me the same way like this person is crazy but they don't they just don't feel what we feel. I notice the less you talk about it you might feel a bit better.

    Hope the feed back helped a bit God bless .
    An_199782 replied to TheLordIsPowerfull's response:
    I understand what you are saying but I also have vertigo attacks that have me spinning in my head and I will have nausea and vomiting with just comes out of the blue at times and to me it effects my eyes also...the drs say they know I have the vertigo and dizziness but they cant find the reason for it so they cant help me...

    I do try to not think about it so much but it is something that just hits you and you cant do anything about it but ususally I try to get really still and not move cause if I do I start spinning and start throwing up...its such a horrible thing to feel cause you cant do anything to stop it...

    Thankyou for your response and God bless you also.....hope you get to feeling better also...
    angelswife responded:
    Nice to read that question---I thought I was having allergies that wouldn't go away! My right ear gets like that a lot---it feels full and there's pressure; sometimes it aches; and if I turn my head too fast or hold it certain ways I get vertigo. I thought it was from a bad fall I took last year where I cracked my skull because it started real bad after that. But the doctor said it would go away in 6-8 weeks and it did, so I didn't know why I was having so much trouble lately. Maybe Fibro is the reason---thanks for asking the question!
    TheLordIsPowerfull replied to An_199782's response:
    Wow I have veritigo I got it about four years ago the same they put me on Melzime and some other meds it comes when it wants it's really scary I know I got a really bad dizzie spell and I was alone with my son about a month ago you never know when your going to get it I understand you so much and know how you feel. Are you from mass, cause Mass, Eye, and Ear is a really good place to go I went there trust and belive me I seen ever Dr. in the book keep in touch I have two kids I don't know if you have any but be strong at least what we have that I understand don't kill it's something we have to deal with. What I feel that helps is praying alot at least that's one person that will understand what your feeling inside. My name is Maria god bless.
    cj0611 responded:
    I'm so relieved as I read your question and the replies from the others. I too have had the dizziness and the ear pain, fulllness. I've also had many tests and nothing - the dizziness is more of an "off balance" feeling - not spinning vertigo. The tightness in my neck and shoulder muscles make it much worse. I have tried to figure out why it comes and goes but I have not been able to. I do take Xanax .25 mg/day to cope with panic/anxiety and I find that when I am stressed out the dizziness and ear pain and full/tight feeling is worse. For me it usually means taking something to really get a good night's sleep and try to let my muscles relax. I find that a rice bag heated and wrapped around my neck really helps too. I have had it so long that I just kind of attribute it to FM and try not to worry about it but just deal with yet another symptom. I'm sorry there's nothing I can really add that is much help but hopefully knowing you are not alone with this symptom will give you some comfort. As long as you have had it checked out by the dr., that's all you can do. Take care.
    angelldakota responded:
    Hi Hun... looks like a phantom symptom of Lord only knows what... I too have dizziness and fullness in my head... Like an ever lovin pressure that just won't let go... mine is every day now and it produces a ringing that is real loud... I almost think along with the others around me mention to me teasingly... that I need a hearing aid lol... but I am not joking... The ringing really get's loud enough that all I can do is ask them to repeat themselves or turn the tv up till they can't stand it lol...

    I still get nauseous but I pretty much chock that up to my bad tummy... I have 5 things wrong with it... It is like a domino effect... my tummy dislikes the stress of the rest of my body and expresses its stress lol... Sometimes it is like a 3 ring circus... and I am a rotten ring leader lol...

    If you have gone to Dr's for this and they can't find anything... It is all you can do... Maybe Dr P would have a suggestion as to what might help...

    I hope you find some relief soon...
    Take care... Bless you... Love in Christ... Jan
    yumimumi2008 responded:
    I just googled Fibromyalgia and ear pain & found this page. I 100% believe that the two are connected I think that my ear pain started when I had horrible pain in my jaws - that moved to my ears. Now I have it all day everyday fading in and out of tolerable pain levels. It is somewhat of a relief to know that other people are having the same issue, but does anyone have any way of relieving the pain?
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to yumimumi2008's response:
    Hi Yumimumi and welcome to WebMD,

    I encourage you to start a new discussion about this on our Ear, Nose and Throat community and, to say hello to everyone here and get their feedback, start a new discussion here too.

    In order to do that on any of our boards, hold your cursor over the orange Post Now button on the upper right and choose 'Discussion' from the drop down menu which appears. Fill in the subject line and body of the message (you can ignore the poll part if you want) and Post.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    pamnjay responded:
    I have never been told that i have fibro, but i get the sharp pains in my ears, I get dizzy, comes, goes away for 1 to 2 wks. Then back for about the same time. Very frustrating not knowing whats wrong and then the doc can't tell me anything. just wondering if u have found out anything, also very depressing, thanks
    tabor replied to pamnjay's response:
    I do experience dizziness and clogged ears with pressure.It sometimes lasts for 4weeks I do understand what you go through
    squarley replied to tabor's response:
    I experince all that dizziness , ear pain ringing, sick to stomach off balance ,it just hit me again last night at a grief meeting, glad I am not alone went to 3 doctors they say part of fibro and I get the vertigo to , it could be meniere's to these thing are so hard to figure out ,all so have migraines so it all ways some thing good luck to all and let us know if any one finds any help ,I do take xanx for all the anxiety it causes and tylenol for the head aches, comforting hugs , Squarley
    ethernbleach responded:
    I also have fibromyalgia, and deal with extreme dizziness and a pressure type feeling in my head. Also ringing in the ears at times. Sometimes the dizzyness/pressure feeling is so bad I can't concentrate, or feel like I'm going to faint, or throw up. I've been prescribed dizzyness and nausea medications but they don't really seem to help much. Has anyone found something that helps with it?? It makes my life so difficult sometimes
    helpmeimfalling replied to ethernbleach's response:
    Wow, It's both exciting and discouraging to read about this...I got on line to see if I could find a solution. A few months ago I had such a bad Vertigo attack they thought I was having a stroke. When I went to the specialist, he said my symptoms did not line up with classic vertigo and there was more going on..and listed all the possibilities...Fibro was not one of them, but I can tell you I've been sore to the touch for years. The specialist wanted to put me through a lot of tests..I decided to go to my chiropractor first and found that I am getting some relief from that therapy. It goes up and down, and my ears always feel clogged. Today, more dizziness, last night spinning in my bed, so I closed my eyes and waited. Some days seem more normal, others, scary...I can feel when something is about to happen, I go still...thinking it will help. My chiropractor and the specialist both say it can be related to the nerves in the neck , shoulder and spinal far after an adjustment designed for Vertigo, I get some help. I do see it related to stress, but haven't started taking anything except the Meclazine for the dizziness and stomach. A heat pack does help some around the neck and shoulders, where I carry my stress..the bad attack happened as I was moving from going through a it was pretty stressful..good to know I'm not alone, sad to know there is no clear answer. I have also read that allergies can affect this, that it's good to stay really hydrated, and eat clean, stay away from high sodium foods, etc. The barometer can affect this as well. I have lower energy, and find that I can work and rest, but not a lot more like I used to. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    An_253744 responded:
    I have pressure on my head and my ears are crackling inside like crazy all the time, and when i eat it gets even worse, feels like im underwater and observing everything around me, also its hard to make facial expressions, people think im crazy , I have nothing to do with psychiatrist at all, I have been to psychiatrist and he said Im fine,but people think i have mental sickness because of that. , dont know i cant live like that anymore,I have been to ear nose throat doctor ,he says there is nothing wrong with my ears, also my vision is weird,like i cant percieve the light normally and things are shaking around me ,its hard to perform daily tasks , i dont want even to go out because all is the same and makes me wanna die.. I dont know which doctor to go anymore,maybe i should see brain doctor,and have MR (((( but i really me got tired of people telling me i have panick attack , its all physical .

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