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    Hello everyone, Im back...and with a rant.
    clayton42 posted:
    Hello to everyone again. Ive been away for a while and really missed all of you..your help and support and just being there. I would like to say all is well here, except for the fibro of course, but its not.
    We just declared bankruptcy a few weeks stinks but nothing else could be done. My fibro and arthritis keeps me from working full time, and my taxidermy business that has been running ok for 8 years now dropped 85% this year. I could do this to my own time frame..that was great. But without clients, and I have no idea where they went, it does no good at all.
    Then this week the bank filed foreclosure on us one day before I was able to acquire the money needed to catch up with the payments. Needless to say my nerves and body are totally shot today. Strange as it may sound though, when we decided to let the lawyers do their thing and take care of it all, I did start to feel a little less painful. I guess taking away the stress that comes from fighting to stay afloat takes away a bit of the pain too. But at a big cost.
    We have a while until we have to move (actually I have no idea how long we do have but were told by the lawyer we would be given ample time to bug out) but we started boxing up things today.
    An air mattress in our van might not be too bad an idea for the
    OK rant is over now. Sorry I couldnt come back on a happier note.
    Take care all.
    I tried being sane;it was dull. I'll just stay a loony.
    live4truth responded:
    I'm so sorry to hear about all that has happened.
    The more stressed we are the more our body seems to be in pain.
    Will keep you in prayer.

    May you all be Blessed!
    An_199864 responded:
    I have heard it could take 3 or 4 months to a year, depending on the state you live in, how backed up your mortgage company is.

    It seems to me if you had the money and they had just started the foreclosure proceeding you could still catch up?

    But if it is this much of a struggle, business down and all, it might be just as well to "let it go" if there is not much other choice in todays economy.

    Best of luck t oyou and family.
    Fatzinger responded:
    I too am sorry for what has happened to you. We filed bankruptcy 8 years ago, my husbands business went down after 9/11. We stayed in our home for 3 years after making a monthly payment....... They called one day and told us they wanted our payment to go from $650 to $1200, we said "see ya." ....... We were not responsible for the house, we moved the next week. The economy hit hard in our town and two of our children had to file, one daughter had six months to get out......The other daughter like us moved out right away.......Her house still sits empty after 2 years.

    The bright side is you might be able to find a place to rent, where they take care of all repairs and yard care. Just make sure if you rent get renters insurance on your personal things.

    My saying is I am crazy and everyone else is sane and I'd rather live in my crazy world.

    Good Luck and God bless
    1rmouse responded:
    Hey Clayto42. I hear you. We used to live on $105 thousand a year and then it got cut in half and cut again within a 4 year period. And as a Baby Boomer, who knew only excess and on the spot buying, I have been brought down to my knees from all of this. I've been humbled beyond words..

    We were able to avoid bankruptcy, by the good graces of God. But it was close for two years as more and more of the money dried up and there was so little to pay bills and live on. Even though we still home our home I'd rather rent than own, having learned it's cheaper in the long run. I'd have no up keep, no property taxes to pay and no home owners insurance payments to make or worry about.
    We'd sell this home in a heartbeat if we could, but as we all know, no one has the credit or money to buy homes.

    Our story is like so many others. We were upside down on everything as what we had bought on credit for years and way above our abilities to pay it back in full. And what we bought was now not worth the amount of what we owed. My DH retired from a good union job after 33 years and then had to find a part time job, that then went to a full time, job just to keep us afloat and drowning in bills, since is pension and my pension didn't cover our monthly expenses. ;(

    And although the house has never come into play, we pay / paid the mortgage before anything else, but we have struggled with paying hm owners / auto insurance, medical bills, We had car payments that were more than the cars were worth, but we got rid of those. What money was left for bills went to credit cards in" a little here, sorry. and a little on that, sorry. " ;( We 'lived' on the few dollars left over and were able to have a 3 dollar a day budget for food and for gas. It has been so hard. I didn't realized all the things I had been used to until I had to give them up one, then another than another.

    And what this has done to my over all health is no surprise. Stress has triggered more FMS events, IBS events and panic attacks. My nerves are shot, my days are worried filled.

    And as for our credit rating, it's in the basement with a million others like us. But having said that, what we have learned from all this is: We not embarrassed to pay for everything with cash. ( even when it's with a handful of coins.) And we've taken away from this is knowledge that we can wait on buying things. If we don't really, really need it, we don't buy it. And when we are able to buy something we really appreciate the fact that we were able to buy it.

    Today we've moved from penny to penny to nickle to nickel. Hoping with a slight pay raise in the summer and currant tax breaks to have it to dime to dime soon. Quarter to quarter and money in a savings account is a dream down the road.

    And I have no idea if it will ever be dollar to dollar like it once was. But I have lived so cheaply for so long now that I might not remember how to spend money freely without coupons, sales or items on clearance.. And really I am better for it.

    I know my story isn't much help, but it lets you know your not alone and we do so understand.

    Linda R. :)
    xperky replied to 1rmouse's response:
    Linda - Your story is so much like mine. It's been so tough for so long. We've also learned to use coupons, sales, etc. It's amazing how much I really don't "need" but used to be able to buy. It's stressful to see family and friends going out to eat, decorating their homes, buying luxury autos and trendy items. But I can't say a word of course. They deserve to have fun.

    It's hard to say "no" to going out to eat Mexican or something relatively inexpensive, when I'm so worn out and in pain. I simply must do our own cooking since it's so much more affordable.

    Luckily I collect disability and have Medicare for insurance. My husband's entreprenureal roller coaster ride ended recently, and took our home equity with it! He applied for unemployment this week. I'm so anxious. We are in our 50's, highly educated, but the education might not be worth much. Every penny is being counted, but they are diminishing.

    Does declaring bankruptcy help? How does it help with the bills and keeping a roof over our heads?

    Desperate and worried,
    CLKWC1964 replied to xperky's response:
    Wow I am feeling a little better now knowing we are not alone in our financial struggles. I guess misery loves company- sad but true. I am truly trying to count our blessings though cause I know they are many. God bless all of us:0) Cat

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