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    Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
    Mark Pellegrino, MD posted:
    Good evening to you all, the World's Greatest Community! I want to discuss a common symptom of Fibro and a common theme on the board: fatigue. Actually, I'm going to have you discuss fatigue first and me second.

    I'll introduce it, though!

    Pain is the Number 1 symptom in fibro, without a doubt.

    But a close second is fatigue. Fatigue is present in basically everyone with fibro. Fatigue is so prevalent that you'd think everyone knows exactly what we mean when we say we have fatigue.

    Well a funny thing happened on my way to seeing many, many people with fibro over the years. I found out that "fatigue" means something different to everyone. There is not a simple universal definition.

    And to prove my point (or be made to feel pointless!), I invite you to describe what fatigue means to you. Please share with us what is your definition of fatigue. You don't have to write very long responses (unless you want to!) because I don't want to cause you to become fatigued (ha ha, I snuck in a definition.) I'll be checking back in.

    Thanks for your help!

    Dr. P
    pixe5 responded:
    Hi Dr. P,

    Fatigue means more than just feeling tired. It feels like I am wiped out, all the time. Most people don't understand because they equate it with the normal tiredness that everyone experiences. A good night's sleep for most people fixes that. It doesn't for me.

    I have been wondering, I have had fibro since I was 14 and never had any fatigue until a few years ago (I'm 47 now). Now it is my primary symptom. Why would that develop all of the sudden when I never had it before?

    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing how this discussion goes!

    Fatigue is my constant companion, along with the pain, and is sometimes more debilitating than the pain (and that's sayin' something).

    Great topic, Dr. P!
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    sbncmo responded:
    Fatigue is having no energy, feeling like I am strapped down with weights all over my body so that any movement just exhausts me, like I'm constantly being pulled down. I try to stand & smile for others, or do what others do, but I just don't have the energy. I'm totally sapped. The weird thing is, I can go to bed & you would think I would fall asleep immediately, but I don't. Pain perhaps. There is tired & there is fatigue. Fatigue goes beyond tired, so far that it is hard to sleep sometimes. And once I do get to sleep, I find myself sleeping 12 hours or more. It is a monster that consumes my days & nights.

    KaterinMP responded:
    Oh, Interesting!

    For me I mean, tired, yeah have that all the time, but i can still do stuff, But Fatigue! Well Its just knocks me out.
    I consider it fatigue when i am SO exhausted i can't function anymore, i just need to sleep/rest.
    Some days, I'm lucky and i can sleep, but others i'm so fatigued i can't do anything but i have no energy to move but i'm still awake. Gosh Its debilitating!
    Laura0711 responded:
    Hi Dr.P

    Fatigue means to me that I just have to sit down and relax and I fall asleep even though I have things to do and I just want to rest and relax for a minute or 2. I hate that know matter how much sleep I get I'm still tired and no one can understand why especally my family. I wish I had more energy to do things with others.

    bcbailey1977 responded:
    I have learned over the past few days that being in a real flare can wipe you out physically and mentally.

    But on a normal day, because I take 72 mg of Concerta split up throughout the day. I still come home and I sit on the couch and have fallen asleep sitting up.

    I also try to accomplish stuff in the morning's before work or after work and I can't. Or I try to do stuff on the weekends and after a couple hours I take a nap.

    To thine own self be true--Reba McEntire
    dollbug responded:
    Drained....can NOT do one more my body will not allow is almost like running completely out of gas....but instead it is energy..

    There are times when I feel as though I can no longer walk...I am at the end of the rope....since I have nothing else left to give...

    IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    Lish2007 replied to dollbug's response:
    Fatigued to me is like i'm completely just done for the day. I agree with others too, it could be when i first wake in the mornings no matter how much i've slept. Simply NO more energy, NO more power to do anything else, as mentioned before just like running out of gas.
    There is a huge difference i think between "tired" and "fatigued". I can fall right to sleep if i'm tired, where as fatigue just makes you sit there and do nothing, not even sleep.
    In fact, today, at work, i just dont know how i'm going to last, it's all i can do to type this, but i love you guys and want to post.
    Take Care all!
    ~Soft Hugs~ ~~May your day be bright and painless~~Alicia
    katmandulou responded:
    To me, fatigue means no energy to do anything, from eating to showering to 'getting up and going to bed'. My DH knows when I've hit the wall when I don't want to knit. Since I'm passionate knitter, he usually feels my forehead (I run a fever when I get that bad) and gets me something cold to drink.
    1wareaglefan responded:
    I second all of the above, only adding that for me it means not having the motivation or will to do anything but sit or lie down. Taking a shower, fixing hair, etc. takes it all out of me. I enjoy reading posts here and want to respond to more than I do, but it takes too much energy and concentration to be able to do it!
    lotsapain711 replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
    AMEN!!!! I agree with what everyone says, fatigue walks along beside me everyday! Sometimes I wake up tired, other times I'm okay for a few hours of work and it hits me all at once. If I'm at home, I'll take a nap,if I'm at work,I'll try to sit down for a few minutes. It seems like I feel better for a longer period of time if I remember to take my multivitamin everyday. Lets all try to be good to ourselves. Find something you like to do and do it to calm yourself and have a little "ME" time. Personally, I like to read or do crossword puzzles.( this keeps the old mind sharp!)
    Everyone have a great day!, Your friend, Lotsapain
    lb707 replied to lotsapain711's response:
    When fibro took over I was still skiing, walking and doing exercise tapes. This is how I explained it to the Dr......they use to have to tell me this is the last lift up....then I stopped at 3:00 and when I couldn't get back on the slopes after lunch I stopped skiing.

    Still exercised but I remember the time I put Jane Fonda on (Ya I am and oldie) and it was all I could do to stand in the room and lift my arms.

    To me fatigue is when you CAN'T move versus just let me rest a little and I will move on.

    lalab (Laura)
    dollbug responded:
    Dr. P....what a great topic....actually my favorite topic....after everyone provides you with this info....I sure hope that perhaps you might have some good suggestions on what we might try to help you have chronic fatigue and if so, how do you cope?

    I did want to also say....that my DH tells other people that I have crashed and burned....when I have this really bad....
    And what I continue try to understand about the "fatigue" is not there all the time....but way too much for me to even like it....

    Take care and thanks again for your great knowledge and humor too....

    IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    kittygramma responded:
    I have been so fatigued at times that all I can do is sleep, go to the bathroom and take my meds (when I remember to!). I've had weeks go by that I can hardly remember. When I was younger I thought I was lazy - now I realize that I was so fatigued that I just couldn't do anything.

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