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    Wolfsong452 posted:
    So how is everyone dealing with this heat? at least the ones that are having it!



    when I'm not working, I do not leave my house, last week, I went out of the house only once on Mon. once on Tues. not at all on Wed. and then had to go to work on Thurs Fri.Sat.Sun. other than that, it was go to work, come home, and that was it!

    played the darn facebook farmville game for hours.


    obsession? maybe!

    guess this is my way of dealing with the heat.

    drinking lots of water, to the point, I feel nauseas, don't want to drink another drop.

    Yet, I know I need to drink more,


    getting so tired of going to the bathroom all the time!

    hee hee!
    DaisyTK responded:
    Evil hot and way to dry here in N. OK The humidity even what little there is makes me hurt worse
    Wolfsong, I'm not so sure you should drink so much water you feel ill!!! Bless your heart!
    I've had to get out this past week to do errands and it was awful, I've been sleeping a lot longer when I go to bed. I'm thankful I don't have to get up early for work!
    Sure keep praying the window units we have hang on for the season~~~ really no end in sight drought wise, but earth will naturally tilt and the seasons will change, so maybe by Christmas we can turn the ACs off!! LOL
    NeNe_11 responded:
    I stay inside - Cannot tolerate high heat & humidity no more than the bitter cold & rain! Im like a hermit.
    FibroMitz replied to NeNe_11's response:
    NeNe: I can so relate to you! I live here in Idaho and the cold is unbearable and heat is unrelenting! One of those :"damned if you do and damned if you don't" kinda situatuations.

    My neice keeps telling me to move to Arizona "the OLD people seems to like the weather!" was her exact words.

    "OLD"? Who does she think I am, my mother?

    I'm only 36-almost 37 next month!

    But I must admit that some days when I try and get outta bed (on my bad days)I do feel like I'm 90! No offense to anyone in that age category.

    The state I would like to live in is Washington! I fell in love with Marysville when I attended a Conference there! It was so lush and green! And the ocean isn't far from there! That's where I'd like to live. If I could....

    Wolfsong452 replied to DaisyTK's response:
    I have to stay hydrated,

    so, what's a body to do? I'm out in the heat, so have to drink the water,


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