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    Narcotics for Fibro Pain
    DenMother53 posted:
    I have been on Oxycodone for several years, because of the severe pain, and yes the dosage has increased over that time. I not only have Fibro, I also have degenerative disk disease, Osteoarthritis in my back, neck, knees and feet, and Plantar Facsiatis (sp?). I'm working with 4 doctors who monitor my pain meds, but the reality is I couldn't function without them. My family worries about addiction, as do I, but the reality is I couldn't hold down my job if I wasn't taking them, nor could I have any type of life. For those of you just looking into options, try everything that's out there; most won't work but understand that you won't know unless you try them. And most importantly stay positive. This disease will beat you down over time but there are people out there suffering with it also and discussion groups like these are good therapy. Hang in there.
    hisfaithful1 responded:
    Thanks for sharing, and the encouragement. After reading the many opines on this topic and what you had to say DenMother, I felt compelled to put in my two cents worth.

    I will never be one to judge another for taking narcotics for chronic pain! It is terrible the way drug addicts have managed to put this awful stigma on taking pain medicene. Sadly there is no undoing the horrendous damage they have inadvertantly caused to literally millions of people who suffer every day with pain.

    People please do not judge others for this. Pain medications can help make a persons life much more tolerable and bearable. To me it is a no brainer. Will you become dependant if you take pain pills every day? Most likely yes! Will you become a desperate addict forsaking everyone and everthing good in your life if you take pain meds? The odds are highly against this happening! I hope people will realize it is okay to use a good resource the good Lord has made available to us through the community of modern medicene. I hope the day will come soon when people have a better understanding of this important issue.

    I just wanted to add my opinion to this very controversial subject. I myself am no longer getting pain medicene, but am planning on asking for a referral to a pain management doctor as soon as my hubby and I are settled in California where we are moving to in two weeks. I am in pain every day from fibro and osteoarthritis that has changed my life dramatically in just the past year and a half. Have tried all the fibro meds. (plus Tramadol which helped some but had too many side effects, one being awful Serotonin syndrome) DenMother you are right on about how this illness wears you down!

    Many of us have sensitive systems and cannot take much in the way of drugs because of this, ( yes they are all drugs if you have to have a rx to get them) another point I want to make is... alot of the so called fibro meds have many more potential awful side effects than pain meds do. I, like many others have found this out the hard way, through trial and error. For those of you who can manage your symptoms with these types of meds... that is wonderful.... for you. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone.

    We should not be denied a decent quality of life because of the irresponsibility of others.

    May the good Lord guide us all in dealing with this issue.

    Take care
    An_235761 responded:
    I too am on oxycontin & oxycodone plus other meds and I
    can't work at all. I also have degenerative disc disease, RA, depression, insomnia, fatigue. I found a wonderful massage therapist but when your a widow and have no income it can become very expensive.Actually I'm a little angry that my former pain specialist didn't tell me oxy is a synthetic heroin & that scares the hell out of me, but the pain I have is so extreme what does one do. It hurts worse than the beatings from a former husband! WAY WORSE because the meds just calm the pain it's always there! In fact just writing this my back is screaming!

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