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    Been a while...update
    shannlee0379 posted:
    Hello everyone,

    I haven't been here in a while so thought I would stop by and give you all an update.

    I have attended all the support groups, and am even going to another one tonight for the RNY (Gastric bypass).
    I've finished all my pre-op testing and blood tests. After being on Vit D for 6 months I have found out my vit D is still very low. So please everyone get yours tested more than once. I am now taking twice the amount I was and also iron.
    I have also found that I have low oxygen levels but in the process of fixing that.

    On a FM note: my pain has decreased a bit with the small amount I have lost for surgery. I got so bad I had to sit in a wheel chair to do my grocery shopping. Being in pain all the time didn't allow for much movement.
    My pcp gave me prescribed anti-inflamitory which helped with my back and joint pain. I'm now on trazadone to help me sleep as well as flexeril.

    My flair ups are there, but I have a renewed sence of what my future will be when I've lost more weight. I know I'll always have pain, but with my meds and a positive outlook I think I'll be ok.

    I can only hope my FM family will have the peace of mind that I do right now, and that I will continue to have it.

    We can give in to pain, or fight through it....I know it's easier said than done, but we have lives to live.
    annette030 responded:
    I hope and assume that you have more reasons for bariatric surgery than possibly having less FMS pain??? I lost over 50 pounds on Redux pills, and had no change in my pain levels due to FMS. I gained the weight back and have lost it again, much more slowly this time and without drugs. Still no change in FMS pain. I am happy to have lost weight for many other reasons though.

    All the research I have done says there is no change in FMS pain levels that correlates in any way with weight changes.

    Even losing a small amount of weight can change your blood sugars and blood pressure in a positive way though. We all know all the other reasons it is best to weigh close to our optimum weight.

    Best of luck to you.

    Take care, Annette
    Booch007 responded:
    Good morning.

    I just wanted to say that Dr P here had said 1/3 will feel better with the weight loss, 1/3 feel worse and 1/3 stay the same....

    I was sadly 1/3 feel worse. MY rationale was that the toxic waste that is lost and needs to clear from the body with losing weight aggrevated my trigger point zones. I fold up so much etter, but the pain was heightened for a while, a good while and that was sad for me.

    I lost 50 lbs and I am in a better place now, never perfect, never the old us. But better in other ways.

    I hope it all turns out the way you expect. Please be sure to hydrate so well during the weight dropping time......Best of luck, Nancy B
    shannlee0379 replied to Booch007's response:
    Thank you so muc, and yes I do have other reasons for bariatric surgery, I'm obiese...plain and simple.

    I will always have FM and FM pain, I am not nieve to that. I also wont have diabetes, vertigo, migraines, or over weight pain added to my FM pain.

    Thank again
    annette030 replied to shannlee0379's response:
    I have migraines, they aren't related to my weight, as I have lost and gained weight and lost it again over the years. The migraines were steady regardless.

    Type II diabetes is certainly related to being overweight, my friend is working on losing weight, her doctor is hopeful that she will be able to get off of some of her diabetes medicine as she loses weight.

    Good luck with your surgery, I hope it improves things for you.

    Take care, Annette

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