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    being overheated and immune system
    jeanah posted:
    I have two questions, first, women with fibromyalgia, do they get overheated often, for the most part i feel overheated , even during the winter months i wear a short sleeved shirt. Also i know im going thru the change of life, im 52, and have had a hystyrectomy. secondly, do people with Fibro have a weak immune system? thank you for your help and all the good that you do. Jeanah
    Dollbug responded:
    Hello jeanah....and welcome.....MiMi in NC...yes....I have found that I also get overheated....(especially in the summertime) I call it the sweats....when I first got sick with was really bad....I could go outside for just a few minutes in the summertime and sweat would be pouring from my body....especially the face and neck area....I knew that this was not normal for me....but as the years have passed, it has gotten better....

    I did find out that a couple of years ago though....that when I met the wrath of the dragon, aka FM....I was having health issues, going through the change, lost my job and was dealing with all sorts of other things as well....a lot of this might have contributed to my problems with overheating....(this was back in 2005) has improved though...and I have actually gotten so much better....I still deal with the chronic fatigue issues...and the doctor tells me that there is nothing that will help this...but I have not given up on trying to find something....

    I would like to tell you that I have also read that some anti depressants can also cause people to have this....I do take Pristiq now....but back then I took Prozac for a while and then Lexapro also....

    Weak immune system....I am not a doctor....but I do think that I have one...I have learned how to "control my FM pain by taking Vitamins and supplements"....but I still think that our system is not considered to be a "normal" one....

    I do want to add that I hope you have asked your doctor to check your Vitamin D level....which is so very important for a lot of people these days....low Vitamin D can cause some of us to have additional pain...and it can also affect other illnesses as well...

    Take care and good luck...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    Anon_2912 replied to Dollbug's response:
    No I get night sweats, have for the past 3 yrs. I freeze during the day. I live in TX & run my space heater at work non-stop year round. The office is at 74 and that is just too cold for me.

    I at least don't think I am hitting the change yet, but one never knows. I am 40. The doctors can't seem to figure out why I get night sweats, I just do. Not every night, but I do get them more often than not...My gyno says not female go figure...

    Now my theory is since I have dealt with abscesses & fistulas that could be my reason for night sweats....

    I did have ANOTHER fistula surgery recently (2 weeks ago) & have developed another abscess in a different site....

    I think those infections are what gives me the night sweats instead of fever...

    As far as immune system that is the only infection my body will not get rid of...
    1wareaglefan responded:
    Yes, I definitely have that issue. I'm post-menopausal. I'll have times when out of nowhere, I get so hot and perspire, then it'll just go away. It can be embarrassing, when out in public.

    At night, I'll be cool and pull up sheet and quilt, then minutes later I'll break out in sweat and throw the covers off. I go through that cycle many times during the night. I have 2 fans going in bedroom almost year-round!

    I think you'll probably have lots of company with this issue.
    angelswife responded:
    Hi Jeanah,
    I have challenges with the overheating, especially around that time of the month. I will be sitting there doing nothing, and the sweat will be pouring off me. Not comfortable or fun!

    Yes to the immune system issue also. I had bloodwork done in August, and it showed my immune system wasn't working properly. I did have Lyme at teh time, though, so I don't know if it was that or the Fibro that caused it.

    Good to see you back again!
    Fibro36 replied to Dollbug's response:
    I'm a 23 yrs sufferer of Fibro.and CFS. I've had surgeries on my neck, a rib taken out under the collar bone, thousands of injections, supplements, pills etc. None helped...after nearly 30 Drs. I'm into my 3rd yr. of having a pain pump implant with has Morphine and Baclofen. I takes care of some of the pain, and I still take Hydrocodone and Cyclobenzaprine. My last complete once over was from Mayo Clinic.Before arriving there, I was using a Dr. who was once a physician at NASA in Houston. I was told I had Lyme Disease, and had a 17" IV in my arm, giving myself antibiotics daily for 7 mo. The Dr. at Mayo said it wasn't Lyme, it was Fibro. After leaving Mayo Clinic, I found a wonderful Dr. in Houston who is an Anesthesiologist/Pain Management. After many yrs. of no improvement with Steriod injections, epidurals, changes in meds constantly, he gave me the option of putting in a pain pump. After a bit of thinking it over, I agreed, I couldn't stand any more severe pain. It's nearly been 4 yrs. and even though it didn't take away all pain (like it did in the hospital overnight trial) I'm still glad I had it put in. It dispenses the meds from a pump implanted in my stomach thru a catheter that's ran, internally around to my spine. I'm hoping that all of you who are suffering to the extent that every day your in tears and saying "I can't take it anymore", will take this into consideration for yourselves. It isn't the answer for everyone, but it may be for many of you. Before I had it implanted I too was dealing with being over heated just from sitting in a dr. office. Then once I had pain meds in me, and eventually the pain meds in the pump, the sweating is nearly constant, unless I'm sitting still with fans blowing on me. It is a miserable thing to deal with, but there's nothing any Dr. has said could be done...I too went thru many years of struggling to find drs. for myself, driving 2 hrs. each way for office visits, not having a family that understood what was wrong with me, and at times, was a heavy strain on my marriage. Thankfully, we all made it thru the tough times, my husband is still with me and supporting. I take each day as it comes, learning that I can say 'NO" if I'm not up to joining in on whatever is going on. Allowing myself to give in to the fatigue. I was accepted on disability 5 mos. after the pain pump surgery, so the struggle of getting to work is no more an issue. God Bless all of you. Realize when something isn't working, and keep making changes until you see improvement. I hope I can find the way this Chat/Post works and can continue to give help however I can. Cindy from Texas
    Moxie1956 responded:
    I am 55yrs old and I, too, get overheated. It will begin inside of me, as if there was an internal radiator. Then my face becomes quite flushed, but so does the skin on my forearms, weird, I know. The intensity will last anywhere from a couple of minutes up to 45minutes. I haven't drawn any correlation between the hot flashes and fibro flares. Now it's quite different with the chills---when I get chilled (even in hot, humid NC days), I now recognize this as a precursor to a flare up. I am assuming the hot flashes are menopausal. I didn't do myself any favors when I put flannel sheets on the bed a few days ago!
    petal2010 replied to Moxie1956's response:
    I know exactly how you feel! Has your doctor ever diagnosed this? I don't know if it comes from Fibro or from all the many meds we take. I know that it is miserable.
    John 3:16

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