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    Horrible night
    JaRaye posted:
    Hi FMily. I am at my brother and sister in law's house for Thanksgiving. I don't have internet at home, yet... I go to my public library about once a week.... Anyway, last night, here at their house, I had a horrible night. I didn't sleep a wink and my feet were off the chart with tingling, burning, stabbing sensations. My body hurt soooo bad and I couldn't find a soft place to sleep. The "strange" bed felt too hard and I could not relax. It gave me a chance to tell my family about the fibro. It is hard to explain, but when I started reading some of the discussions from the fibro community, they seemed to understand more.

    I have a question... Does anyone have any good tips on travel with fibromyalgia? I also have restless legs and take ropinorole (Requip generic). Have a great day on Black Friday.
    Booch007 responded:

    If any of US are out there in the chaos of Black Friday...I will be amazed. We can hardly get around, add the pushing and long lines to stand are looking for the dragon to eat you. Probably won't make it home to rest*

    I am sorry the night was so hard on you, I know what you are saying. When we lost our power in the noreaster I was at my great SIL's house and they have stones for beds! We have a 6" memory foam mattress on top of a great mattress...even my husband that has no issues couldn't stay there. I just took my meds and talked my way to sleep. The cold was going to be worse.

    So again, sorry it was so bad. I always travel with my neck pillow, the first night I forgot it and used a rolled towel, that works well for me. I tell hotel/motels of my disability and see if they have dial a beds to make them softer.....when satying at my sisters, she actually bought a foam topper for the bed to help me as I go once a year and she wanted me comfortable. You can ask for an extra comforter and put it UNDER you to help....especially doubled for the upper body and the zones in the back (that's what makes me turn so much.)..but if it is your can put it down the bottom of the bed.

    Well, hope that helps a bit...........Good luck, NAncyB
    Dollbug responded:
    Hello JaRaye...and welcome....MiMi in NC...I do NOT think I have "talked" to you....traveling can be kind of difficult for us FMers...and it has definitely been a real challenge for me....several years back we took several short trips to the beach...I got really home I sleep in a recliner...with pillows...anyway...being sick is NOT how I wanted to spend my we went to Lowe's at that time and bought me a gravity recliner...
    and I was able to sleep in this with pillows..

    This year my DH and I took a vacation out west...was gone for 9 days...and the first night was not good at I did not have a chair to sleep in...but I had ordered one from Cabelos and had it shipped to the store in Rapids City...we were able to go the 2nd day and I was hoping that it had had and it was a godsend for me...I was able to survive this trip and we had a great time....most of it was spent in a vehicle traveling around....we flew into Jackson and went to Cody and Rapids City, SD...we saw Mt Everest...Yellowstone and Tetons....these places were awesome.

    I will tell you that you should stay on the same schedule that you are use to with eating and resting....if possible..

    I would now like to go to Alaska, if I can figure out a way to do this....and I hope to travel some upstate as well...

    I hope this helps...I do not know how you manage at home...but I do know that it took me a while before I could figure out how I could do some traveling with my DH....

    Take care and good luck...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..

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