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    Can't Work???
    Littlefox77 posted:
    Howdy Folks,
    I hope that you are all excited about Christmas being right around the corner.
    I have a question: How many of you are on disability?
    How many of you are working full time and/or part time?
    I had to cut my hours to 12 a week. I couldn't even work 12 hours a week. I would come home in pain, dizzy, fatigued. No matter what time I got home I had to go to bed. Half the time I didn't know how I even drove home. I am not working anymore and my doctor has agreed to help me with the process for disability. I have hired AllSup for the help. I have a Hair stylist for years and just can't stand behind a chair anymore. I start to get confused even to count money in the drawer.
    How about you?
    I hope that you all have a wonderful blessed Christmas.
    Thanks for reading my post.
    Dollbug responded:
    Hello Littlefox....MiMi in NC....I am now on disability....after a very long time of trying to deal with worker's comp....and the company that I worked for....
    I was denied the first time....and I appealed the decision...then I contacted the representative here who I guess helped me get it....then it took me another year get it all straightened they had me also collecting worker's comp....which I never collected the first check from....and then the IRS decided that they wanted me to pay on all of the money that I had NOT I went round and round with them for over a year also....

    As my children tell me....most people would not mess this all of this....but I had to do it was my livelyhood....I did NOT have an attorney, even though the SSD office decided that I did have one...and they charged me for it.....It took over a year also to get this mess straightened out....

    It is NOT an easy issue to do....BUT you know...we have worked and paid into the system for the benefit....and it is SUPPOSE to be there, if and when it is is like anything and everything else though....we have to fight for what is our to begin with....

    Sorry that I could not share a very positive experience with you....but I am straight and to the I also expect others to be...

    I am sorry that you are not feeling better....and I am glad that you have a doctor behind you on getting your disability.....for people over 50 I do know that the system is suppose to treat you differently than those who are younger....(how? don't have a clue)....I was well beyond 50 when I applied....

    Take care and good luck.....

    Hang in there and do not give up....if you are denied...then it should be is the system's way of hoping that you will just give up....but DO NOT DO THIS....


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    Littlefox77 replied to Dollbug's response:
    Hello MiMi,
    Thanks for the reply. What a terrible mess you went through, you poor thing. I am glad that things have settled down for you and I am so happy that you are finally getting what you have earned. Thanks also for the pep talk, I will not give up.
    When I get discouraged I think that I read your post were you say Hang in there and do not give up.
    You have been in the WeMD Fibro. community for a long time. I remember you from years ago. Happy to be back and to see that you are here helping others.
    I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Dollbug replied to Littlefox77's response:
    Hello Michele.....Yes....I have been here for a while...I often wonder about others were joined our FMily....and then left....for whatever reason.....a lot of them joined FB....and I guess some of them just left....

    I continue to encourage people though....and especially share my concern about the Vitamin D level....

    Getting disability is a challenge....but for us FMers.....we must keep on keeping on....

    Merry Christmas to you also.....I hope that you will continue to we do have a great group of people here....and we are also very blessed to have
    Dr. P and Dr. with us....and of course, Caprice....

    Take care...and again....good luck with your disability....


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    foreversore responded:
    Up until 2 years ago I worked full time and sometimes 2 jobs for a total of 60-70 hours a week. I was always exhausted. When I would get home I would stay on my feet until housework and dinner and whatever I needed to do with my kids was done because once I sat down that was it I was done. i got hurt 2 years ago and now there is no way I could continue to go at that pace (I had a hard enough time keeping up that pace in the first place). I am in the process of filing for disability as the simple act of taking a shower is enough to exhaust me. I'm sure its going to be a long hard road but I am determined to stick it out because I don't feel as though I can be a reliable employee any longer.
    Anon_2912 responded:
    I still work 40-45 hrs a week.

    Someday I will win the lottery, until then, grin & bear it...

    I refuse to give into it, but that is just me...
    Littlefox77 replied to foreversore's response:
    Did you find that it wasn't only the exhaustion, it was also the pain?
    So sorry that you got hurt. I hope that the process for you happens quickly.
    Have a great Christmas.
    Littlefox77 replied to Anon_2912's response:
    I get bored staying home and I tried to not let it win. I got sick of being in pain and having to go to bed as soon as I walked into my home.
    I do know that Fibro. effects everyone differently. The pain would increase as my day at work would go on. I became confused and I started to drop things and having to ask the same question over and over again.
    I pray that you have a better time of it at your job.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    foreversore replied to Littlefox77's response:
    Definitely both. Once I would sit down I was too tired, stiff and sore to stand back up. I would often stand on my lunch hour as well because often times sitting would lead to too much stiffness to finish my shift. Its been 2 years since I got hurt and seem to be in a "permanent" flare. The muscles in the back of my head, neck, shoulders and upper back/rib cage are always tight every day despite muscle relaxers and physical therapy, tens units you name it I've done it. They start out tight in the morning and get tighter as the day goes on. I have a spot in my neck, right shoulder and mid back that burn constantly. I still do my PT exercises even though they make the muscles tighter because my doctor wants me to continue them despite how they make me feel.

    Adding all of that on top of how I already felt was not helpful to say the least and I find that I am more tired now and my sleep disturbance is a lot worse than it was before I got hurt.

    I am still fighting to get paid for this injury. I haven't worked in 2 years and we are slowly either losing everything or having to sell stuff just to stay afloat. Of course the stress of my financial situation does not help me at all. I keep telling myself that it will all be over with soon and that we can try to regain as much normalcy as possible but some things are just never going to be the same.
    Littlefox77 replied to foreversore's response:
    Dearest Forever sore,
    I am so sorry to hear the you are getting the run around in getting the money you deserve from your work. That is horrible that you had to sell stuff.
    You sound like me, the same areas on me are just like you describe.
    If you believe in prayer, we can pray that we both get what is coming to us.
    I really hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.
    foreversore replied to Littlefox77's response:
    Thank you so much Littlefox77. We try not to let any of this dampen our holiday spirit. I too hope and pray that things turn out well for both of us. I think mine is getting closer by the day settlement wise which will help a lot. I haven't been getting very good medical care, but I recently moved and need to find a new doctor. I sincerely hope that I find someone who is compassionate and willing to listen. At this point I am willing to try anything. Happy Holidays to you and yours and btw that is an adorable lil doggy!
    forgetful88 replied to Littlefox77's response:
    Not saying I am not in pain, BUT, I need to work for my mental & most of all bills & health insurance.

    I have to do what I have to do. I am not a happy camper at work all the time, but lucky for me I have my own office where I can hibernate & not get moody with co workers...when I feel bad.

    I do just hit the couch when I get home as well, BUT I am lucky because my husband travels & my 18yr old can fend for himself so NO ONE to cater too..

    I do both stand or sit through out the day, it depends on how my legs feel at the time. Sometimes I find myself squatting infront of my dest on my heels to avoid screaming from the deep dull bone pain...I pop advil through out the day, does not help all that much, but it makes it tolerable.

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