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    Advice Needed in Texas
    An_243206 posted:
  • waves* Hello, I'm Traci. Pleasure to meet you all.

    I'm a twenty-three year-old Texas-native with chronic pain in my chest wall, back, shoulders, and sides. I've been dealing with pain and inflammation in my chest for over four years now. I've been through many doctors and many diagnoses (and many meds) with little to no relief. A few of the medications have helped temporarily, but usually my system gets used to them within a few weeks and taking them becomes redundant. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by one doctor, and costochondritis with another. I've been told that it wouldn't be costo, since I've had this condition for over four years with no periods of relief (except for during my pregnancy). I've also been told that fibromyalgia would not cause the large swollen knot that I have on my chest.

    I've had CT scans, X-Rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds on my chest. The swelling does not appear on any imaging device, but can be seen in real time and felt if touched. It is extremely painful to the touch, and has increased in size over time. The swelling itself did not go away when I was pregnant, however the chronic pain in various areas did (although I did end up with extreme pelvic pain during my pregnancy instead).

    I'm due to see a rheumatologist at the end of this month, but I'm losing hope. At least one doctor has told me that it's unlikely that I'll ever find a true diagnosis as my condition seems to be a rare case, and that I'll probably just be lumped in the fibro category even if that's not what I really have. I've been tested for RA, Lupus, and everything else...everything keeps coming back normal.

    I've had a lot of medical problems over the course of my lifetime, but this is the only one that's really got me worried. It interferes with everything I do, I can't play with my son the way I want to, and no one seems to know what it could be. Anybody else been through a similar situation or have any advice?
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Traci....and welcome...MiMi in NC....I am glad that you have found this unique FM support group...I am sorry that you are having so many issues to deal with....I am sure though that there are things out there that will help you cope better....I have to ask you have the tender pressure points...or has any doctor checked them...this is probably the only true way of knowing if you have met up with the wrath of the dragon....the costochondritis does go along with FM....I have had it several times...but mine just comes and goes...

    I have read that inflammation is NOT a sympton of FM...but I do not believe I do think we can have it and I do think it is related to FM...if you are in pain all of the time....then you definitely have something which is NOT right...

    When I had the rib pain...I thought that I was having a heart attack...I was told to take Aleve...which did nothing for me...but I did find Advil gel helped along with warm moist heating pad....and plenty of rest...

    I would encourage you to be sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level...which is so important for a lot of people....low Vitamin D can cause some of us to have additional pain...and it can also affect other illnesses as well, according to the medical is a simple blood test but you MUST ASK the doctor to check it is NOT included in the normal bloodwork that the doctors do...

    I hope you will check out the info under "tips" and "resources" which you will find to the right of this sure and read the "sharing your toolbox" post which also has some good "tools and tips" that might help you cope better...

    Learning how to pace, pace and pace some more is really important for us is drinking plenty of water....watching what you eat...moving....doing gentle exercises and stretches...getting plenty of sleep at night and keeping your stress level does take a trial and error process to figure out just what you body needs though...and this takes time and effort...

    Hang in here with often, ask questions, make comments and/or suggestions....we do understand how you feel....

    Take care and good luck...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    1dazygal responded:
    Where is the lump and how big is it? Your right that Drs can sometimes say a DX to try and say - put a name on it , but there are 18 points for fibro. Do you have I Belive it's at least 11?

    This sounds like your talking more about a pulmonary issue? I have COPD and osteo and my ribs hurt all the time. I would try seeing some Drs in a teaching hospital just for the fact they see more off the wall items.

    Hang in there. Sounds like it may take a while? Has the lump, if that's the correct term, been biopsied? Wish you quick answers
    1dazygal responded:
    In reading Mimi's reply it reminded me in 2011 I had such increased chest pain I thought I was having a heart attack. Went to ER. It wasn't but was kept over night for test the next day. The heart Dr told me there are cases of unexplained chest pain that feel like a heart attack and pain around rib cage.

    I thought they were ignoring my symptoms but every test came up neg. I have awful pain between the bones, hurts awful to touch. When I asked my fibro Dr he said you have muscles there and fibro prays on muscles. Sorry I don't have an answer, we still don't know everything about fibro.

    My husband has 1" or larger fat deposits under his skin. One was by his spin causing him a lot of pain. They went in to take out and it was causing pain because it was pressing rt on some nerves.

    I would continue to research on line.
    1wareaglefan responded:
    I know that a lot of people have costochondritis as part of their fibro.

    I hope you find answers and some help!

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