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    How has this diagnosis affected work?
    jdhnay25 posted:
    Hi, I was just recently diagnosed and my husband and I are trying to adjust and cope. I was told that I was too sick to work back in August of 2011 and it's now February 2012. I would really like to go back to working, but the instability of my body and the pain and lack of energy and constant interruptions of sleep, I'm starting to think that the normal 9 to 5 thing might not be in my future. Any advice or tips from people who have had this longer than me. I was just diagnosed in January 2012, but I've had symptoms since maybe 2008, they just got worst late 2010-2011.
    dollbug responded:
    Hello....MiMi in NC...dealing with the wrath of the NOT an easy thing to do....what works for some may or may not work for does take a trial and error process before you will find out what works for you....I worked in a loan servicing company for over 14 years....have not worked since 2005...when all of my sickness started a year before...I worked with numbers and did a lot of balancing....could I do this today...NOPE...there are days when I can not even remember what day it is....

    Lack of energy which is chronic fatigue for my worst enemy...and I have NOT found anything which has helped this "part" of it...I have learned how to get enough sleep...and I now take vitamins and supplements...for the FM pain...and yes...I have learned how to cope so much better...but it took me a very long time to do so...we are all different...and you have to figure out just what works for you....

    I no longer work....was laid off and struggle with not having a job for several is NOT easy...I am now on took me a long time to also get this...our system is badly broken...and a person has to "fight" to get the disability, a benefit which people who have worked and paid into and who is no longer work..
    Everything is a process....and it is NOT easy....I wish I could tell you difference...but we, FMers, must do what we have to do....

    I hope this sure and check out the info under "tips"and "resources" that you will find to the right of this page....there are some good "tools and tips" for you to try...there is hope out just have to "find" it...

    Take care and good luck...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    Anon_2912 responded:
    Everyone is different in how they are affected by this aliment.

    The first thing my doctor say 4yrs ago was not to give into it. I haven't, I still work.

    For me being home was not helpful for my mind. Not saying it is easy but I do okay working.

    For me socializing at work keeps my mind off the pain & keeps me from obsessing over it.

    But like I said, that is just me.
    Anon_10089 responded:

    This can be a tough decision. Personally, I work part-time and I'm fortunate to have a low stress job. If I had to work full-time, I think my life would consist of going to work, then coming home and crashing until the next morning. So I could do it if I had to, but I'm thankful that I don't.

    On the other hand, I do agree with Anon 2912 that working can provide distraction from the pain. I get a bit too depressed if I'm at home too much (even though that's where I always want to be!). But I am also young and have had FM for my whole adult life so it's not like I've had a thriving career.

    You are newly diagnosed and you may start feeling better and stabilizing with new treatments. Work may become more doable again for you. Or maybe you could find something part-time, if that's what you want.
    jdhnay25 replied to Anon_2912's response:
    My doctors have said the same thing about me because of my personality. Staying at home is driving me crazy. I NEED to work. Staying at home is making me depressed.
    jdhnay25 replied to Anon_10089's response:
    When I was working full-time that is what my life consisted of with my career. I worked and came home and crashed. I had no social life because I needed lots of sleep to deal with the pain and to recover from work and on the weekends, I basically slept all weekend when I wasn't rushed to the ER for unbearable pain. So I'm thinking part-time maybe helpful for me. So far the treatment is working ok, but I'm still in a decent amount of pain and it's still interrupting my sleep and making me extremely irritable.
    Anon_2912 replied to jdhnay25's response:
    Even working part time is something.

    I am social bug so being home alone everyday WOULD drive me crazy...I tried not working for 6 months & it just depressed me even more and it seemed that my pain was more severe.

    I finally decided I needed to be around people so I went back to the rat race...

    Yes, I will come home and crash if it will just be me for the evening (husband travels & son is a senior in HS & works) so they are not always home in the evenings.

    Now, if either are home I make it a point to suck it up & spend time with them catching up or having dinner with them, talking about their activities as well as mine. My son is 18 and fixing to go out on his own (college) & he is at the "mom & dad might know what they are talking about" stage. He will ask questions about what he is fixing to face with college/work & paying his own bills (for his apt anyway). I would feel so guilty if I was not there for him to talk too.

    You see dad is not home much due to work. (Train engineer) so the heart to heart discussions fall on me, so did the "come to jesus meeting" when he would break protocol being a typical teenage son.

    I will refuse to let this aliment dictate my marriage or motherhood..
    CozyTime replied to Anon_2912's response:
    I was a corporate travel agent and meeting planner. I would plan the meetings all over the U.S. for up to 1000 people. Hotel rms A.V. Equipment , food blah blah and their flight. High stress as an in house agent working alone.

    I told my husband my time was done when the CEO's secretary wanted me to write 10 separate tkts for every hour flights and he's flying first class. It wasn't needed.

    I told her and her reply was to shake then bend over looking over the top of her glasses and in a now deep voice said " if John Doe wanted a band of dancing monkeys to greet him at the gate the would (she snapped)".........I looked up at her gave her a pleasant smile then looked over my glasses and heard my self say " Jane doe could you do me a favor and call me and tell me what flight he's on cause I REALLY want to see those monkeys. That's fantastic!" I then turned to my computer, thought I would have to do CPR on her, she was beet red and huffing up a storm. She turned and left and I picked up the phone and said I think 8 yrs is enough. Can I leave? My honey was so great he said " get outta there and start having some fun. So I did. I still laugh thinking about it. Which I could type the tone of her voice. Sooooo funny!!!!!!!
    CozyTime replied to CozyTime's response:
    Jdhnay25-- my reply was meant for you . I hit the wrong reply button. What can I say I had my eyes displayed today. That and a foggy mind
    An_243216 replied to Anon_2912's response:
    I'm always confused by your post. You say you tried 6 months not working, and it drove you crazy, but you have a son getting ready to leave the nest.

    My thought would be to spend all my time with my -sorry- baby boy, and go back to work after he's left for college.

    You say your a social bug. Couldn't you spend the brief days before he leaves the nest, not being so tired you have to "suck it up" while he talks over dinner with you? I don't even understand what "come to Jesus when he broke protocol." means. Could you explain? It might be something I could use.

    Anyway I hope your sleeping well enough that the "sucking it up" with your son aren't often and your feeling your best!

    Have you considered volunteer work, taking classes on subjects you like. It doesn't have to be for credit or some kind of recreation. Say joining a card club etc if you play? You would get to be that social bug and not have to interact around work but fun things you may have always wanted to try? ( and less stress more laughing . )

    That's the direction I went in and it was the most fun and really little stress. Well I'm just putting it out there as an idea, take care and keep fighting the battle.
    CozyTime replied to CozyTime's response:
    Brother let me try again. They dialated my eyes to chk the cataracs. Finally!! Sorry that simply sentence took so long to get out Jdhnay25.
    jdhnay25 replied to CozyTime's response:
    Well I have a part-time job now and a great boss who is willing to work with me about my hours. She works around my illness. I just hate having to call in and tell them I'm not coming because my body won't let me. It's a huge pay cut from what I was making before, but at least I'm still helping people and it's satisfying. I was teacher. I was making over 40k a year. Now I make under 10 bucks an hour. But I love my job. I just wish I could help my husband more with the finances. Since a lot of money will be going to my medical stuff since he's getting out of the Army.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    I didn't read all the responses above me, but I want to add my path here.

    I have worked all through this mess I am in. Re-invented the way I function and am watchful for muscles I use (not using any muscle group repetitively). I am a nurse in a Cardiology office now, I changed from the ICU as that was over the top for me to function in.

    Finding what you can do and be able to alternate actions in the day is a big key.

    I just spent a day doing a pre-certification for studies thing, the front desk is in a turnover so I am helping. Well you would think that being on the phone and sitting all day is "no big deal" WELL......I was a mess after.

    I needed a massage to be able to turn my head and the tight upper back from the posture I had in that chair got me.

    I am always up and moving and again, alternating muscles....a busy busy day. But see how repetative will not be good.

    You can try, and I would be behind you, it is the best distraction med to help put the pain on the back burner....but you need to get breaks and walk around, keep your arms in towards your body (as Dr P has taught help the neck)
    It will take time for the body to accomodate and strengthen to do it too. So prepare for a passage.....

    When I first had grandchildren I paniced here on the board, I knew I couldn't hold them it was too much for my neck. I used a boppy pillow and then in time I had her on my hip...then I was lifting her. YES I have pain after....but the time with them is important. BUT there is no doubt in my mind that my muscles have stregthened WITH that workout with them...I just jave to know the line not to cross and be careful.

    See if a modified work week can be done, see if you can be able to "switch it up " a bit during the day. I think doing the same thing all day is no good for anyone..........

    Man, I wish you luck, I am behind you though...Nancy B
    jdhnay25 replied to booch007's response:
    Thanks Nancy B. Now what exactly were you saying to do for the neck because that one is killer for me. My neck gets so stiff now. I can barely turn it from side to side. I guess it's from leaning down and reading so much when I'm tutoring. I only work 4- 6 hours max. And I've tried to break it down to only 14 hours max, but my neck and spine are killer for me now. Any suggestions?
    booch007 replied to jdhnay25's response:
    So this is REPETATIVE work.

    I would get a massage and see if they can get the muscles softer and more flexible. I can't tell you how many time the PM&R and chiropractor wanted me in a collar. I wouldn't do it as it would weaken the muscles as I rested on that foam.

    You need to watch your posture in the chair. Raise the book up (get a holder for it to be UP........) found at Barnes and Noble or on line.......

    Get up and walk around, use a thermacare patch to the neck during work to assist the feeling you have.

    When I am like that I get my injections (trigger point injections) but I have to say it is therapy not for the faint of heart.....OUCH, but it works. I am released and have good range of motion. A chiropractor good with necks may help too (If you trust them).

    heat, heat and more heat.....stretching the neck side to side..

    I love the girl who masages me right now, she has a gift. I think too the positive energy she gives through her hands is picked up by me also....

    Medicate before work with your muscle relaxer...if you get "goofy" or "woozy" get up early to pass that stage in the house and then move on to the job. This is how I started to get up at 5:20 in the the time I walk in the door I am up and ready for that med of distraction.

    BUT I warn you, if the job is will have to be inventful to get the mucles a break.....keep your body in allignment and "Never have the head turned for a long period to the client"...FACE THEM.....this was big with me. I have to turn the spirial chair I have to face my patient. NO HEAD TURNING for conversation or exam.

    OK, that is all I have I think. Good luck.........Hugs, Nancy B

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