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    Pain after eating whole body tried to end life
    poet4me posted:
    [TRIGGER] Greetings
    In March of 2010 I walked into my house and without any thought to what I was doing took a whole bottle of tylenol codeine. 36 hours later they found me unconscious and i was in ICU 10 days and a Psyche Facility over 30 days on my road to recovery. Without realizing it because I have been in pain for so many years and at that time felt things would never change just tried to die...stop the pain.

    My dilemma is musculoskeletal pain, headaches and fatigue after eating food...any food. I have done rotation diets to isolate foods to no avail. I go through good and bad cycles and this one now has been four months or pretty much hell. I have no pain in my stomach after eating but instead in my whole body. So much so at times that I feel like I am being pulled apart and in a sense i am.

    I am just putting this out there as I don't know where to turn or what to do. I have seen a pattern though. Whenever I get a cold or especially when I get the flu and the fever is 104 after it is over I feel reborn for about a week and then slowly this nightmare returns. At times I wonder how much more I can take. I mean I am only human and wonder how much more I can bare.

    dollbug responded:
    Hello and welcome....MiMi in NC....I am sorry that you are having to deal with so much....I think that we all do....there is always hope though...and you know...sometimes, I think I really have a lot of problems...and then I happen to hear or read about someone else who has so much more to deal with than I do....

    I do hope you have a good doctor and I hope that you will find something to help you feel is a process though...and sometimes it is difficult for the doctors to figure out how to treat us as well...perhaps you need to be on an anti depressant...I know that several years doctor thought that I was just depressed...although I had a lot of other health issues...I did try whatever the doctor gave me though....hoping that something would help me....and with time...we did address all of my health issues and I finally got to the point where I could cope was NOT an easy road though...

    Hang in here...I hope you will check out the info under "tips" and "resources" that you will find to the right of this sure and read the "sharing your toolbox" I am sure you will find some good "tools and tips" that perhaps you have not thought to try...

    We, FMers, must keep on keeping on ....until we find something that will help us cope better....

    I would like to encourage you to be sure and talk to your doctor about how you that they will know your situation....they can NOT help you...if they do NOT know...

    Take care and good luck...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    lb707 responded:
    Chronic pain is overwhelming and takes work to deal with. One of the things that has helped me was doing biofeedback and relaxation training with a Phycologist. It did not get rid of the pain but gives me some tools to go along with the meds and supplements.

    I understand the pain from eating. At least I do know which foods I am allergic to and the ones that cause me to be sensitive. I knew something was really wrong by the late 80's DX much later. By that time I had figured some of the food issue's but had a good allergist help with the rest.

    I still deal with a lot of anxiety even with all my tricks and use some meds. It has been a journey that you need a good Dr. to help you with.

    xperky responded:
    I've been having pain and fatigue after eating too. I doesn't matter what kind of food I eat, but it does matter how much food I eat. I'm finding small meals are easier for me.

    Do you get cold after eating as well? I've been having trouble with that lately. Today and yesterday I put a heating pad under my feet right after eating dinner, and I did a little better. I wonder if that might help with your pain after eating. A heating pad or heated throw, along with rest, right after eating. Who knows, we might be similar there.

    So sorry you have gone through such desperation. Hopefully you can find a method of enjoying eating again!
    With Compassion,
    DakotaWilsonFM responded:
    Hi Hun... I too have had trouble with eating and pain for a long time... mine first manefested itself in anorexia then belemia... then I had ulcers from over the counter pain killers... and lack of nutrition... now I have things wrong with my stomch associated with diabetis and anorexia and belemia... and with chronic fatigue and chronic pain... and i believe ms and fm... you can't be touched with illness without it touching your eating and appetite... I have been ill with anorexia and belemia for over 40 years... I still have the mentality that i should not eat or should binge to feel better... I still gain and loose weight till I can bust... and when I eat I am exhausted... I so don't want to go on so often... but I am on meds and counseling and they are working hard thru it all with me... and they can you too... just think lyou aren't the mess I am... I am turning 55 in May and have attempted to take my life as many times plus as I am old... I am not proud of it but I am proud to be fighting to stay alive now... and I am proud to be alive for each moment I am...

    I hope you feel better and find the strength you need to keep coming here and keep reacching out to your loved ones and others... For me it isn't easy but a necessity... and it is needed often more often then not...

    take care and may peace and love be with you...

    cannharp responded:
    Oh my goodness, I know just what you are feeling and what happened to you.
    I have had the ability (just barely) to stop myself from doing what you your body made you do.
    It is a struggle that sometimes I have to just get to the next minute to survive.
    But I am still here, thank God!
    TDXSP08 replied to dollbug's response:
    Mimi what in Gods name is "wrath if the dragon"

    is that what happens after a long night of drinking and try spicy mexican food?

    Is it the same as "praying to the porcelain god" like when you cant stop barfing"

    is it Ecoli 000a:157 poising from spinach caused by nature because we are feeding cattle a corn diet to fatten them up and they are not meant to eat corn.

    what is it i am clueless???
    angelswife replied to TDXSP08's response:
    We call Fibro the Dragon, as I'm sure you know. The wrath of the Dragon is our way of describing what it does to us. Humor goes a long way towards making thing brighter.
    katmandulou responded:
    Welcome to the community. I have nothing to offer right now, but I want to tell you that we're all here for the same reason - we have an illness that is real, every day, and that nobody understands, ever. Even our docs get frustrated. Know that you are among friends, and we care.
    TDXSP08 replied to angelswife's response:
    actually part of my email daddy is wrath it was once the password to get at my best friends personal papers should he die and i had to remember it , so i turned it into a e-mail addy.
    Locke_gb7 responded:
    Hello there, I found your post because i am experiencing the same thing, I have one question, have you had fluoroquinolone within few months before this first started?

    I was 2 years out of the fluoroquinolone antibiotic side effect nightmare, pain was moderate and well under controlled but then I developed the exact thing you mentioned, i cannot eat or drink anything without this pain. its atrocious.

    Have you had any answers from anywhere?
    crystalgreeneyes responded:
    I understand what you are experiencing. I also experience pain after eating. I have restricted so many items from my diet at this point that I barely know what to eat any more. Frankly, I feel better when I don't eat anything. Obviously, this is not a good thing.
    I do know this however, and perhaps it is something that you have been told but anxiety and stress will also increase your pain and cause nausea as well. I ate a piece of chocolate cake at my daughter's grad. and afterward I was in so much pain, I was in tears and nothing would alleviate this pain. But, I feel that there was something in that cake that caused the pain. Now I avoid sugar, gluten (in many products) MSG, and nightshades (tomatoes, red peppers etc.) Recently I went to a compounding pharmacist who told me that I was highly sensitive to palm oil which was in the Vit. D drops I was taking. When I switched to another brand, I had no problem.
    This sounds simple and you have said you have tried various diets. Have you been to see a naturopathic doctor? I know they can be very thorough and will investigate much more than your family dr. likely will. I would go to one myself but they are expensive and I can't afford it at this time.
    I started going to a chiropractor as well and I am noticing some improvement. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine said, "For all disease, look to the spine".
    I hope you find help. I have been where you are and have done the same thing in desperation. I have a caseworker coming to my dr's appt. with me next week as an advocate because she can clearly see how much I am struggling with finding the right help.
    Take care. I wish you well.
    harmon4 responded:
    Hello. I'm sorry for all your pain. I had the same thing happen several times. I only went to emergency once, so far. I was told to drink Gaterade with potassium, which has helped. Also i had to cut back on how much sugar I eat, which also helped. The more sugar I eat, the pain comes intensely. So try limiting sugar. Forf instance, eat a Nyquil cup of ice cream instead of a 8 ounce cup. Eat more fruit. Eat a quarter of a slice of cake instead of more. eat a third of a candy bar insteads of the whole and wrap the rest for later and do the same. While cutting back, drink only half a cup of soda. Maybe no caffeine. Also as the emergency doc suggested, drink Gaterade. I hope these help. I am no doctor. These are what is working at present with me. I used to drink Mountain Dew and had to give it up. Too much sugar and I didn't know if the caffeine was the problem. I haven't gone back since I don't knoe if it causes pain, the caffeine. I don't want to test it, so I will leave as is. Hope this helps. But work with your doctor. Take care.
    ryanchan replied to harmon4's response:
    Guys this is serious stuff. You are all I'll. I have the same thing and its not pretty and it doesn't go away.

    Good luck with drs but really you do need to find one that will experiment.

    Here's what they found out about me.

    1. Rare celiac disease. Treated with low dose if steroids.
    2. Hemochromatosis - Treated with phlebotomy
    3. Muscle cramping/tears/fibro/electrolyte imbalances - Treated with Magnesium IVs.

    Those are just the starting points. They still can't figure out why I can't eat certain foods/sugars etc.

    Looking into infectious diseases and the like to see if some pathology/virus/parasite/fungus or cancer is causing the weird reaction.

    Gotta rule out all the weird stuff too and all family genetics.

    Here's what I can set I suggest if you even want a portion of your normal life back you eat the following things.

    1. Pineapple
    2. Coconut Oil
    3. Rice Organic
    4.Organic Chicken
    5. Fish (No salmon or trout though)
    7. Ginger
    8. Bananas
    9. Only organic orange juice if you can tolerate it
    10. Sea Salt (no additives)

    That's it. You can't eat anything else. So give it a try if you want some quality of life back.
    An_254882 replied to harmon4's response:
    harmon4. A couple of weeks ago I found this site and I was in so much pain it would have been easier to give up than go on. I read your post and had my husband go get me some Gatorade. I drank it and it helped a little. Thanks for sharing that. After I'd read everyone's post I decided maybe it could be from not digesting my food. I then had my husband go get a raw papaya. It was green but I knew that green papaya was more healing for the stomach so I forced it down. Withing about 30 minutes I was so much better. It's been about 2 weeks and I'm pain free (mostly) I'm even able to walk better. My feet hurt so bad I hated to get up in the morning because they already hurt. My legs from my knees to the bottom of my feet hurt 24/7. I was diagnosed in 1980's with fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with Morton's Noroma (sp) and they wanted to do surgery but I had had all the surgery I wanted. I have tried everything. We even moved to the desert in hopes it would help. Now it's been 2 weeks with no pain. Last night when I went to bed I was fine except for a cold so I took a vitamin c pill. Within 30 minutes I had pain the same as before. I got up and ate a slice of raw papaya and the pain went away and this morning I'm fine again. I'm not a doctor nor do I want to prescribe anything for anyone else. This is just what is working for me (also gave up high fructose corn syrup). I just wanted to thank everyone who posted on here. I hope you find your answers soon. My help was so simple who would have thought it. I am so thankful. I've had this for 40 years and I can't believe I'm better. A papaya lasts me a week. Thanks again for these posts. I would have never made the connection to digestive problems without it.

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