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    SilverDove7 posted:
    Does anyone get headaches before a flare or during? I get a headache but yet its not like a headache...its like its deeper in the head and it also moves around. I am also wondering when any of you have fibro pain does it move around your body. Like you might have it in your upper back than pretty soon you feel it some where else.

    fibrostressd responded:
    I don't believe I've had a headache like that but I do get them in different spots, I do get muscle twitches that move around but they don't hurt. Make a note of your headaches & tell your doctor.
    I didn't realize it until I went to see a new doctor that I actually have migraines & I didn't realize it. Last July, the left side of my face went numb & eye & mouth was drooping. I went to the ER & after they ran all different kinds of test they told me it could have been a migraine which I didn't understand because I my head didn't hurt. However, now that I have seen this new doctor he explained it better to me. That I can have migraines with the actually pain and that when my left eye goes blurry that is could also be a migraine. When you have your headaches or notice anything different write down what happens & for how long & that will help out your doctor. That is what my dr suggest I do since with fibro fog I could not remember certain things.
    Also, I can also have a pain say in my hip & then next my hand or wrist starts with stabbing pain or it could be multiple places at a time. I can get the bruise feeling type spots in different places also, without even hitting anything. I had one spot start while I was setting in bed & next thing I felt was like someone just frogged my arm with all they had. Just the wonderful thing about fibro, you never know what is coming next.
    Take care
    "When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on." ~ Thomas Jefferson
    Randm2220 replied to fibrostressd's response:
    I have headaches everyday. They are worse during a flare. My headaches move around too.

    Fibro pain moves around in me too. My DH totally understands what I am saying when it happens. He knows that with each day it can move around. Just another fun thing about the beast. A surprise every morning.

    While we are talking about this, does anyone ever feel like their hair is hurting?
    fibrostressd replied to Randm2220's response:
    Yes at times it feels like my hair does hurt. I leave it down while i am at home even thou it drives me crazy to, don't even fix my hair anymore I just pull it up in a loose ponytail.

    Another question, was does DH stand for?
    Randm2220 replied to fibrostressd's response:
    I leave my hair in loose pony tail too or just leave down. Sometimes a loose barrett.

    DH stands for dear husband.
    dollbug replied to Randm2220's response:
    Hello....MiMi in NC...I wanted to comment on your post....sometimes the very top of my head will get really sore....almost like it is bruised...very touchy...

    I sleep in a recliner on I have no idea what might cause this...

    Mine is not the hair....though...

    Just thought I would mention this..


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..

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