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    Itching and burning.
    SilverDove7 posted:
    Does anyone experience itching and burning. Its not there all the time. The itching seems to be more on the shins of my legs especially the left one. I have experienced that for quite sometime...even before i was diagnosed with fibro. Now the itching seems to be spreading here and there...thighs, arms. Also I experience burning under my left arm near my arm pit and it seems to spread at times to. All this seems to never stay long or in one spot. I use cortizone 10 ointment for itching on my legs. It seems to help. Is this part of fibro?
    zuezz responded:
    Yes .......... I'm wondering if it's part of fibro as well !
    DakotaWilsonFM responded:
    I have the same problem... My dr says it is the oxycodone I am on... But I have been on it a long time and it wasn't happening until I was diagnosed with FM..

    I tried getting info on line about it a while back and found nothing... just maybe a reaction to meds... But I am not so sure... I can go a long time with out my meds to see if it goes away and it just doesn't... what can I say...

    If you find out anything... let us know... and if I find something I will surely let you know... take care...

    love... Jan/Dakota
    fibrofran17 replied to DakotaWilsonFM's response:
    I believe it's the same as restless legs syndrome travelling all over the body. It's the nerves, not the skin, topical applications do nothing. I call it the creepy crawlies and its fibro related.
    georgia888 responded:
    I've had a chronic rash since last January. It affects my back, arms, & legs. I think the itching is worse than pain! I read where acupuncture has been used on rashes so I visited an acupuncturist nearby my home. I was amazed when after only two visits my rash disappeared! As you all know, this alternative treatment is very expensive so I stopped after the third visit. Guess what - the rash returned with a vengence. At $50 a visit, I just can't continue this treatment indefinitely.

    Ointments do nothing for me nor do antihistimines.

    I do believe this is part of the fibro. A skin rash is considered to be an auto-immune condition, one of many that fibro can co-exist with.

    If I played & won the lottery, I would continue with the acupuncture.

    booch007 replied to georgia888's response:
    Georgia ,

    I get a rash when I am exposed to gluten. It gets my heart rate up, I get a restless sense to myself and parts of me itch....

    Chemical sensitivity and food sensitivity is part of OUR sensitivities with FM. Sound can effect us and light.....we are just a senstive group.Italian could say ( F R A J I L E Y) Fragile!

    I am sorry you are having no reponse to regular care. I do use cortisone cream preps to control the immune system when I have been contaminated with gluten.....(as recently with the baking I did)

    It heps to journal the before and result in a book to see if you can figure out the trigger for it. I am SO atttuned to my body now. Most of my symptoms can be found linked to a cause I created.

    So, i hope you can get yourself in a better place and sorry for the $$ of naturopathic medicine but blame conventional medicine....they often don't let them in.

    My insurance does cover some things, but the practitioner doesn't GET INVOLVED IN THE MESS of fighting insurance for payment.

    Best of luck to feel better....Nancy B
    georgia888 replied to booch007's response:
    Thank you for your input, Nancy. I, too, am very in-tune with my body yet trying to figure out what's triggering my rash is maddening. I often think that it's nothing more than an auto-immune Fibro-related symptom. Regardless, the itching is also maddening & relief seems unattainable.

    Although my insurance covers a portion of the acupuncture, I have to pay a $50 copay, which adds up quickly.

    I'm tempted to return to the acupuncturist just to see if that indeed did "cure" the rash & if so, maybe try to work with their office in finding a feasible fee. It never hurts to ask.

    Thanks again,
    crystalscats responded:
    Hard to fall to sleep tonight and back up again, as I have the burning and itching on my shins and knees tonight. I don't take any narcotics or opiates so that can't be my problem. My doc said it is part of the FMS and many of his patients complain of the same thing. So don't think we are the only ones! LOL
    georgia888 replied to crystalscats's response:
    I, too, can't lay blame on any drugs as I only take aspirin. Although, aspirin or anything for that matter can cause a rash but I have to agree with your doctor. It does help to know that we're not alone with these symptoms. It takes a community such as this one to learn all about this as my doctors seem to be somewhat ignorant on the subject of FMS.
    Bellagirl31 responded:
    SilverDove7 I am covered in scars on my arms, legs, stomach, and chest from the itching and burning which seems to get worse in flare ups. It is part of the FM according to my specialist. I am healing quite well now but I live in Texas and in May the heat index was almost 100 and I am in long sleeves. UGH. I found for me that worked was natural shea lotion with pure Eucalyptus oil. It is soothing and helps promotes healing of the skin. My doctor has been telling her other patients about it and they love it as well.
    katmandulou responded:
    Could you be allergic to something? Maybe one of your meds? I hope you find relief soon!
    kenedal responded:
    It has just started the last few weeks. Idont have any 'wandering pain ' elsewhere. It seems worse after a lot of walking. It gets better if I rub alcohol, or a raw cucumber or use antiinflammatory cream.. There is no sign of a rash or bite.

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