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    Tuesday **6/19/2012 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...where I again woke up much too early this morning...I am still having issues here...can't wait until the end of the month when I hope the doctor will figure out what is going on with me...I hate being sick on my stomach...but I am glad that it comes in spells and is not 24/7..

    I do hope your Monday started off well...and I hope today will be a better day for us all. The weather here is going to get hot again...but with summer just around the corner...this is expected...It has not been as hot as I was thinking it might be...not yet any way...

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group....I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better...there are no quick fixes to dealing with the wrath of the it does take time and effort to figure out just what the body needs...learn all you can though and you can start right here with lots of information and support...just remember that what helps one person may or may not help would probably be safe to say it takes a combination of *tools and tips* that work together to make a difference in how you feel.

    Again I do want to remind everyone about getting your Vitamin D level checked...I am reading still a lot about what medical researchers are finding out concerning this little vitamin and just how it can affect a lot of people...the information is so what conflicting...but really no more so than other things as well...I am not sure that they even do enough trials on anything these days to know just how something may or may not affect some many things are reported....but as for me....well...I share the experience that I have had...and I do know that it made a big difference for me.

    I hope each of you will have a little to no pain day...enjoy the sunshine if you the warmth always make a difference for me..


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning all.

    Shaking off the morning pain has become an art. Pills, stretches heat and "a vodoo" dance I think. Then looser and better...... (silly I know)

    Yesterday I had for the first time a DAY OFF, no doctors, no projects and no list that I had to follow....I sat and played computer games in the sun (got my D naturally) I also want some color to return to work...

    Got some sad news from DS#1...his Aunt in law is passing from colon cancer and I was needed to run fast over to watch the girls for the evening and night. TOO Much on top of the party I had, really hurt today! But his Aunt in law is MY AGE, she is only 58 and had what she thought was IBS until it was diagnosed as bowel cancer and it had spread to the liver.

    We so have to be on top of check ups and keeping a close eye on symptoms, not to blame the dragon for all we feel. Health is a tricky guy, he must be watched and protected....

    So I see this passing in a week or so, and they were so looking for a miracle as she (like me) has little new grandchildren that she will not know now. It hits home when it is your age......

    Today I am on the last vacation day until the wedding, and I will use it for SUN and laundry....specifically ironing. I will pace Mimi, I promise!. Meds have helped already,today WILL BE A GOOD DAY.

    Hoping you too can shake it off and move abit and get a day of joy in something fun! Find something beutiful to see*

    Have a good day. Mimi I hope you get this figured out are dealing with it too long! Hugs to all, Nancy B
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Tuesday, the last day of spring 2012 to everyone. Here's wishing each of you a wonderful today. And I hope that it's one that is fibro pain and issue free.

    It's going to be really hot here today with no chance of rain to cool us down. I have a 10 o'clock ENT 6 month recheck appointment and now am glad I have an early day appointment so I can be back in before it gets really hot out there.

    MiMi, sorry you woke up earlier than you like and that you are still dealing with stomach issues.

    NancyB, sorry to hear about your son's aunt in law. It is a surprise to hear she had colon cancer and so far advanced as most doctors now will not say IBS without a colonoscopy, endoscopy, ultra sounds and blood work first. I have gotten the IBS DX year after year and always have to go in for exams and so many tests as the doctors, each time, just don't assume it's IBS that's got me down. I even have a recheck on the 25TH to see if the medication for IBS has worked, I stopped taking it, but will go because it's important to follow these things up.

    Angelswife, I went out yesterday to three local stores here where I live and zippo, Nada, nothing even close to what I'd like to send you to use as a match for the cap. I am going to try the next city up tomorrow ( I could end up even up as far as Nashville if I can't find what I want. )and see if one of their stores has a yarn close to what I have in mind to match the cap's color. It's the prettiest blue I've ever seen and I just want the yarn I buy to be close in color and soft and fuzzy because it's going to be used in the Fall not winter time. Ugh, I hate those words, winter time. But know I am working on getting the yarn so I can get it to you.

    As for today's appointment I'm really lucky as all the doctors I have to see every 6 months or so will be within 1 mile from from my house now. ( I could walk to most, if of course our city had sidewalks.) The county hospital is less than a mile away and 2 of my doctor's offices are attached next to it. : ) Makes it really easy for me now. The rest of my doctors a are within blocks of the hospital. This city has been built around the hospital and it's doctors. I liked having all my doctors from Vanderbilt, felt comfortable with that, 2 here are, but the long drive both ways to go to see all of them was nuts, so just had to get all new local doctors here.

    As I said this is a short post as I have to get up and get ready to head out the door. Wishing each of you a good day with little to no fibro issue or pain(s) and nice weather outside to enjoy feeling well with.

    Gentle hugs going out to each of you, Linda R.
    crazytaurenswife responded:
    Good morning

    I'm just on for a minute (as usual, lately lol). It's my very last volunteer morning of this school year and my last one ever if I get hired as a library assistant at the high school. I've been in a bad flare since about 5 am Sunday morning. I think I'll just stay at the library for an hour or so. If I go in, I'll be doing inventory and it should be just enough movement to get me going. I've got an assignment due in a few days and I'm considering asking my instructor for an extension. She knows I have FM and she has all my information from the disability resource center, so I think it would be ok. I hate doing that, but this flare has really hit me hard. I think it's probably from stress and me being so sick not too long ago. I'm just surprised it's taken this long to kick in.

    That's enough whining from me for one day!

    MiMi - I hope your tummy issues will be cured soon. You must be feeling awful

    Nancy B. - I'm so sorry to hear about your son's aunt I've lost two grandfathers and a great grandmother to cancer. It's always hard no matter what the person's age is. My Oma's husband also put off going to the doctor to get thoroughly checked out. By the time he went, the stomach cancer had spread to the point there wasn't anything they could do for him. ~hugs~

    Linda R. - I hope you can find the yarn you want soon. I've found a few stores here in town that sell yarn. Every time I see yarn in a store I want to go look through it all. It annoys DH almost as much as when he comes in the public library with me (I start reshelving books when I find them in the wrong places lol).

    angelswife - *hugs* You're getting closer to being healed every day Can't wait til the day you post that your casts are off for good.

    I hope you're all having a great day today. It was raining when I woke up this morning, but the sun is supposed to come out at some point. I hope it'll be soon - DS15 is on a field trip to the water slides.

    ~air hugs~

    rudyandirmouse replied to crazytaurenswife's response:
    Jessi, I hope your flare eases up and that you feel better soon.
    I am sure your instructor will give you some leeway on your paper.

    I have my fingers crossed for you getting the job as assistant librarian.

    After I got my ENT appointment done I went to walmart and Hobby Lobby as stores of last resorts looking for the yarn and again, , nothing. I am getting depressed.

    On the high side tho I got weighted at the ENT's office and I have dropped another 2 pounds in 2 weeks so the weight from using Gabapentin and the IBS medicine is coming off nicely. I stopped the one 4 weeks ago and the other 3 weeks or there abouts. I knew from taking the Gabapentin twice a day from talking to the Rheumy that most of my weight gain was fluid/ side effect swelling and I was holding water. Was also told that the IBS medication was causing the same retention. So I knew at least 7 pounds was from one and the IBS medication also causes weight gain and I put on 10 pounds from that over the past year or so using it. The diet helped a lot as well.

    I am down to 123. My regular weight in the summer without the pills but eating wheat, dairy and all things fattening and fried was 127 so am seeing a Hugh difference now with NOT eating as I had.

    Gotta love that. If I can get down to 118 @ 5'2 with a small frame and bones I'll be very happy. Had been in a size 6 now am in a 4. Most of the weight is coming off my middle, so I wonder with my small frame where the weight will stabilize at. My ENT doctor who's known me 19 years says I look great so it's a good thing.

    Feel better and have a good rest of the day. Linda R.
    Randm2220 responded:
    Up early as usual..... Pain is so intense in the morning. It takes me a few hours to shake it off. Familiar story amongst us fibro mites.

    After working off the morning pain I did my favorite thing, my time with God. Then the work began! I am doing some dry wall work. I taught myself to tape and mud and since we recently put up some dry wall, that's what I worked on. Sanded and sealed our new cedar baseboards for the bathroom. I love the natural cedar look. Hit the yard after that. We have a pretty steep hill in the back yard and I want some steps going down. If anyone is going to fall down the hill it will be me, so I started those. Doing them a little at a time since it is in hard Georgia clay. Did some nice sweating. (I love to sweat! Gets all the bad stuff out of your body.) moved on to some thatching after that. Easy work that I could sit down for. We have some brown patches in our grass and the thatching gives the grass some place to take root.

    After that it was shower time and dinner to start. Busy day for me. My DH works nights so we eat dinner early. After DH leaves I relax on the couch and rest. Usually watch a movie or turn on comfort tv.

    I hope this day finds everyone relatively pain free and happy.

    teelady1 responded:
    Good Tuesday afternoon!

    Yikes! Another 90 degree day with high humidity! Not my kind of weather - increased aches & pains today.
    The heat spell is supposed to break later in the week - I sure hope so! Bring back those 70-80 degree days with low humidity!

    I do think I sleep better with the AC on in the house. Fairly good sleep last night.

    I'm crocheting a baby blanket for a shower gift. The shower is on July 7. I had hoped to maybe make 2 blankets. Better get busy. Guess what I'll be doing tonight while watching TV?

    Wishing everyone a great afternoon with little or no pain - and good sleep tonight!
    mnjeepguy responded:
    The weather is insane right now. We had several very heavy downpours off and on since this afternoon, and it is still going strong at almost 8 PM. My property is safe as is most of our town from flood problems.

    One of my best friends lives in town with a creek between his house and the street. Many years ago someone built a heavy steal bridge anchored to a huge tree. The whole thing went down the creek. I swung loose once 14 years ago but the teather kept it from floating away. Not this time. They are talking 2-4 more inches of rain tonight.

    I am not the best today with the wet weather and 2 hard days of work. I count my blessings, and wait for my appt. on Wednesday.

    Mimi, I pray you feel better soon.
    Nancy, I'm sorry to hear the bad news.

    To the rest of the gang, take care, If I don't post tomorrow I floated away.

    jillylin responded:
    Hi everyone,
    topping up my vitaminD levels as we finally have some sun here. Just wish I could get some sleep . Moving better with the warmer weather though but the bad side is I tend to overdo things as a result and then bang, pain levels go through the roof.
    Hope everyone is as well as they can be.
    Jilly in the UK
    jillylin replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy B,
    how sad. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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