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    Air conditioning cause flares ?
    painfullyexhausted posted:
    Well, I already wrote a long blog about this and submitted it, saw it posted for a few seconds, now it's gone. I'll get straight to the point. Does anyone notice more flares with being in an air conditioned place for long periods of time, like several days or weeks like from home to work and back home. The cold always makes my body miserable but I' m thinking with the air my body is reacting as if it's cold weather. Any advise ????
    painmemoirs responded:
    Yea, thats actually how I started noticing how bad my pain was.. I was doing overnight stocking & whenever on the grocery side, the cold side of the store; My body would tense & stiffen up, & shoot pain through each & every limb, every joint it felt like. Now, I'm not able to work but when I'm anywhere I bring a cardigan or something cus central air is everywhere in the South, always on blast. In my own room, I only crack my vent occasionally. Usually keep it closed, sometimes open my door if it gets too warm. Hot showers loosen me up alot.
    Randm2220 responded:
    I will have to pay attention to this. I never thought about it. We keep our house pretty warm and I don't go out much. Makes sense.
    painfullyexhausted replied to painmemoirs's response:
    Thank you, I appreciate the input
    Iwillfeelgood responded:
    You are absolutely right. Any cold environment from AC or winter does make it worse for me. I have to wear winter clothes to work in the summer cause they crank up the AC and the ducts run right under my desk. I wear wool socks, tights, boots, long sleeved blouses and always have a sweater or jacket. I also keep a heavy scarf with me in case I get somewhere with an overhead vent or ceiling fan blowing on my head.
    whythepain responded:
    I have the same problem. I have to have a sweater with me at all times. It is especially bad at work because the vents are right over my shoulders.
    Iwillfeelgood replied to whythepain's response:
    Hi, whythe pain. I had that same problem in our old building. The facilities crew taped up the vent over my desk.
    Livewithoutpain responded:
    I have to sit outside most days when the air is on because I get way to cold and stiff. The heat makes me very tired, but I would much rather be tired than sore. I am also finding that I cannot be in one position for too long no matter where I am at.
    lngstandingpain responded:
    Air conditioning does not bother me unless it is directed towards me. It used to bother me when it was right over my head at work. Luckily, I am now retired. I cannot stand the extreme cold nor the extreme heat, however, as it could result in a flare-up.
    Anon_2912 responded:
    I guess not any different then those saying the FM is worse with the heat & humidity.

    Many are intolerant to all types of weather with FM or not. I would not classify it as FM related.
    napl60 responded:
    had horrible flare yesterday when ac was kicked up due to our increase in hot weather here in san diego..ouch
    jamh14 responded:
    Absolutely!! I have always hated air conditioning, it makes me tighten up and everything ache, I have fibromyalgia. When we have to have ours on Im dressed in sweats while the rest of my family is in shorts and tank tops or tee's. I try and avoid really cold places, stores are the worst. Stay away from the vents that blow cold air.
    jayne222 responded:
    I agree with your theory of excessive air conditioning. Have a friend with MS-severe, her heat dis-regulation is much like my heat dis-regulation with Fibro. Coupled with menopause, it can be a tricky thing. Keep your shoulders warm when in & out of too much cold air, it has helped me. Do not allow too much cold air to sweep across your neck either. I wish you SO well - JK

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