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    Littlefox77 posted:
    Hello Fellow Fibros.,
    I have a question, one that I have been thinking about for a few days now.
    As far as you can remember, how many of you had a Forcip birth.
    I remember that years ago my mom told me that the doctors had to us forcips on me when I was born. She says that my head was so smashed and bruised that they had to put a cap on my head as to not worry her so much.
    I am just trying to see if there may be a slight connection.
    I hope you guys don't mind letting me know.
    I hope that you all have fun and safe plans for the Fourth.
    NotWorldly responded:
    I was born in l944 and it seems that forceps delivery was the norm; maybe because it saved the doctor time ? Now have Fibro., some Chiari I malformation (makes Fibro symptoms), have a nervousness and jaw clenching, and other problems. Still got good grades in school, but have had insomnia all my life. Also have cervical spinal problems as well as DJD. Was born in Bethesda, Maryland.
    Littlefox77 replied to NotWorldly's response:
    It is good to meet you. I hope that you are having a low pain day and you are keeping cool in the heat.
    I was born in 1958.
    I too have anxiety, nervousness and clench my teeth, I have a mouth guard but can't sleep with it so I don't wear it.
    You sound like me as far as sleep problems go, and have spine curve and backward neck.
    It is interesting about the forcep burths.
    I am praying for our health.
    I use to live in Bowie when I was a young girl.
    Take care
    DublinGirl responded:
    Hi Michele, good question. I was born in Dublin in 1971 and my mother told me that the nurse pushed my head back "in" as the Doctor had gone for his tea! when I was eventually born, after dinner some time I imagine, I developed problems with my spine and hips and was in hospital for some time. I've had chronic headaches and had my jaw readjusted when I was in my teens. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago with FM.

    It will be interesting to see some more comments on this.

    Littlefox77 replied to DublinGirl's response:
    Good to meet you Rachael.
    It is just terrible what doctors put us through.
    You were so young, at 8.
    So sorry to hear about all you have been through.
    I pray that you have a great low pain Wed.
    with love Michele
    fibrofran17 responded:
    Hi LittleFox, I was born in 1950, NY. I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck AND was breach (wrong side up or down lol) that's my story. My neck has a curve, killer pain, carpal tunnel, fibro, etc. etc. Unfortunately, we can't go back UP the shute and come down right, have a great day, whatever that means for you. Happy 4th, fibrofran
    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    I was born in 1960. My twin brother and I were born two months early. I was 3 pounds and 3 ounces, and he was 3 pounds and 4 ounces. My mother never mentioned if the doctor used forceps or not. I know we has to stay in the hospital a long time before we were released to come home.

    Have. Safe and fun 4th of July! Debbie
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    Littlefox77 replied to fibrofran17's response:
    Hi Fran,
    I am glad that you made it, sounds like your breathing may have been cut off. I was also born in NY. I just find it interesting that we all have similar problems.
    Have a safe fun 4th.
    Littlefox77 replied to debrabrooks1960's response:
    Hello Debbie,
    You both had such low birth weight.
    Thanks for answering my post.
    I think it is interesting who we all have similar problems, including problem births.
    Hope you have a safe and fun 4th.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    My birth was not a difficult one and I still have FM.

    But discussions like these are always interesting. I know we're all looking for those common threads to provide us with clues as to cause. I know I do too.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    fibrofran17 replied to Littlefox77's response:
    Hi Littlefox, LOVE your Doggie!!!!
    I never thought about that, thanks, about the breathing cut off??
    hmmmmmm, Be well and enjoy, Fibrofran
    maryalc responded:
    Hi Michele. I was born in 1943 in Cleveland. As far as I know a normal birth. Never heard of any type of trauma or forceps. I have had Chronic fatigue and FM for over 30 years. Was much worse, and am now pretty good, but still have symptoms.
    jennagale76 responded:
    I was born in 1976 in Canton, OH. My mom said forceps weren't used on me. Very interesting subject!
    greenwitch68 responded:
    Interesting question-
    I was born in 1968 normal birth. However as a toddler I was always falling down( more so than the average 2-3 year old) and lumping up my head. My Mom used to say my brain couldn't keep up with my feet!
    Kath G

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