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    goredbirdsgo posted:
    I've been having a lot of trouble with itchiness lately. Two nights ago I went to bed & was doing my relaxed breathing (iwas very relaxed) when suddenly I became very itchy. My chest, arms, & legs became itchy & it got very intense. More intense then I have ever experienced it before. It was this kind of deep burning itchiness that intensified. It felt like I was under attack by invisible fire ants & my skin was melting off. It became so painful that I couldnt lay my arm down on the couch or touch my arm at all, if my skin came in contact with anything it seemed to make it worse. I lathered on a lot of unscented body lotion which really didn't do anything. Anit-itch creams make me more itchy. I had to sit with my arms held above my head until the sensation eased up & I could finally retire to bed. I seem to get the itchy symptom periodically but it is completely random although it usually happens at night.
    My questions are:
    Does anyone else experince this burning itchy sensation?
    Have you found or heard of anything that can help?
    Thank you very much!!!
    teelady1 responded:
    I do get very itchy every once in a while. Mostly my hands, legs and feet - and it does always seem to be worse at night. No rash or anything - just itching like crazy!

    Once had a discussion with my Dr about it and he gave me a prescription for an antihistamine to take at night. It did seem to help the itching and made me a little drowsy so I could sleep better.

    When I've had the itching spells, they seem to last about 4-7 days and then goes away about as fast as it started - out of the blue.

    I hope you find relief soon!
    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Dear Goredbirdsgo,
    I have the same problem. It is like a very bad sunburn that itches. I feel like I am burning from the inside out. I jump into a cold shower and let the water run over me. I will scatch myself if I am not careful from the itching. Do not use lotion of any kind. It only holds the heat in and makes it worse. Sometimes I will get a bowl of ice water and dip a wash cloth in it and hold it to my skin. But the cold shower works best. I have not found anything that helps other than the cold shower. But the condtion still has to run it course. My happen only at night. I can feel the heat coming from my body when it happens and my skin turn blood red. My doctor said mine was a side effect from a cholestrol medicine I was taking. I stopped the medicine but I still had an episode after stopping the med. Goood luck. I hope this info will help.

    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    fibrofran17 responded:
    Hi Gore, had to respond, YES out of the blue this last week the creepy crawlies, i call them, came on bad....I tried everything you did, finally took an antihistamine and it helped which tells me "something" is kicking off the "allergic response" but God only knows what?? I keep changing soaps, powders, then do nothing,
    it is under the skin, like in the blood stream, and moves around. This week I got it places I never had before, you can imagine!! I haven't changed meds in awhile so it's not that. this round of it scared me cause it hit in my armpits and I'm not sure if it's related to lymph nodes?? If I figure something else out will let you know, you do the same please and if you can take an anti-histamine to see if it helps? best wishes, fibrofran
    jennagale76 replied to fibrofran17's response:
    I itch like crazy mostly on my back and shoulders, but also my legs, scalp and armpits. I've tried all the anti itch lotions to no avail. I bought a back sctratcher and I'll lie in a cool bath or take a cool shower. It only happens at night as well, and it's much worse in colder months. I'm gonna try an antihistimine next time.
    fibrofran17 replied to jennagale76's response:
    jenna, thanx for answering, you relieved my mind in that you get the itchies in the armpits too. I forgot to mention that I figure it's the nerve endings doin their thing from the fibro, moving around all the time just like the pain does. my episodes seem to get worse with bouts of sweating, which relates back to our temperature sensitivity, take good care, fibrofran
    goredbirdsgo replied to teelady1's response:
    Thats interesting I havnt heard of taking an antihistamine for it. I will bring it up with my doctor the next time I have an apt. thanks!
    goredbirdsgo replied to debrabrooks1960's response:
    Thanks for sharing that I didnt know what lotions did to the skin. I've tried several different kinds but you're right it does just make it worse. I will try the cold water instead.

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