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    Back pain is so bad right now
    clkwc1964 posted:
    Hey FMily,

    My back pain is at an all time high since 10 yrs ago and is really hanging on. I am taking myofascial release treatments with a chiropractor. It seems to me that it is aggravating my back pain. Maybe it is just my imagination. It seems like every time I decide to try something new I just get worse and worse. I am really frustrated with this FM. This treatment is costing a lot of money and if it isn't going to help I really do not want to waste my money. Just really do not know what to do. Cat:0)
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Cat....MiMi in NC....I am also having major back issues....I have been in therapy now for over a month...and I do not think it is helping me either....the muscle stimulator does help the pain for a while...they put this on me for 20 minutes....I talked to the therapist on Monday and she said that I probably need to schedule another appointment with the doctor...perhaps I need to try something else...she asked me if I had injections yet...don't know if they will help or not...I have not tried that.

    It seems like it is one thing after another for me...always something else to deal with. do you think your job is making a difference for you with your back?

    I know that I started with the right side and then messed up the left side a couple of Sundays ago...that did not help me at then I was dealing with my entire back being a problem...I do use the Stopain Spray about every day and it does help for a while.

    I hope you find something soon also.

    Take care and good luck.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    clkwc1964 replied to dollbug's response:

    Yeah I think my desk positioning, computer, etc is making the back worse than ever. Not really sure what I can do about it though. The chiropractor told me the pain in my neck could be from looking down a lot. I really cannot do much about this cause I have to look down to do my job and also many other tasks. I guess years and years of doing so has taken its toll. The chiropractor more or less told me my body was a mess and would take a while to get straightened back out. I just hope my money, patience and body can hold out long enough to get to the end result of feeling better. Not really sure if I can afford it for the long haul. Just really wanting to feel better and not real sure why all of a sudden my back has taken a turn for the worse.

    I so agree with you though. If it isn't one thing it is another and I am physically, emotionally, and mentally spent. I love working but it is taking its toll on me also. I feel like I cannot win either way. I am quite unhappy when I am not working. But the pain is worse when I do work and it really has a bad effect also. It isn't fair we have to make such hard choices but noone ever said life was fair. For now I have chosen to deal with being in more pain and keep working. Hopefully I can find a balance someday soon though. I may decide in the end to work part time instead of so many hours and this could be a good solution for me.

    My back issues seem to be in cervical and lumbar spine and they take turns being the worst pain lol. Right now the cervical spine is the worst. I think the chiropractor may have done something that helped the lumbar spine cause it was definitely the worst before. Pray that my money lasts long enough for me to get some positive results. With Christmas coming I am afraid it will be slim pickings at this rate. I am working to see the chiropractor lol. Take care and thanks Hope your back gets to feeling better. Cat:0)
    sp2001 replied to clkwc1964's response:
    Hi there, I'm sorry your in so much pain =( I was reading your post & you sound a lot like me; Up until I was laid off 2 years ago, I also suffered working at my desk. Dr's had mentioned, posture, looking down, etc too. I finally got an MRI that revealed Cervical Spinal Stenosis. I'm 33 and have had neck pain since I've been a teenager. Now I know why.

    Have you had or asked for an MRI on your neck/upper back? I know there can be lots of different issues with the back, but it sounds like it would be worth it to have it checked. Hope you have a better day!
    clkwc1964 replied to sp2001's response:
    I have had an MRI which showed narrowing between c4 and c5 and 2 bulging discs also. My chiropractor told me there is strain on the neck muscles from looking down while working all day. Not too much that can be done about this because it is a necessary evil. Sorry you are so young and with so many problems. My ill health did start in my thirties but now at almost 50 it has really gone south. I just keep on trucking and hope I can for a long time to come in spite of pain. Good luck and God bless you. Cat:0)
    sp2001 replied to clkwc1964's response:
    I thought you sounded like me LOL! I hear you about the strain from looking down, it's like an invisible string is pulled down your back.
    It is scary being young with these problems, but I'm trying different things to help and educating myself. Plus, this community helps with tips, advice, support, etc. Everyone has been great! I still have "woe is me" moments (totally normal), but I can move on faster than before.

    I hope your having a much better day today and thank you for your kind words
    Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting 'Holy sht! What a ride!' ~Hunter S. Thompson

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