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    cold and FM and RA
    jmorr posted:
    Good morning all.
    I really enjoy this site and hope that i dont sound like a pest. I have posted a few responses to some people and started new conversations as i just love this site....i have found alot of wisdom and insight and realize that i am not alone either....I dont know where everyone is from, but i live in Utah. And now that its october, its getting way cold here. I dont know about the rest of you but for me, the cold hurts. I used to love it, now i cant stand it as it seems that every nerve and bone in my body aches....and i wear longjohns the whole winter...with the arthritis, as well, its just a double wammy.....and some days i just cant seem to get warm even when the weather is nice...whats up with that? Just wondering how you all deal with cold and have any tips....I also have a space heater, but man, those things really raise my power bill...but ive noticed when im cold, im in more pain.....this fm and ra stuff is a thrill.....and the other night me and my grandbaby went for a walk and started to run alittle and i fell....God, i couldnt get up and i felt to young to be old....and besides that it scared me. I just have to face getting older but in my mind, im still in my 20' 53 to deal with the mind games? my mind is not as sharp and i forget alot of things and sometimes when i speak i cant formulate my words. i can think about what i need to say but when i go to say it, it takes a minute to formulate the word.....isnt life fun? I just love it!!!! (sarcasam works well for me) Well all, i hope you have a great day and like me, try to find something that makes your day a little more bearable.....
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Nope you are definitely not a pest... It is wonderful to see such interest and help... you are definitely a blessing here... thru you I have begun to open up more again... I am a hermit at heart... lol... hard to hermitize here lol... I have enjoyed reading your posts... keep coming and dont think yourself a pest... I use to post a lot and then illness from my combined illnesses had me too weak to even sit and read here... I so missed the companionship... I greatly missed the support...

    You are a wonderful addition to our family and it has been great getting to know you...

    take care... love... Jan/Dakota
    jmorr replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
    Aww, that is so nice. I feel at home here. And i really hope that my words do help. Sometimes its so easy to get caught up in the negative and be so depressed about it all. And believe me, i have my days....but since moving in with my daughter and her hubby and grandbaby, my mood has changed tremoundously...I lived alone before, and i know that my depression was way worse. And like you, i can only sit or stand for a couple of hours at a time....I work from home and sit in front of a computer for 6-8 hours and i have to get up and take frequent breaks...but FMLA helps me so i dont lose my job.....I hope that you will continue to speak and not "hermitize". I know that talking to people is very theraputic. And i have read your posts. You sound like a very kind and compassionate person. Dont lose site of that. And thanks so much for your very kind words. I will continue to read and support this community. After all, we are all worth it, we all deserve love and companionship and i am not here to judge anyone EVER!!! Have yourself an awesome day!!!
    lovelyangel36312 responded:
    I only recently found out about this site.I have had fibromyalgia for over 3 years.I don't have any support system to go to,so I feel like I am alone in dealing with this.My healthy friend's try tell me all the time my pain is in my head and maybe a good therapist would be good for me.At this moment it is exciting to find out I am not alone ,that there are other's out there with Fibromyagia and I can get support and understanding when I am having a bad day.It get's very frustrating when people do not understand what your going thru.When I am having an energetic day I get accused of being s drug addict.So I hope to hear from you or anyone else.Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    elizabeth1304 replied to lovelyangel36312's response:
    I am Beth from Alabama and I understand the cold weather. I hurts me also. As for the falling, I have permanent scars from falling. Please do not listen to anyone telling you it is in your head. They need to do their homework and then they will not say it! I used to be on this site alot but now I come and go. Take care and keep warm! Beth
    Beth in AL

    ROLL TIDE!!!!
    jmorr replied to lovelyangel36312's response:
    Hi lovely,
    Please know that you are not alone in this. FM is definatly real. And i am fortunate that i found a dr who treats me like a human being instead of a crazy person. He is kind and compassionate. You can come to this site anytime day or night and you will get all the support you need. just as i have found when i started posting here just a few days ago...I have found that posting and replying to people is more therapuetic then anything...and dont isolate yourself. You are a human being and deserve all the love and respect that comes with that. We are not here to judge you and im certainly not here to judge you. I understand what its like day after day. Some days are better then others. So, just know that you are not crazy and its not in your head. Hang in there and come here often for your support.....Have an awesome night
    xperky replied to jmorr's response:
    Hi jmorr. Tonight is our first really cold night in Virginia - low 40's. (Not too bad, I know!) Anyway, my feet are feeling it first. One of my kitties has short hair and he's looking for warm places. If I'm lucky he will lay in between my feet on the folded up blanket I have under them...LOL.

    I bet your space heater is nice and cozy. Stay comfy.
    With Compassion,

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