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    Fibromyalgia and Insomnia - HELP!!
    crystalgreeneyes posted:
    I do have daily pain but a huge problem with insomnia which I know is a symptom of fibro. I am also very depressed but I think much of that is due to my current circumstances and problems in my marriage. I recently tried Cymbalta which I took for 2 weeks but I was SO sick and lethargic - all I did was lie in bed for days on end, not eating and barely sleeping because it kept me awake. Next came Remeron, (anti-d.) which is also for sleeping. I got 15 mg samples from my doc. The therapeutic dose is 45 mg. I started by taking half of the 15 mg pill because I have had such bad experiences with drugs and my doc said to gradually increase it. My sleep pattern did not alter as I continue to take a sleeping pill which I would wean off over time if the Remeron is effective. However, after a few days I was so depressed, sobbing all the time and seriously thinking of suicide. I am aware that some people are more depressed at first but I don't think I could endure that feeling for 3 weeks or however long it might take. I have talked about my husband here and his lack of support. He has absolutely no tolerance for my behaviour when I am like this.
    What can I do? The advice here is to keep on trying but I am making myself crazy with all of this.
    teelady1 responded:
    (((Hugs))) I am so sorry you are going through all of this.

    When are you taking your anti-depressant? I take the anti-depressant, citalopram (Celexa). When I first started I took it in the evening - but it seemed to bother my sleep. I take it now in the morning and it is better.

    Because I do have poor sleep and muscle tension during the night, I am taking cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) a muscle relaxant at night. It also seems to make me drowsy and I fall asleep quite easily. I still struggle with getting good sleep some nights - but I think overall it has helped.
    jmorr responded:
    hi crystalgreeneyes
    I feel ya..I am 53, have FM, Depression, back issues, RA/Arthrits (in the back) and some nerve damage in my back...the arthritis started in my back along time ago...but i couldnt figure out why i was in constant pain all the time. And sleep, forget it...then at the drop of a hat, i would cry, scream, just be all doc has tried me on several meds, but like all of us here, you have to find what works best for you....I just had another antidepressant bite the dust....(not work) gave me the runs so bad...God, its fun...sometimes you just have to laugh or my case, i just get really sarcastic and just stay away from people for a bit...I have decided to try the older drugs.....valium and my loretab...and if you click on lmy pic, you will see what ive gone through....all of us struggle. Find what makes YOU happy and go with that...never mind what anyone else thinks....Have yourself a wonderful day
    foreversore responded:
    I too live with chronic insomnia often not getting to sleep until between 3 and 5 am. I have fibro, OA of the spine and RLS.
    I take generic Wellbutrin twice a day and in the evening I take Flexeril and Klonopin both of which are supposed to make me sleepy but no such luck. I tried a tea with valerian root in it which is also supposed to make you worked for 2 days and hasn't worked since. I am to the point where I am going to ask my doctor for a sleeping pill because I have a 10 yr old and pets to care for so I need to be able to sleep. I am so sorry your husband isn't supportive. I cut all of my non supportive family members out of my life but that is very hard to do with a husband.
    Anon_10089 replied to foreversore's response:
    I've had pretty good success with melatonin, valerian root, and otc benedryl (which has the same chemical as otc sleep aids). Sometimes I would take all of the above or just one or two. Also, I've taken GABA and magnesium before bed, which can help relax muscles. Both are OTC supplements.

    Often people try melatonin and say it doesn't work for them. What I've found, is that often people are only take very small doses. I would 9-12 mgs per night. But always do your own research.

    Lately, I started nortriptyline. I was very against trying this for years because I've already experienced weight gain from meds and I was afraid of going through that again. But my doctor, who I do trust, said that she's never seen someone gain weight on the smallish dose I take. The smaller doses are used for pain/sleep, while the larger doses are for depression. It's been working pretty good for me and I've definitely been getting better and more sleep. I think it's also helped stave off migraines that I was frequently getting.

    It's hard to face constant setbacks and I know you're going through a very hard time (I read your other post). But getting sleep can really help us have some mental energy to cope. I hope you can find something.

    Even though people would say this is the wrong thing, I also find that naps can be a salvation for me. My insomnia has never been improved by not taking naps. Not taking naps and having terrible sleep just equals no sleep. Having terrible sleep and taking naps, for me, equals getting some sleep.
    crystalgreeneyes replied to jmorr's response:
    Thank you for the kind replies. I read your story jmorr. I am 56 and I have been on this merry-go-round for 2 years now. Strangely, I was diagnosed by a specialist about 20 yrs. ago but haven't had a bad flare up until this recent time. It started with a pain in my right shoulder that wouldn't go away. The rheumatologist I saw this time prescribed a muscle relaxer which made me want to jump off a bridge. I have been playing the trial and error game for months now, all with no support. My doc. doesn't even know what to do anymore because my reaction to drugs appears to be much exaggerated than is usual or normal in other people. I would prefer a more natural approach. I do get migraines and melatonin caused them to occur more frequently. If a side effect of a medication is headache, I will be sure to get it. Lyrica made me like some weird alien being who could not see well.
    It is funny sometimes...I agree. I watch my fav reruns of Frasier every morning and I laugh so hard and the next minute I am sobbing my eyes out. But sleeping continues to be an issue. I cannot nap because I won't sleep. If I am especially tired, I take a sleeping pill and go to bed (not a good thing) So currently I have nothing for pain but I take a sleeping pill at night 5mg and .5mg of lorazepam. I have taken Oxy but it did nothing for the pain and did not even make me drowsy. It seems that some narcotic meds that would make most people sleep for a week, simply do not have that effect on me. My dr. was shocked when I told him I took 3 of them one day!! I didn't even fall asleep. Hate the benzos but need the sleep. B12 and Vit. D daily. I try to avoid sugar and wheat.
    My daughter moved home after college and I keep up for her because she's all I have. I'm 56 but I look 10 yrs. older. The stress and exhaustion, depression and all the rest of it has taken it's toll.
    We take it day by day and hope it will get better somehow. At least I feel that I can say what I want here and this is a wonderful forum for people to speak and help each other. I wish the best all.
    Paragon responded:
    I just found this forum thankfully and posted part of my story. I have fibro, oa Ddd. I have tried all of the antidepressants over 20 years and they are now all gone. Have your vitamin d level checked. It takes 6 months to a year to bring it back. I take 10-15 mg of Valium and some days I can sleep for 3 hours before waking up. Flexeril makes me very groggy and in more pain. I was married for 20 years with no support from him or my parents as this is all in my with ssri withdrawal I have missed more work in 4 months than I have gone.i take norco and morphine but they don't work during flare ups at all. I took remeron about 10 years ago. It would make me sleep but I was always more tired and groggy. Lyrica, savella and gabapentin make me more suicidal and witchy than the antidepressants. My research on lyrica after I started taking took me to a web page where I found that it had horrible side effects for fibro patients. I don't think it should have been approved for that indication. Others I know have had horrible side effects as well. One thing about the remeron the lower the dose the less it works for sleep. That is what my dr told me. I started with the 30 mg soul tab and would usually be asleep in 30 min
    Anon_2912 responded:
    I finally found my answer to insomnia. I developed insomnia 19yrs ago due to graves/hyper/toxic goiter. I literally could NOT fall asleep. I tired so many different sleep meds, I was even sent to a sleep doctor.

    He basically said my brain wires got re wired due to thyroid storms & I would be wasting my money on a sleep study because his staff would just sit & watch me twittle my thumbs. He then sent me to one of his collegues who tried CBT, however, if my brain could focus on ONE thing I would not have an issue,,but my brain is non-stop on stupid stuff when trying to sleep.

    I finally found that 10mg of ambien & 1 extra strength sominex works well for me. I don't per say sleep through out the night, but I can sleep for 4 hrs without waking up...

    Sometimes I do take (4) advil along with it due to the muscle aches.
    live4truth responded:
    I am so sorry for your pain. I too have fibro just discovered 4 years ago.Doctor said that I most likely have had this for a long period.I also have CRPS/RSD. The pain has caused depression with in myself. Sleeping is very hard to do with all the pain in my body. I too have several meds to take each day just to help me make it through the day.I also talk to my body starting with my feet trying to relax every part of me. It does help,but only for a short period. Just the relaxing is my big part. My family helps me out so much. They are just angels.
    I know that this does not help, but hope you have a brighter day today.

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