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    I think I'm crazt
    Ranmic posted:
    I'll start off with bullets of my irritations and then ask a question.
    -Sore upper, middle and then lower back about 1 1/2 months ago. It went away after about a 4-5 days.
    -Traps got sore for a couple of days after that.
    -Stomach muscles got sore, and lots of cramping and gas.
    -Both arms and hands (pinky fingers) tingled off and on for a few days. Gone now too.
    -Little tender spots on my body, chest, arms, stomach and inner thigh off and on for the entire time and I still have them on my inner thigh. These spots kind burn and are tender to the touch.

    I went to my Dr and told her and she said I probably bumped myself, but I'm pretty sure I'd remember doing that kind of damage to myself. She did some blood work and told me if anything out of the ordinary comes up she would call me and if not, she would send me a letter with the results. I have gotten neither at this point(after about 5 days) I assume no serious showed up.

    I have never been a worry wart kind of person but this is all new to me, I have always been pretty healthy and my body is in normal shape (6 ft 208lbs) 41 years old.

    I dont want to self diagnose, but why does the inner thigh spots continue? If I get up and walk, they are fine, but after sitting for a short while, they start buring\acheing. Could it be a lymp node(s)?

    Thanks to all for you time and help.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning.

    6 ft tall, male? Or a stately model? There are no lymph nodes IN the leg to speak of, tracks of lymph but the nodes really are in the groin...

    You might want to try some heat on those spots after you have have stressed them. This can be trigger points (congested muscle that is contracted and (ischemic) lack of good circulation and they get stuck. (best way to descibe this).

    But we can't diagnose you or make a judgement as this a computer support site and we have no idea of you...(like male/ female). FM is most common in females though we have male here including our Dr Pellegrino at the top right...

    If bloods are negative and it continues or travels to other sites, how about being seen by another MD? Rheumatology is most common diagnostition for this problem. You have no diagnoses at this point..right. Make sure this is not vascular and you have a clot in there.....if swelling of the leg is present, heat in the site area...get back to the doc and press the point.

    Try and describe your self as best you can. It is IN the story from the patient we gather the most from. The exam doesn't always tell the story. Good luck. Try a little heat over the site to soften the muscle and bring in a bit of more blood flow......

    Take care, Nancy B
    Zencookie responded:
    Hi Ranmic,

    Other than the hot spots on the thighs, this sounds like typical, "boring", fibro to me.

    The hallmark of fibro is pain without logical orgin that appears and disappears at random. Now, the logical orgin could be from activity or not. Fibro is often described as "amplified" pain signals. Early in my fibro journey I sneezed hard and flared for three days, for example. Sound familiar?

    It's too bad your dr bushed it off as you "bumped yourself" rather than explaining this is just how fibro works.

    I've been in this a coupla years now and unless it lasts two weeks, I don't even get fussy about it anymore.

    Hope that helps.

    Ranmic replied to Zencookie's response:
    Hi, sorry I'm just now getting back to your responses I was busy all weekend. I was trying to describe all of my symptoms and totally forgot to identify my gender, I am Male....sorry about that part.

    The burning\stinging part seems to have subsided over the past couple of days but the soreness\achey feeling still there. I have read all about Fibro and just like anyting else, I have some of the symptons but not all which could lead me in another direction. I think I will make another appointment with my Dr and get a refferal to someone else if she doesnt help or at least work with me on this one. I'm keeping a lot of this to myself so that I dont scare my wife or kids because chances are that this is totally nothing, but I don want them to worry for no good reason.

    Thank you both for your responses.
    Ranmic replied to booch007's response:
    Thanks for your response Nancy. Sorry i was so focused on noting my symptoms that I forgot to identify myself as a male....LOL. I got my blood work results this morning and other than my cholesteral I'm good. BC, Liver, Kidney...etc came back normal, so I just made an appointment for this Thurdsay to talk to my Dr again to push the issue of my tender spots on my legs. They have not had that "burning" sensation for a couple of days now, but I know it can come back at any moment. I wouldnt be so concerned if it wasnt someting that's been going on for a while now.

    Anyway, thanks again for your reply.
    agrapina replied to Ranmic's response:
    Hi Ramic. Interesting you mention these inner thigh tender points. I've had Fibro for a long time and the inner thigh points were the first symptom I had or noticed that I had anyway.

    I was sitting in lotus position one night and noticed them. Since that night, those same points have always been with me.
    Just thought I'd mention it.
    crystalgreeneyes responded:
    Hi. I just wanted to tell you that when I first had symptoms but wasn't yet diagnosed with fibro., I had red, sort of blotchy, hot patches on the inner side of my knees, especially the right. These were so tender that it hurt to put my legs together at night in bed. Along with this I had very sore calf muscles, this went on for a couple of months, elbow joints, fingers sometimes swollen and painful and I was very, very fatigued. I had a number of specialists including a dermatologist who did a biopsy on the area of my knee. This was about 20 years ago. The first rhematologist did not diagnose fibro. but some non-specific transient episode. I was in the hospital for a month having numerous tests. I was finally diagnosed about 10 years later by a different rheumatologist. The condition seemed to go into remission for a time and this most recent event began with pain in my shoulder and around my ribs. All the other symptoms have reared their ugly heads all at once or randomly. Take your pick with this, there's lots to choose from. Most days I can handle the pain but the insomnia and depression are very hard to bear.
    Wishing you luck. Keep with this forum, everyone here is very supportive.
    Ranmic replied to agrapina's response:
    Thanks Agrapina! At least I'm not crazy then....LOL I have an appointment scheduled for this Thursday and I am going to request an MRI to rule out anyting else, but I'm not holding my breath because you know as soon as I got an appt scheduled the irritations have backed off some. I can still feel them, but not as much as they have been over the past few weeks. It seems the ones in the inner thigh dont move around like the ones in the other parts of my body did. Maybe my spell is coming to an end, who knows. I'll see what the Dr and the MRI show later this week. Thanks again for your input.
    squarley replied to Ranmic's response:

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