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    Tarsal tunnel syndrome- podiatrist or ortho surgeon?
    tlp2815 posted:
    HI. Well I thought I may have had plantar fasciitis so I asked my Neurologist about it. He did a nerve conduction study and it showed tarsal tunnel syndrome (similar to carpal tunnel but in your foot) in my Right foot. I guess I have a pinched nerve. The study was very painful but at least I got a diagnoses from it. The neurologist does not treat this condition so he referred me to a Podiatrist and stated the I most likely need surgery. I am not sure if I should see a Podiatrist of an Orthopedic Surgeon for this. I made appts with both but of course they are months away and I am in alot of pain in my foot. Does anyone have this condition? What has helped? Which type of provider do you think is better suited to help me? Thanks!
    dollbug responded:
    Hello and welcome....MiMi in NC....I wanted to tell you that my daughter was in a car accident and she had a very bad case of tarsal took several years before she finally got straightened out from fact, she went to several specialists and was told that she needed surgery to fix it...but when they reviewed all of the medical records on her....they called her right before her surgery was scheduled and told her that they could not do this...that they were afraid they would make hers worse...

    She told me that at times her pain was so bad that she could have cut her foot off and she thought it would have felt better...

    I hope that with time yours will also get better....but please do not expect with anything takes time...

    Have you tried the tens unit on your foot? Perhaps it might be something that would help the pain...and also soaking it in epsom salts or using a hot wax therapy on it...

    Take care and good luck...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    hillbillieswife responded:
    Hi, I had tarsal tunnel syndrome and surgery on both feet which seemed to help. No nerve conduction test done prior to surgery, xrays showed poor bone stucture causing the problem. Podiatrist did try to avoid surgery with orthoditcs (out of pocket expensive) which did help alittle. Tried therapy also and ended up with surgery 5 months later. 3 months after surgery had nerve conduction study done because pain and numbness was coming back. At the same time I also woke up with pain in left shoulder. MRI found that I had spinal stenosis C1-3 and needed C4-6 replaced. I often wonder if that was the problem, pinched nerve issue from the get go and if I really needed foot surgery at all. After neck surgery I was diagnosed with FM due to all the nerve damage which took place in my neck that I never knew I had, no headaches, etc, just foot leg pain, never connected feet with the neck but now it makes sense. I guess I'll never know......I can tell you that I tried a pair of Dansko shoes and what a difference it has made in my feet, now up to 5 pairs. They are alittle expensive but I can walk again with so much less pain in feet and legs. Sorry, I'm rambling and probably didn't answer your question at all. I went ot a podiatrist and if the neurologist suggested this also that it would be a good start. Good luck!
    Footguy13 replied to hillbillieswife's response:
    Here is a good discussion I found on the internet of tarsal tunnell, see if this video explains things;postID=251317053002239937

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