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    Hurting feet
    tiredpain posted:
    When I get up each am and from resting each afternoon my feet feel like they are broken. Right in the middle of my feet ,if you rub them or walk, it's killer pain. Anybody else have this?
    dodie1011963 responded:
    All of my FM pain is mainly in my legs and feet. Next is my arms and hands. I know exactly what you mean. It is awful. Besides taking my regular medications I heat up a beanie bag (or you can use a heating pad) in the microwave and put my feet on them under the blankets. It helps a little. Although I take morphine I find an aspirin helps more with feet pain. Like Bayer Aspirin Extra Strength Coated. I hope this gives you some relief.
    uschi66 responded:
    I have that too, especially when I get up in the morning and whenever I get up from sitting or lying down for a while. The pain is in the feet, travelling up he lower legs, especially at the back. It is awfully difficult to walk and it takes me a while to go down the stairs. It even prompted me to buy a walking stick which helps a lot when I walk for a few hundred metres. This foot pain varies from mild to excruciating. Does yours improve during the day?
    1wareaglefan replied to uschi66's response:
    I have the foot pain, too. Like Dodie, most of my worst pain is in my legs and feet. It certainly makes it difficult to go anywhere and walk!
    tiredpain replied to uschi66's response:
    Yes, my foot pain gets better once I've been up on them and walking for about 30min. When I wake up I try to stretch my feet then get up and go to bathroom and then I go downstairs. And all during that time the pain is excruiciating then after 30 min. gets better. I have severe back and leg pain from on the job injury and then a few yrs later got fibro. I dread getting up in the am cause I know how much my feet and back are going to hurt. I wasn't sure what was wrong with feet but it has to be fibro. I haven't hurt them.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    This may be plantar fasciitis. A shortening of the tendon to the heel of the foot when you rest and it pulls on the bottom structure.

    I was crippled years ago with this. It is tough to win against but can be done if these stretches that YOU MUST DO as often as you think of it......don't work. The podiatrist can inject the tendon insertion in the heel with cortisone (not a nice shot) and it will help break it.

    For me the first time I got this is was from walking the track and NOT stretching before. Second time was a trigger point in the R calf muscle that we just couldn't break and I needed the heel shot to win.

    The reason you are worse on rising and resting is that the muscle of the calf is spastic (unlerlying) you may not even feel it and it is pulling on the achilles tendon and it then is pulling on the heel. Some often say it is a heel spur that bring this on, but in my learning that it not so.

    Warming the muscle and then standing 18" to 2 ft from the wall. Holding your hands outward and touch the wall keeping your feet to the ground gives this muscle a can also, while in bed, when the muscle is warm...take a towel and get it under the foot and pull it toward your face...."toes towards the nose" This also stretches the muscle and it will help in time.

    Icing the heel and foot later and rolling it on a ball of some kind is a trick also.

    I have learned to warm up before any big effort in exercise and also I change my shoes to a different pair everyday to use differnt muscles. A ptch to the right or left in the way the shoes are...makes a difference for me.

    As a nurse who is on her feet all day. Miles put on these puppies. I am really careful. This pain is intolerable when you think of the other pains we have. When your feet hurt it takes ALL of you with it!

    Good luck, I hope the P.T. Dana chimes in here with this. Maybe she can explain it better. all I can say! Nancy B .
    foreversore responded:
    Hmmm....I have the same issues with my feet. Always have since I was very young. My mom always blamed it on my flat feet, now I'm not so sure. I will try Nancy's suggestions and if it doesn't get any better after a few months I will bring it up to my doctor.
    tiredpain replied to booch007's response:
    Yes, I'm very familiar with plantar fascitis. I'm a nurse also and can't even began to countt the # of miles I've walked and while I was working I had really bad time with plantar fasc. but this is different.It hurts more in the middle of my foot not on the bottom of my foot or heel like I had before with the plantar fasc.
    tiredpain replied to tiredpain's response:
    Thanks to everyone who has responded. It's so nice to hear from other people and their experiences with fibro.
    dawncostella replied to tiredpain's response:
    I have the same thing. I also have this large bump on my right ankle. I haven't injured my ankle. It's a big bump that feels like it's filled with fluid. I have had it for about 4 weeks. I finally called the doctor because it has been hurting too.
    laurarow replied to dawncostella's response:
    I have had that a few month ago. i just iced it and kept it propped us. It took 6 weeks for it to go away. I hope it gets better soon.
    katmandulou responded:
    Hi tiredpain, and Welcome!

    It sounds like plantar fasciitis. There's a bundle of connective tissue, called fascia, along the bottom of your feet that supports your arch. It runs from your heel bone to your toes. When you walk a lot without supportive shoes, this tissue can break down and builds scar tissue when at rest. What you feel in the morning is the scar tissue being torn.

    Fascia is not tendons. See this wiki link:

    A good podiatrist can help.
    tiredpain replied to katmandulou's response:
    The pain is in the middle of my feet , not the bottom of my foot. I don't think it's plantar fasc. I've had that for yrs and am familiar with that pain.This is different - it's in the middle section of my foot toward the top of my foot and the middle,not the bottom where the plantar fasc. are.
    I guess I'll have to go to the podiatrist and see if he can figure it out once my insurance kicks in and I have money. I hate going to the Dr.

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