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    TGIF****Roll Call ****11/16/2012 ****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF*****and a good morning to each of you....MiMi in NC...and it is cold here...but the sun is going to I hope it gets warmer today...Thanksgiving is right around the corner now...and then of course Christmas will be right behind I guess it will all be over with in less than 6 weeks how time flies...whether we like it or much to do with so little time to get it done in.

    I do hope everyone had a good night's rest...I did for the most part...woke up sometime early this morning but did not care to actually get up...was still so very tired so I drifted back off to sleep...then around 6 the furbabies had to get up...

    So much going on around the are being cut left and right in my area...not a good thing...even the hospital is cutting 900 plus is the sign of the times I guess...

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group recently....I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. Hang in here and learn all you can about the wrath of the dragon, aka the more I know the better I learned how to cope...pacing with anything and everything I do is so important...sometimes though the body can not do what the mind wants it to...which is hard...

    Vitamin D....please remember to ask your doctor about checking your Vitamin D level....which is important to a lot of people these days..low Vitamin D might make a difference in your pain level and it is such a very easy and cheap most all over things...this too takes time and effort to get the level back up to within the normal range..

    Have a good Friday and enjoy the sunshine, if you have some.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Mimi!
    Feeling a bit tired today...Husband was restless all night. I don't know what he was dreaming about, but at one point he woke me up demanding to know why I'd punched him. (I hadn't).He has developed a habit of rolling over to my side and sleeping on top of me, and I wake up unable to move. I have no idea why he's started doing it, but it makes for lousy sleep. He's been very restless lately and it keeps me awake too.

    It's been such a busy week! I actually bowed out of my usual Thursday meeting yesterday because I've got so much to catch up on. I'm trying to get ready for Saturday's craft fair. I kept getting interrupted yesterday, though, so I only managed to make six hats. I was hoping to do at least ten.

    This morning I have to do the dishes, clean the kitchen, and take out all the trash. It hurts being on my feet, but I have to get it done because we're having company this afternoon. Now that I'm able to be on my feet a little, Husband has breathed a sigh of relief that his "extra" responsibilities are through, and he's gone back to nagging me about the housework. I was hoping I'd be able to relax a little longer.

    Crap---I just remembered I have PT this morning too. I think I'll cancel. There's so much work to do here and I need a shower. I also want to squeeze in a nap this afternoon because the setup for tomorrow's craft fair starts at 8:30 tonight. The place is having a dinner first, and we can't set up until they're done. I'm not looking forward to that part, but it will beat coming in at 6:30 in the morning to set up. I need time to eat breakfast and get Husband moving.

    I need to run to the bank too, good grief. I'd better make a list or I'm liable to forget something. It's going to be a busy day! I'd better get moving before the Fibro realizes I'm awake. I can feel it trying to creep up on me.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Friday everyone I hope your yesterday was a good one and that your today is going along well too. I also hope you'll have a fibro pain and issue free day.

    It's cold here, down to 31 last night, but warming up to nearly 60 again, and like yesterday it will be cold tonight as well. UGH. So Fall. But at least there's no snow or ice yet.. a good thing. DH just sent me a picture of a live Christmas tree he's thinking of getting. UGH.. NOOOO too soon to think of a Christmas tree. I want to get to Thanksgiving and then I'll be up for Christmas.

    DH showed up to my shopping cart with a frozen turkey last night while at Sam's Club. I guess he forgot he said we'd pass on making a meal on Wed. So, UGH, I guess I'm cooking a full turkey dinner Wed after all. But I had an idea he'd do this to me so last week I picked things I'd need to pull a meal together just in case. Thank goodness for that.

    Have a few errands to run today and it will be nice to be out of doors. Yesterday was nice as it warmed up nicely and it was so sunny too. We got the ukulele out of the repair shop and OH My it's wonderful. Sounds so good. I posted a picture of it on Instagram so my DD and GD could see it. I love Instagram!! If you don't use it It's so cool to be able to post pictures from your phone and those who follow you get to see it in a nanosecond.

    Angelwife, you sound like your doing way to much if your feeling a bit tired. So PLEASE take it easy then, okay?

    Speaking of doing things I guess I should get around to doing those things on my to do list. Here's wishing each of you a great day..

    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    katmandulou responded:
    Hi Everyone!

    Cold and clear in southeastern Mass, today, mid 50s they say. I hope to get out for my daily dose of natural Vitamin D at lunchtime. Only our Japanese maple trees have leaves now, but they'll drop them win a week of two.

    I worked at the bookstore yesterday, and I have a late shift today. I came home tired but happy to have the work. I went to yoga last night but I kept coughing, but at least I have my voice back. I hate the "clearing up" portion of a head cold! The cough sounds bad, but it's all in my throat.

    I'm anxious because Hostess is on the chopping bock. What will we do without our Twinkies (DH) and Sno-Balls (me)? They have already put their own obituary on line: Oh, the humanity!

    We're going through an awful child visitation thing in our family, and I know Mimi's family has been through some tough times, too. My brother's ex has filled my nephew's girlfriend's head with lies about my brother, and he has only seen his granddaughter a handful of times. My nephew is my godson, he begged me to knit something for his daughter, which I have, but I want to see the baby, who'e 18 months old. I don't want to just hand it over. UGH!

    angelswife - ONLY six hats? Amazing! I have 3 1/2 pairs of mittens to finish for my pet charity. Keep that hook moving! Be sure to take some time for yourself and don't over-do, as we do sometimes trying to get everything done. I didn't go to a family wake last night (an elderly third cousin, or was she a fourth cousin?), because it would have stressed me to the max.

    Linda, maybe DH will cook the turkey! We're going to my sister's house, and I'm in charge of dessert. That reminded me - I just toted her to see ow many. I don't want to bring dessert for 10 is there will be 4 of us!

    I wish all you you the best day - and the best weekend - you can possibly have!

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