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    Tired while I work.
    slofoxy2 posted:
    Hi, I was diagnosed back in the 90's. Which was alot of different drugs I tried. Finally gave up Dr. didn't know what else to do. Recently I became very bad feels like spiders are crawling or I'm getting shocked by a probe. Took some tests Yes I have a bad case of FB. Again the Dr. wanted me to go see someone else. Again what ever you do keep working. That seems to be the only advise I get, besides you need sleep. I agree on that but it is pretty hard to do when I want to go to sleep I'm awake an when I'm working I become very tired. I'm the bread winner so I have to work. I just wished there was a pick me up while I work. Is this what I get to look forward to?
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning. Maybe a sleep study would benefit you? When you have sleep apnea (and we are prone to this), it helps to make you so tired during the day as oxygen was stolen from your body as you tried to mend it and repair it in the cycles of sleep that we have.

    Do you have the memory foam topper on the mattress to help soften what you lay on? That was big for me. That plus my Soma muscle relaxant helped me get a quality night ,one in years.

    But any med to help you sleep will prolong the apnea (stop breathing ) period you present with. Ask for a sleep study to be done, I bet your doc will like the suggestion.

    Here is hoping that is the answer and you get a CPAP machine and feel so great when you wake up! It is like night and day for some people.

    Good luck, Nancy B
    forgetful88 responded:
    Have you had you thyroid or B12 checked lately?
    slofoxy2 replied to forgetful88's response:
    Yes I had a whole blood panel done. Found out I was very low Vitamin D. Which sort of helped a little late about a surgery I had a month earlier that went wrong. The surgery was fine but I didn't heal right. Had a very bad infection which now I found out was due to the Vitamin D. When I do my energy drink with Vitamin B I do feel alittle better. Thanks.
    slofoxy2 replied to booch007's response:
    A couple of years ago my sleeping was very bad. I wake up to anything that makes a sound or even light on down stairs will wake me up. So we invested in a better mattress. It isn't memory but it is pillow top with a down mattress pad. I was doing really good until recently. I had a bad couple of months at my work an then ended up having a bunch of surgeries. That's all it took some nights I'm up every 2 hours then again maybe 5 hrs. My Dr did give me prescription for sleep. I just worry about being groggy. I'm the bread winner so I need to work not be sleepy. Thanks
    forgetful88 replied to slofoxy2's response:
    I take B12 daily. I was on Vit D at one point, but told to get off of it due to my reaction to it.

    I know I get tired, but my issue is because I suffer from insomnia. I have for the past 19yrs due to hyper/graves disease.

    I am on a life time prescription for ambien, but I have to take that with a sominex.

    For me the fatigue would set in when my thyroid level was over 3.0. (TSH), due you know what your level was?

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