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    why do the Dr's make you feel like your crazy
    An_249182 posted:
    I feel very frustrated today. My pain is getting worse, especially in my lower back. My fibro Dr wants me to rule out MS and degenerative disc disease due to resent back xray showed my spine more curved and more arthritis than last xray which was 3 yrs ago. the Neurologist says today, I do not have MS but he will order MRI for lower back. This is what he says "your MRI on your head is great, your obese and middle aged with fibro and degenerative disc disease(we need to see how bad hence the MRI for back), here is some Lexapro for your anxiety of your pain. You need to get use to your pain, it isn't going anywhere" Why is it every time, I need clarification, I need a happy pill? This really aggravates me. I am in pain, I need help, not a cover up. I can't remember anything as it is and I fell that this stuff will make it worse. Daily fog, daily headaches. daily pain, cant stand for too long or my legs go numb, cant sit for too long or my right side goes numb, cant lay for too long....Lexapro is the corrector?
    dollbug responded:
    Hello....MiMi in NC....I do not think that the doctors have any idea what to do for us that will help us....I think that IF our illness is not something *simple* then doctors are actually at a loss as what to do for us....when I go in the doctor always asks me what can he do for me today? Well, IF I knew...then I could assure him that I would NOT be in his office seeking help...I also think that most doctors decide that women are just depressed....that for the most part, we do not really have any health issues....and they treat us for depression, without even knowing what is going on with us...

    No joke...this is what happened with me. When I first got sick my doctor treated me for depression...and I was not getting any better...I tried all sorts of different medicines only to get some other side effects of whatever he decided to try on me.

    I eventually did my own research and I thought that I had parathyroid problems....and in the beginning I did not even know what a parathyroid was....I continued to search on the internet and the results were always indicating that it might be the end I had 14 out of 19 symptoms of parathyroid issues...I was getting sicker by the one day I went in and *suggested* to my doctor that I might have this...he said there was no way that I had for a while longer I simply tried whatever he wanted me to try....with nothing helping me to get any better...finally one day...when I could hardly put one foot in front of the other foot I was not in any sort of mood to continue whatever was thrown my way...

    So...I again brought up the *parathyroid issue and we have words*.....I explained to him that I wanted to have the scan for this...but he did not want to do then I actually told him that he needed to prove to me that this was NOT the problem...and just order it...I really gave him no choice in the matter...

    Needless to say I did have the test...and was referred to a surgeon...but then the surgeon did not think I had enough problems with the parathyroid to warrant surgery...OMG...I could not even believe what I was hearing...he instead thought that, after reviewing my medical records, that my pain was due to very low Vitamin D...I looked at him and said...I am really sick and need help...if you can not help me, please point me in the direction of someone who can....he then leaned back in his seat and thought for a few minutes and said that he would like to do an ultrasound on me...

    This step actually *saved my life*....I did have a major parathyroid issue and needed surgery as soon as blood calcium level on the day I had surgery was 88...*normal is was almost 10 times what it should have been...he later told me that I could have had a stroke or a heart attack...

    Sometimes we have to speak up and voice our health doubt that had I not done this...I might not be here today to speak about this...

    NO ONE knows how you feel....IF you think there is something wrong then I urge you to speak up about your own research and try to get the doctor to get to the root of your problem....

    Now that I look back....I am not sure that I was ever really *depressed*....

    I hope you find something that will work for you soon.

    I use a heating pad for my back is the only thing that helps me with my pain.

    Take care and good luck...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    CarolynWest replied to dollbug's response:
    Thank you for replying Mimi. I am just so frustrated. I feel like I just got set back 15 years, and the Dr's saying YOUR JUST DEPRESSED......I just feel upset right now, because just what you said, they really have no idea what to do with us. I am very sensitive to meds of all forms and him telling me to "get use to it" kinda ticks me off. I am just wanting more, apparently there is no help for people with FM. I just am frustrated right now with the pain and realizing, more and more the less and less I can do. Though my mind can not except this. Maybe I am crazy, the pain is making me this way.
    fibroinsd responded:
    I know what you mean..seems like they say things that you know aren't quite my doc saying if I lost weight the fibro would be better...well, I did lose the weight, which wasn't easy..and I still have fibro...and that isn't better !

    The one thing I do want to say, is that some meds can be helpful to the fibro..but you also have to really watch out for side effects and make sure that the fog..headaches, etc isn't being CAUSED by any meds...or interactions with the meds..

    Now, I haven't been on Lexapro, so I don't know about that..but I did try Cymbalta, which is an anti-depressant that has been recommended for you might ask your doc about that..Some people do well on Cymbalta and some do not...for me, it was very least for a year..then I thought it was making me too sleepy all the time, so I went off of it..but it can be I hope that is helpful..maybe the Lexapro will be helpful too...I am not sure the difference in the different kinds of anti-depressants..but I haven't really heard of using Lexapro for fibro..but then again, I usually get all confused on these medical things..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    humblepi replied to CarolynWest's response:
    I agree with Mimi(Dollbug) and CarolynWest's replies.Some antidepressants are known to help with pain,although they have their own individualized side effects as well.
    Most take a few weeks to get relief of pain though. But, I still agree with Mimi and CarolynWest. Most physicians seem to be at a loss themselves and very dismissive of our symptoms and PAIN. So we half wonder if we are crazy , a hypochondriac etc. I totally can relate. Try addressing a question to Dr P . I just have so much faith in him. He tries to give the best answer without dismissing you or talking down to you etc. Best wishes,
    Mommahonk responded:
    For the fibro fog...

    I was on Nuerontin... for 3 years... massive fibro fog!

    Now Savella 200 mg and Lyrica 150 mg haved saved my life.. I posted Yeeehaww a doctor finally listened.... please check it out as I dont want to waste your time...

    On that note!!! TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR FIBRO AND DON'T let the doctors bull-shi* you!!!

    Go in armed with information... Mayo clinic put out an outline of Fibro to take to your doctor.... print it and take it

    Also under Fibro, Adrienne is awesome to read and so much information!! I learned so much from her forum...

    God Bless!

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