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    OK...I was up most of the night.
    booch007 posted:
    If the Mayans are right and this Friday is the end of the world as we know it. WHAT are you doing this week.......

    I am still a mess, my back is better when I lay but not stand and NOT when I walk.......but I found a girdle (planned for the wedding but not worn) helps. The eye was bad for focus yesterday (like 2 different eyes) The dragon is awake, but I can't seem to figure out which is which pain right now, so I treat both.......

    The saddness around us in death and loss for the season is palpable. As Mimi stated the loss of moral fiber and responsibility is gone from the fabric of many homes.......Christ is no longer a strong part of the day. Fear of God is a past statement now not a reality.

    I watched Jeasus of Nazareth on the religious channel last night when I couldn't sleep due to my back, I was better in the ther I stayed. I have 4 hours sleep in me. But watching the movie and hearing our lessons again fresh to spirit, got me thinking about this.

    "IF THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF MY am I going to play it out?

    Well, I just kissed DH on his way out....going to the grands later despite the back and WILL BE SO CAREFUL. I am stopping by the church to put in an extra prayer for ALL. Have a good talk with the Lord. I will be my best to everyone I see this week.

    I am going to call a few cousins to cheer them on for the holidays and let them know they are important parts to the tree.

    It will be a week of trying to get my mind off this affliction I have been handed and JEEPGUY YOU ARE SO RIGHT....a BACK out trumps FM or anythng else I have going on....

    Disc pain is day altering, all encumbassing and crippling.........

    I again in this week, wish to state that I am so glad to have been a part of this board and have shared the intimate feeling we have and needs we only can understand with all of you.

    It is a big part of my healing that I come and read and post and interact with all of you. I am so grateful.....

    So, what will you do this week if all that data that was left by the Mayans which now ends on this true. That something BIG is going to happen this day..........

    We talked about it with the doctors about if we protect ourselves in the lead walls I work in and you want to be the only ones surviving.....what if there is no people, loved ones destroyed. I wouldn't want to stay. IT is being spoken about.

    Think about this week as a special week, not the norm. Do something important you have needed to do, someone to talk to...
    Just in case. I am not an alarmist by nature but I am a PLANNER. It doesn't hurt to be guarded in this piece of history unfolding.

    (No I am not nuts and the quantity of meds I have used to get me through this pain I am in...has not twisted my mind! This is a real historical thought and documanted.....what if ??

    Hugs from me,
    Stuggling with so many things right now and wondering why....

    Nancy B
    angelswife responded:
    I don't believe the world will end physically as we know it...The Mayans themselves have said this is the ending of a 500 year (I think) cycle and the beginning of a new one, where people begin to live in a more enlightened way. If it turns out to be the final week as some say, though, I won't do anything differently. I will still get up every morning and say thank you for what I have (even the small things, like seeing a wet squirrel on the deck); and I will tell my husband I love him every chance I get.

    One thing I've learned over time, which I consider a blessing, is that if I ever (God forbid) lost everything, I would still be okay and I would have everything inside me that I needed to start over. The ability to see the good in things can never be lost no matter what happens to me. I am not saying consciously choosing to see the good every day is easy---that's why it's called a practice, lol. But this year has taught me that everything can crumble and I will still be okay. My business may be gone; my pre-injury life may be gone; but I'm still here and still standing (after a fashion). My life will rebuild itself, one step at a time.

    Philosophizing aside, though---I don't think I'm the only one who believes the world will still go on. If everyone thought the world was going to end, they wouldn't be out there doing their Xmas shopping.
    dollbug responded:
    Nana B....I do hope you are feeling better today....MiMi in NC....I think this horrible tragedy has affected the entire *anyone* could target little innocent children is beyond took planning and a lot of it to do such....I do worry though that there is a lot more to this than we might ever be told.

    There are warped minds among all of us and for the most part those who have them look like any other person, for the most is sad that one person can cause so much turmoil and agony. I am thinking this one thing will indeed change more in how our nation looks at things that may happen.

    As for the ending....people should be cautious and aware and be ready for anything at all....since no one really knows.

    I remember throughout my entire childhood people use to say that the ending would soon be here....providing times and so far, as we are all aware, the times have come and gone....I do not think anyone truly will know in advance....that it will just happen and it will be over with. So with this I think people should just be ready for whatever happens.

    I think there are a lot of people right now struggling with so many things though and wondering why....

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    foreversore responded:
    Nancy I sincerely hope your back gets better soon. I know how you are feeling and I really hope your added pain issues are temporary. That eye issue of yours is awful....I can't imagine dealing with that on top of everything else. I wish it would hurry up and straighten it self out for you. I totally agree with you on the issue of disc pain. It has completely taken over my life even more than the FM.

    As for the whole mayan thing, I am on the fence. It's awful to say but if the world does end I will finally have some peace and relief from pain and anxiety. If it doesn't then I will keep plodding along doing the best I can every day. If I were to survive and my loved ones didn't then I would soon join them. It is my loved ones that keep me here and going if not for them I would have no purpose.
    painfullyexhausted responded:
    Hi Nancy,

    You are in my thoughts. I enjoy reading your posts, you are always very encouraging even when you're the one that needs the encouragement. You're going through so much right now but you still take the time to help one of us out. Thank you.

    I sincerly hope that you feel better soon so you can enjoy the holidays !

    Best wishes and Merry Christmas !!
    xperky responded:
    Nancy, I'm hearing you and feeling your sadness come through. You are coping with so many things right now, and some of them are new to you as well. I think this week is a good time to use your healthy distractions.

    Like MiMi, I grew up having relatives repeatedly predict the end of the world. As the years went by, I found their thinking to be annoying and negative. They couldn't help it, as it was their church giving them this thinking. Don't get me wrong, I'm not annoyed with you! I am, however, aware of how depressing it can be, especially when you are dealing with new physical symptoms.

    So, try to concentrate on the joy of Christmas and the wonderful message of Love that Jesus gave us.

    Hugs, love and peace to you.
    With Compassion,
    booch007 replied to xperky's response:
    Oh I am not depressed over this prediction, though it holds a bit more weight then those of the 70"s with long hairs running around with the sign's "The end is coming...."

    I just thought if you KNEW there was a limited time before you, would you do anything different this week.....

    I am also so grateful for the hugs, lots of hugs...I am out of the woods right now* with the back and am hopeful with good technique to stay out of trouble.

    I return to work today a better person, you always fly after being in a bad pain place.....I am lifted up to being happy with what I have and ask for "no more" on my plate....

    I am ready for the holiday...I haev the menu made and the shopping done and now it is just to bring on the magic**.

    So glad I have this board to dump my pain here......

    Thanks to all........Nancy B
    Anon_2912 replied to booch007's response:
    I have never thought about what I would do if the world ended. I just find out today about this whole 12-21-2012 thing.

    Goes to show how much I pay attention..

    To me, I live my as it is my last day, because we never know when it will be our last day on earth.

    To me only GOD knows & I am still here, so it is not my time yet.

    But morally & mentally I am good. I tell those I love I love them everyday. I never know if I will walk back into my house after I leave in the morning, so I just enjoy every minute of my life...

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