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    It's been a little while...
    nmonte94 posted:
    It's been a bit since I wrote here..not feeling well at all. My ankle has been giving out so much and I've been in so much pain. My body feels horrible. I'm only 18 so this scares me to what will happen at when I get older. Depression has been making it 50x worse. Physical therapy has me in excruciating pain during it and the psychologist makes me realize all my problems with myself lol. I've been waiting for a break and it seems one will never come! Felt like complaining a little bit since it's usually being held in except the one day every week I see my psychologist
    xperky responded:
    Sorry to hear, nmonte. What do they say is wrong with your ankle?
    With Compassion,
    angelswife responded:
    nmonte---I'm not surprised you're having a hard time. Not many here have gone through what you have this year. Be gentle with yourself. While it's true a lot of stress can come from the way we see things, you have real reasons to be upset. You lost your home in a hurricane and you are starting from scratch; plus you are dealing with the Fibro. That's a lot for anyone to handle, especially someone your age.

    Do you keep a journal at all? I do and find it amazingly helpful. When I'm feeling bad, I will sit down with my journal and dump everything, no holds barred. Every sad, angry or hateful thing I'm feeling comes out. I write it all down, and I don't stop until I feel lighter inside. Then I close the journal and walk away. Writing it down gets it out of me and I don't end up taking it out on people.

    It's scary to be where you are . I know because I've been there. It's hard to believe things will get better when every day feels the same. But I've come through it. You will too, I promise.

    Don't let anyone blame you for being sick or tell you the problem is all in your head. It isn't. Fibro is real and the symptoms can affect your life. If your psychologist is saying your sickness is all in your head it may be time to find a different one. You have enough stress without feeling like it's all your fault. ((((HUGS))))
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning Nmonte,

    It is sad to hear such issues in an 18y/o. I also found PT more painful then helpful for me, but maybe they are building up strength to the supporting structuresd there for you. NO PAIN NO GAIN. maybe premedicate before going, the tension you develop can effect the WHOLE of you!

    Having this issue though is so challenging and for me, I believe so strongly you must keep moving. Being active and using the muscles will maintain your health over all. I use the book FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain a suvival manual by Dr Devin Starlanyl and Copeland to help me through.

    Being young should give you some resiliency....being careful to have your meds right and treat the chemistry for depression. For years I said I AM NOT DEPRESSED....I am low when the pain is higher then i can handle in my day! Well no matter the cause, I am now treated to elevate the seratonin and norepinephrine levels and it helps so much.

    Having support of family around you is priceless, do you have that? I am not as verbal anymore of the issues I deal with, they all "got it" now. And no one wants to hear that you hurt everyday.....That is why here is so GREAT!

    We know the road, we know the issues and can hug you often. Don't fear for the have no control of it and everyday there may come a med or a course of action that will be a breakthrough and help us.

    Eat well, drink water and move are the easiest of therapies...
    Keep in a good place as often as you can.

    Don't let the ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) get you. Switch them off....they only increase sensation to pain. They offer nothing good.

    This psycologist is helping ? or just making you feel bad....if always making you feel bad about yourself....not a good fit* I would say.

    They are for to put your life together and see how to move forward in life. I am hopeful this is being done.....

    I am here a long time now....over 15 years and I am 58y/o....I can't say I have worsened at all. I am actually better since savella was added to my meds. So positive things can happen. Learning you and journalling you and the things that trigger a pain event or start a downward course is big for staying away from them. Things that help and should be done also part of the journal.

    Hope the note here helped a bit. I am saddened to hear of someone so young dealing with this. You should be out living your life, not challenged with all these issues.........Hugs from me, Nancy B

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