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    Scared of tomorrow
    uschi66 posted:
    Despite fibro I believe I am a rather strong person. All my family are going back to their jobs or school tomorrow after a wonderful Christmas break but fibro keeps me out of a job. So, that leaves me home with my cats, lovely neighbours, upcoming knitting class, a friend picking me up for the occasional coffee - still the thought of 'tomorrow' scares the living daylight out if me right now... Anyone else experiencing this? Uschi66
    dollbug responded:
    Hello.....MiMi in NC....I do want to comment about your post....I have had lots of *family issues* going on in the past few years....each and every time I had to go to court....(just to support and be with a family member)....I got very stressed....and as we all know being stressed is not a good thing for us, FMers....for several days before and then several days after these court dates....I felt so much more pain than I normally do....I think it is just the *not knowing what is going to happen* phase that is making me uneasy....the unknown, I guess you might say.

    These *events* went on for over 2 years...and thank GOD they are now over least for now.

    I had to get my driver's license renewed in December and again....I dreaded this....put it off as long as I could and was really very nervous about doing it...I did ok...and honestly I do not know why I dreaded it in the I am thinking that this has something to do with our nerves......which is related to FM....

    I would hate knowing that I had to put up with this every day....are you taking anything for this? If not....then you might want to speak to your doctor about how you feel.
    Perhaps there is something that the doctor can give you to make things better for you.

    Take care and good luck. Find something to do to keep busy...or to at least pass the time.



    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    xperky responded:
    I'm scared too. I think a bunch of us disabled workers, who try very hard, might have to live together when we age. We could split costs and tasks and help one another. I don't know if our cats would get along

    It's good you have outings to look forward to. Have you tried a knitting class before, or are you beginning? I've been teaching myself but still would enjoy the group, I think. Have fun.
    With Compassion,
    booch007 replied to xperky's response:
    Margaret I NEED A LIKE BUTTON here.

    How great would that be....a house full of FMers' can you imagine the conversation...there better be more then one bathroom *!..


    There is saying in the bible which I can't quote perfect but it has to do with not worring about has enough issues in it to keep you busy.

    Ok, take control of this...make plans with friends and space them for rest periods......get a project started to occupy your mind. Straighten out that closet that when you open the door things fall out on you (I have at least two of those to do....!)

    It sounds like the emptiness of the next season is worrying you. Will worry bring anything more then more pain? is disaster for us. We have so little control over anything....just have to go with the flow. Just have to get involved with something. I don't know your age but how about a Tai Chi class...I have been dying to join one and have held back as when I return from work I don't know what shape I will be in.

    If home I could pace to get there. It is great for stretching us...quiet mantra mind work and you will get out and meet people. The HS's often have these for low cost.

    I just received another invitation to YOGA and I am going in a month....I am hopeful to enlighten myself or rechange a dead battery inside me....I am looking to challenge my body a bit to move gently in all directions. We will see if it allos this, but I have to try.

    Please don't get SAD...get MAD. Use being pissed off that this is the situation to motivate you to do something else in your world that 1) entertains you 2) distracts you 3) gets you out of the house

    We are often people who need people....reach out, don't fold in. You can do it. Plus you have all of us with you always...

    Did you know we are open 24/7 ? LOL...

    OK, hugs from , I hope today is a better day for you......NancyB
    maggiethedoglover replied to xperky's response:
    Hi Margaret,

    Not that I'm a spring chicken now, but if I find myself alone in my really old age, I hope that you will find room for me and whatever dog I might have.

    Lots of hugs,


    Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire
    xperky replied to maggiethedoglover's response:
    Maggie, you are such a sweetheart, I bet you'd be a great housemate! I'd welcome you, and your beloved dog(s) with open arms into "The Fibro House!"

    Hugs back to you.
    With Compassion,

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