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    Do I Have Fibromyalgia?
    har786 posted:
    I posted this before but there were some complications so they took it off as per my request. Sorry. These are all of my symptoms, tried putting age with the major symptopms to help with identifying the problem? I will meet with a neurologist and psychiatrist, but it will be too far off. Also I know I might have other conditions, just thought i could get more opinions (other than my doctor who thinks I am perfectly fine)

    These are estimates of when my symptoms began:
    Around 3rd grade (8 years old):
    Sharp pain occuring in both knees. Difficult to stand.

    Around 5th (10 years old):
    Sharp back pain, starting in the lower back then spreading to the upper back (still concentrated in the lower back).

    Middleschool (6th grade 11 years old):
    Stinging in joints from simple actions. Difficulty retaining information. Slight burning.

    Middleschool (around 8th grade 13 years old):
    Anxiety Problems
    Increased burning

    Highschool (beginning 14 years old):
    Worsening of mental symptoms, pressure

    Highschool (middle 16 years old):
    Feelings of depression (pain-related problems)

    Last Year (18 years old):
    Increased headache frequency
    Increased pressure in head
    Increased concentration problems
    Drawing blanks more often
    Tingling on scalp
    And most other mental issues

    All Symptoms:
    Pain throughout entire body (varies in intensity)
    Burning, stinging inside body
    Joint Pain

    Intense pain from physical activities

    Eyes go off focus and draw blanks (with realization after some time)

    Read things wrong (even if read with the utmost care repeatedly)

    Sensitivity to cold: Feet, legs, arms

    Sensitivity to Heat: Eyes burn/water, body pain/discomfort increases

    Extreme difficulty concentrating (mind goes on blank)

    Memory problems
    Forget what I am doing
    Short term memory problems

    Unable to retain what is read

    Pressure inside head

    Headaches (common)

    Difficulty in tasting salt, sugar

    arms, hands, feet and legs

    Morning and night
    Often see things moving, hearing voices, feeling things
    touching me
    Being pursued
    Attempts of mental invasion (occasionally)

    Loss of Balance

    Lose ability to move (Despite thinking I am able to move, episode dissipates, happened 3 times so far)~ very weird situation, hard to explain

    Muscle Spasms Particularly at night

    Difficulty with speech
    finding words to say takes longer (a lot more often than

    Fatigue (increased with warmth)

    prevalent in younger age

    Difficulty standing in place too long

    Need to move legs/back position often due to pain

    Pain results in waking up at night

    Wake up with intense pain (often)
    Subsides within an hour

    Quick Reaction to medication

    Sharp Stinging in chest (left and right side, common)

    Urinary frequency

    Involuntary body movements
    Most often at night
    Anon_10089 responded:
    I know you've received other responses on a different post. Basically, I have the same thoughts as them: some of your problems sound like FM, some don't.

    Pain and mental health can go hand in hand. Our brain is powerful and sometimes it compensates for pain (physical or emotional) in strange ways!

    A psychiatrist can help to possibly get you on some meds. Hopefully, you'll also have therapy sessions too. Many meds that are prescribed for mental health issues, are also used for pain, so there might be a good combination out there for you.

    Don't give up in getting treatment. Even if all of your symptoms can't be explained by FM, you deserve quality of life. I also think that there are health conditions out there that don't ever get a solid diagnosis. My sister-in-law is going through that right now. We want black and white answers but sometimes that's not possible. That doesn't mean, though, that you shouldn't find ways to manage your symptoms.
    Cormacbolano responded:
    Hi, I'm no expert, just an RN but your symptoms point to a lot more than fibromyalgia, ie hallucinations, etc.

    A second, and third opinion from a university based health center (one with a medical school) is not a bad idea if you are in doubt about your condition(s).

    Good luck to you. Wow, you certainly have been dealing with a lot of nasty symptoms.

    Take care,
    har786 replied to Cormacbolano's response:
    I spoke with a family friend psychiatrist (over the phone, he lives far), he recommended I speak to both a psychologist and psychiatrist as soon as possible, and to get a brain mri
    BetteK responded:
    Please, please, please go to your nearest ER now. Tell them about your hallucinations. This is a medical emergency. Yes you should get your workup whenever it is scheduled, but you need help (and possibly supervision) now.

    My son is mentally ill. It started when he was 17. He is now 40. Last summer he drank some toilet bowl cleaner while he was hallucinating. He is now missing part of his esophagus and his duodenum. Do not let something like this happen to you.

    It is imperative that you are treated for your mental health symptoms before you have a chance to hurt yourself. If you also have fibromyalgia, it will still be there after this life-
    threatening crisis is addressed. Fibro won't kill you. Irrational thinking can.

    If you are diagnosed with mental illness, take your meds! If there are intolerable side effects, call your doc. She can prescribe other drugs that will do the job without the side effects. Never just stop taking a psychiatric drug. They are always prescribed in a step up dosage. They have to be withdrawn slowly too or you could have a severe reaction.

    Get the help you need now. Let us know how you are doing when you can. We all care about you.

    xperky replied to har786's response:
    Those are some difficult symptoms. I agree about getting a brain mri to rule out ms. There is also something rather rare, but it is lupus that has spread to the brain, and it can cause psychiatric symptoms along with pain and neurological symptoms. A rheumatologist, or a gp, can test your blood ANA, etc for lupus. I assume you have been tested for JRA?

    There are many good psychiatric drugs available too. A listening ear, a therapist, is also a great help when feeling lots of symptoms. They can give you tools that help you cope with your feelings.

    In the meantime, take good care of yourself and make sure you avoid stress and get plenty of rest and light exercise.

    Take care. Hopefully this is a phase of your life that will improve with age and treatment.
    With Compassion,
    har786 replied to BetteK's response:
    I have been hallucinating for over a year, they mostly involve me seeing a person who isn't there, or something moving/touching me when there isn't anything causing that. I would rather not go to the ER since my parents would be so shocked and scared, I wouldn't want them to feel worse. Thank you for the comments.

    I am so so sorry about your son, how is your son now?
    har786 replied to xperky's response:
    I think my doctor ruled out lupus from a blood test I took a while back, sorry can't remember exactly. The stress part I can't do anything about I might get kicked out this semester because of how poorly I am doing because of these symptoms. And my symptoms just seem to be getting worse, especially the mental ones.
    BetteK replied to har786's response:
    My son lives in a group home with 24 hour supervision. He was in a supervised apartment when he drank the toilet bowl cleaner. The most hurtful thing he's done since June is to eat some of his favorite foods like wings or ribs. They don't stay down.

    Do you really think your parents aren't already worrried about you? They know there's something wrong. Not knowing what the problem is can be worse than any real, verified illness. They could be thinking brain tumor! Get the help you need. Yes, you are an adult, but your parents will always love you and want to protect you.

    (Even now, the only time I really sleep through the night is when my son is in the hospital. I'm always worried that something bad will happen.)

    How much worse must it be for your parents--and you--not knowing what the problem is.

    Were you grieving when you saw this invisible person? That is a common part of the grief experience and not something to worry about.

    There are better days ahead, if you find help now.

    Towards those better days,

    har786 replied to BetteK's response:
    I am so sorry for the situation of your son.

    They are worried about me, but they often jump to conclusions, they will be so worried that it will kill them (from me going to the emergency room). I will find another way to get this solved.

    And no I was not grieving when I saw/see the hallucinations

    Thank you for your comments
    BetteK replied to har786's response:
    Call 911 and go. NOW.

    Your parents are not the only ones who are worried about you.
    You say having you go to the ER would kill them. What would happen to them if you hurt yourself and a police officer came knocking at their door to tell them how critical you were?

    The most selfish, irresponsible, childish thing you can do is to ignore your urgent medical condition.

    Go to the ER. Do it FOR your parents.
    booch007 replied to BetteK's response:
    Good morning,

    I too as an RN will need psychiatric follow up. It is a long standing issue with you. As I read your symptoms i was wondering what else was going on in your young life?

    The social aspects and school/class interactions. Once you start changing brain chemistry to respond to some trigger it continues to be altered. So it brings you to where you are.

    So, I too want you in a physciatric office NOW or a psychiatric ER...we have 2 in my area. So it is not your avarage ER.

    You are making excusees I think in the parents department. They will not die if you get the care you need. We so easily sweep mantal needs under the rug. I would be sad if something happens to you or your vision has you do something you NEVER would have done. My cousin killed his Dad during an event......even incarserated and on his meds now...he has no remorse as he doesn't believe it was him who did it!

    Your brain is powerfuland tricky to have you see and believe things.......Get seen. This is 2 weeks old, so I hope you have taken the responsibilty to get help for yourself.

    You have gotten some good advice here from the fmily. USE IT. Nancy B

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