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    TGIF*****Roll Call ******2/8/2013*****New members too *****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF****and a good morning to each of you. So.....I am seeing where this week-end for some maybe the *snow storm of the century* the rainy weather follows the path it is going to turn into lots of I hope everyone included in this will stay inside and try to stay warm. I am glad that NC has been left out of I am not sure that I could deal with this kind of weather. (not that I would have a choice of the matter)

    I did sleep ok last night....woke up too darn early this morning but was able to drift back off to sleep...I am glad of that as I was really tired...I do feel better now...

    Please remember my granddaughter as my son was finally told that she was withdrawn from school on Dec 13....and her records have not been transferred. I am worried about what is going on with her....we do not know where she is right now but we think she is not attending school, as required. I think my stress levels are up again. I am really trying to keep my stress at bay, as I know what stress is capable of doing.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. So hang in here with us and know that we know and understand exactly what you are going through. It does take time. Anything and everything connected to the wrath of the dragon takes time.

    I hope the new members will check out the info under *tips* and *resources*....and be sure and read the members toolbox.

    Vitamin D....ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level and keep tabs on this each year....perhaps at your annual check up.
    It is up to us FMers to remind the doctors what we need to know.

    Here is hoping everyone had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all.

    Stay warm and stay safe.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Mimi!
    Oh, this weather---we're due for 12 to 25 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. The Fibro is quiet this morning, for a wonder; but every bone I've ever broken is singing loudly. I loaded up on the Aleve and am hoping that will settle things down.

    Husband is still nursing his sore hip...Why are men such babies when they hurt? He said this morning that he wouldn't be able to help me with the shoveling because he was hurting too much. The same for dishes and housework..."I'm going to rest this weekend so my hip can get better. I won't be able to help you shovel." Poor baby (NOT). If I say I'm taking it easy because I hurt too much, he gets all bent out of shape.

    Grumbling aside, I really do want to get some more painting done today. The Aleve is kicking in now; and I'm going to put a heat patch on my neck and a pain patch on my head. That should knock out the worst of the pain. Then maybe I can get something done.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Friday FMily. I hope your day is going well and that you get to do this day, your way and that you will not have to deal with any fibro issues or pain.

    It's over cast and rainy here and will not be as warm as yesterday which was near near 70. I hate3 the ups and downs of February weather. While leaving the library yesterday. I look up to the Dog woodtree on the sidewalk and it had buds! OMG it's not time for them to have buds, we have at least one more month, but NO it has buds. In fact I looked at all the Dogwood trees and each of trees and they all had buds. Which means they will be blooming soon. And that means winter here is coming to an end.. Whoopi am I happy.

    And I too have been watching the weather in north- east and hope that the weather, as predicted, is not as bad as it could be and that each of you in it's path are safe from any real damage.

    MiMI, I am so sorry, my heart just aches for your son, you and the family. I didn't think your granddaughter could be take out of school and moved away like that without some notification to her father. That's just so wrong. Is there no way to get an investigation as to where she is now? Surely since the judge ordered visitation with her father the police could be working on your side for a change? My thoughts and prayers are with you and that this will all be resolved qickly.

    Not much to post about today. I think taking on the TV room restoration was a mistake. OMG it's beyond a pain in the neck with half of the stuff in the living room in boxes the rest in the center of the TV room. DH spent some time doing the wall repair yesterday, the wet sanding it. That part is done. Tomorrow he will pain the celling. When that's done he will paint the accent wall, the three other sides and get the accent wall ready for the new flat screen TV, but it's a pain and I hope this is the last time we have to deal with it.

    As for my day it's little things like errands and then home. It's kind of rainy out there, on and off, so no need to stay out for long. So having shared the latest news here I guess I will let you get on with your day.

    Wishing each of you a great day. Gentle hugs, Linda R
    katmandulou responded:
    TGIF - Happy Blizzard!

    We started getting snow a couple hours ago, and we're ready. The Blizzard Warning is in effect from 6am today to 1pm tomorrow. DH is coming home around noon, we have plenty of food, water and gas for the snowblower. We're in the 18-24" area, and close to the 30-36" area. Anything can happen, but we're gonna be safe and warm. I'm thinking of baking this afternoon.
    I got home last night from yoga s>class, and DH said, "we had an incident". I was sure something had happened to the dog, who was looking at him as if to stay "OMG what happened?!" The upstairs toilet tank had finally stared leaking; he heard dripping coming from my office. Yup - water water not-quite-everywhere, the 'new' computer wasn't hit, thank god. He didn't want to go out and get a new tank last night (really?????), but he moved stuff around my office. It soaked old records, some USB and flash drives and some candy, including my have chocolate bar. AARGH! I don't know when he thinks we'll get to it, but we can't use that toilet, and downstairs is COLD, especially in the morning.
    MiMi, I continue to pray for your son and granddaughter. I have seen the result of bitter exes in my family, and it's not pretty. If his X has taken their daughter out of school against a court order, he needs to report it; I'm sure he already has!
    Angelswife - in general, where are you? I'm in southeastern MA, near what I call the "armpit of Massachusetts"! I have back problems too, and I have taught myself to 'shovel backwards' - I'm a righty so I shovel lefty. You need to be thoughtful about it, not lift too much or the shovel will turn over. It's slow, but it's better than hurting yourself. Make him some tea, and tell him you'll save some snow for him! LOL
    Linda, thanks for your good wishes. There are some people who think this will be a nothing storm, but I was around for the Blizzard of '78, and it was bad. We're so used to using our electronics, lots of people will be fine as long as the power lines hold. We're lucky - our town has a municipal power co, owned by the ratepayers, and we've never been more than 3-4 hours without power.
    Wishing you all the best day, the best Blizzard, and the best weekend you can possibly have - stay warm and dry if you're in its path!!!
    teelady1 responded:
    Rats .... I thought I just posted ... but don't see it.

    Don't have time to re-type now. I'll try to come back later.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday & weekend with no or little pain - and good sleep!
    teelady1 responded:
    Okay - let me try this again -

    Happy Friday - TGIF!!

    We had about 6 inches of snow at our house in No.IL last night. Of course, the worst of it seemed to be when I was driving home from work. My usual 15-20 minute commute took 65 minutes! Glad I didn't have a longer commute like some people.

    Of course, our snow storm was nothing what it like the blizzard hitting the NE.

    Looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend. If the weather's not too bad on Sunday (freezing rain predicted), I'm going to my cousin's for a family gathering. Otherwise, some house work, relaxing, and crocheting is on the agenda.

    mimi, Yay - for good sleep! I hope that continues for you! I also wish less stress for you. What a stressful situation this must be for you with not knowing what's going on with your granddaughter! (((Hugs)))

    angelswife, hoping you get less than predicted snow - and the weather changes don't make your pain even worse. I have an arthritic knee that can tell when storms are moving through.

    LindaR, painting and house projects sure can be a headache - but it's always so nice to have freshly painted walls, etc. The 'new' room will be so nice for you to enjoy the soon-to-be new TV!!

    Lou, glad to hear you're prepared for the blizzard. You mentioned food, water, and gas - but you didn't mention 'the other essential'. Do you have enough yarn for your knitting projects?

    Okay, back to work - and back to wishing the afternoon goes quickly. I want to go home. There should be a package with some new yarn! I've been crocheting scarves lately, but now I'm ready to work on a few afghans for a silent auction at church. The auction is a fund-raiser for some mission trips.

    Wishing everyone a safe and good weekend with no or little pain - and good sleep!
    angelswife replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hi Lou---I'm in the Northwest corner of CT. The whole state is supposed to get 1-2 feet of snow.

    Husband told me not to waste my time on the computer all day. Guess what he did as soon as I started painting part of the living room! He's been on the computer all day. Now five hours later I'm finally back on for a minute. I'm feeling stiff from all the painting so I'm going to take a good hot shower and curl up in my scruffy clothes. I'll get the second coat on tomorrow.
    katmandulou replied to teelady1's response:
    Teelady12, enough yarn? That's not possible! LOL

    I got a deal on Craftsy, they just shipped 20 hanks of Collage Temptation - it was 65% off! I'm going to start my sister's granddaughter's cardigan in a couple of minutes.
    BetteK responded:

    Here in SW NY we dodged most of the bullet. It's snowing but fairly moderately. For people who never heard of a snow belt, we picked a farm 50 miles south and east of the danger zone. Somebody must have been watching us that day.

    My best friend from H.S. has MS. Surprise, surprise, we tend to compare notes. She said that although she has more physical damage to her body, I seem to have more pain and much more brain fog. And this is from the lady with all the lesions visible in her brain. Who would have thunk it!

    Our older son is a groundskeeper at Alfred State College. In the winter, he works from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. to be ready for snow. He usually works from Sun. night through Thurs. night.
    We expect him to be called in tonight, though. That campus is built on a steep hillside and is a nightmare in the winter.

    Both my parents survived heart attacks before they were 50.
    Everyone in my mom's family had some kind of digestivel cancer--all 12 of my aunts and uncles. Both of my grandmothers were diabetic. I get a lot of routine testing at my checkups.

    I truly believe there will be blood tests for phases of FM available in the next 10 years. The researchers keep finding anomallies. They just aren't part of today's normal workups.
    Once docs know what to look for, there will be ways to find it. New members of our ranks will be diagnosed and treated much more rapidly. Perhaps in time to prevent some of the bodywide and multi-bodysystem changes we long timers have undergone.

    How's that for good news! Here's more. Now that we have Lyrica and Savella, other bigPharm companies are really jumping on our bandwagon. Hey, this is a chronic condition that often begins with young adults. That translates into maybe 50 years of meds for the companies to sell. We are great cash cows! No wonder everyone from Phizer to Merck to Eli Lilly to all the Johnson and Johnson branches are scampering to bring us the next great thing.

    Doctors now recognize that pain is a very real symptom that can be alleviated. They are treating it more aggressively. Hospitals are checking temp, pulse, respiration, BP, oxygen levels and pain scores at regular intervals. Despite the anti-drug witch hunters, most docs do prescribe pain meds, even opiates, if their patients need them.

    And while we're at it, we've got TENS units and Electronic Nerve Stimulators. TENS is a little tingle that is supplied wherever you place its adhesive patches. Electrodes like those on an ECG machines lead to a cell phone-sized power pack that you can slip in a pocket or hang on a belt. Electronic Nerve Stimulators are implanted in your spinal cord with a power pack implanted just above your butt fat. Both have multiple programs to vary your stimulation, They work for some of us.

    So, especially for you newbies if you've absolutely got to have FM, this is a pretty good time to have it.

    Towards better days, (And they are coming!)

    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    I barely made it before Friday was over! Just got home from taking DH stuff to his new homed. He is totally moved out now. I get to sleep all by self except for my cocker spaniel mix dog. No one to hog the covers or complain because the television is too loud!

    Tomorrow my twin brother and I are celebrating our birthday. Our whole family is coming over for a picnic style party. It is going to be in the low 70's! That is one good thing about living in Florida. I tried to find a batmitten set at Wal-mart, but the clerk said they do not come out until March.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend. Soft hugs to all!

    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.

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