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    Sunday *****3/17/2013 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...where I am so very happy again....we were able to see and spend time with my granddaughter again...for the 2nd time. So it seems perhaps that someone was indeed *testing the judge's orders* DH appeared at 10 am to pick her up and she was there on time. It takes 30 minutes to get her and 30 minutes to take her we actually only have her for 3 hours...not really time enough to do anything much at all...but at least we get to see her and she does have a super good time...she is all smiles when she arrives and then she changes as she is is really very sad.

    This is only for the rest of this month...and then next month she will get to spend more time and then in May she will get every other that will be great for all of us then.

    I am quite worried that she is not in school and this bothers me a lot...I am worried that she will get behind and have to repeat the 3rd grade over. I had a great week-end....I am a bit tired but seeing my granddaughter was worth every bite of what I experienced.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good Saturday as well. The temp was great here....almost like a nice spring day...and yes...I know that spring is now just a few days away....I am so looking forward to some nice warm weather with some warm sunshine to soak in. Sunshine is good for the mind as well as the body.....getting that natural Vitamin D....that so many of us need.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group....I am sure that soon each of you will find the right combination of tools and tips that will help you cope better with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM. So hang in here with us...ask questions as we have some FMers here who will share what they have been through on this journey that we each face every day.

    Vitamin D...this is my favorite thing to encourage everyone about....I know that this made a BIG difference for me...and from what I had read this is important to a lot of people these days...and not just though of us who dance or drag the is a simple blood test BUT you must ASK the doctor to run it as it is not included in the normal bloodwork that the doctors do.

    I hope the new members will indeed check out the Website you will find some good sure and review the *tips* and *resources* as well as the *member toolbox*.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a good day.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dollbug responded:

    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dollbug replied to dollbug's response:
    I tried to reduce the above picture so that I could put my grands on my profile would not work...but I wanted to share the picture of them younger grandson is on the older grandson is in the middle and of course my granddaughter is on the left...she is really that she is allowed to spend some time with her daddy and his family....Can you tell just how happy she is????

    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    booch007 responded:
    Ohh so happy for you Mimi, I get extra joy in reading this saga that is changing for you.......

    NOW CRAP***** It snowed here in NY like the dickens and you are in the nice weather and i am still gettting a Canadian gift!

    It is 23* right now and I am ready for better then that!

    Those of you who have gotten to know me, know i have a problem saying "NO I can't do that......well now I am involved at work to the tune of 12 hours days and was given the leadership role to set up the new Urologist that joined our cardiology group....(don't ask me how we ended up at the other end of the patient). It is exciting but I am exhausted. The work is BRAIN not BRAUN and that is good, but I am short circuiting in all on my plate.

    Now I heard yesterday after working on Saturday...that one of the nurses took another job and is leaving....just when I was pulling myself out of Clinical to *do this new adventure.

    I thought with this disease i couldn't learn anything anymore...that forgetfulness and fog (which is not too pronounced with me) would be a down fall But the "major distraction of this is really amazing. I STILL HAVE IT.

    Construction is done but the body is saying don't do anything right now with all the other things going on in my I still sit in MUCK and disarray!!

    The closets are perfect and all this will be right...soon.

    Well, God bless my meds..medical and help me through this busy time. It will be months before I slow down, so if I am gone.....don't worry I am doing something BIG....
    I will check in on Sundays as it is a day of REST for me. I lost my Monday (me day)also...This Doctor operates on Mondays and needs a nurse with him then I have to go for shots and then go to his side after! Like I said...I can't say no*.

    Learning something new is a great thing (though i told him i am over qualified for this job...but he makes it "so alive" and he LOVES what he does it is infectious for I love what i do..we melded right away!! I think it was when I hugged a patient of his when we saw he didn't have bladder cancer again on recheck......(the patient came back for a second hug! and the doc just lit up...) to the ITALIAN ST. PATS PARTY...they can be more IRISH then the Irish!! Ha!

    Hugs to all, Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    Hello Nana B....and congratulations....on your new position...I hope you will remember though to pace, pace and pace even more...sounds like you will indeed be a *busy bee*...I hope you will enjoy this and not over do I think we all know what happens when we do.

    So sad that you also lost your *me day*...which is really important for us FMers to have some rest and do something good for ourselves.

    I do hope you will update us when you can on how things are going with you. We appreciate all of the good info that you share with everyone.

    Sounds like the doctor is a *keeper*... and I think he realizes just how *lucky he is to have you as well*...which is a very good is always good to be appreciated for the work that you do.

    Hang in there and keep in touch. Know that we will always be here...(or so I hope?) I think no one really knows what may or may not happen anymore.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse replied to dollbug's response:
    HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY MiMi, Nancy and to all that follow this post.

    MiMi, I am so happy for you!! You have a wonderful group of grand kids there. I smiled when I saw the picture and my heart is so happy for you and your family.

    Nancy, OMG your are so busy! I admire your energy! Your home remodeling project sounds wonderful. What I wouldn't do for bigger closets, but theres just no way to enlarge ours.
    Sorry about the snow. Would send you our temps and sunshines if I could, but it's not gonna last as we are getting more cold ( gifts from Canada ) this week.

    LIke I said it's going to be a nice warm sunny day here and I am going to enjoy the heck out of it! It was a wonderful 'spring' day yesterday day up to 76. A true sign of things to come, NOT just yet. I am going to be so happy to not have to talk about cold or snow. Yippee. But knowing it's not going to be eveyday DH and I will have to keep an eye on the weather forcasts to make sure we have the plants covered or inside on the colder night.. they are saying 28 and 30 some nights this coing week. UGH.

    I am aching this a.m. I guess I did one thing or lifited one thing to many @ last night's dinner. All in all it was a nice affair and my DH was one of the people out there in the dinning hall having a meal while I was dashing around serving or cleaning up. Catering is a lot of work sometimes, depending on what is being served, or self served. I do the set up, serving and clean up with a crew of maybe 6. Last night it was just the 3 of us serving 100. Doesn't sound like a lot but boy it was.We had three tables of food or drinks to set up and keep filled and last night we were running.

    I've told my BBF for years that it's not worth it with the work being so hard and food and gas prices going up everyday, but she likes to it so I tag along, but last night she said she is really thinking of closing down her catering business. She's had it open for nearly 20 years and I've been with her from the start. But she's getting her PH.D next month and wants to move on to other things. She also teaches @ one of our local universities. Her closing the business, if she does, for me, this would be a good thing too, lol, like I told her last night, I'm getting too old for this heavy kitchen work! She has one more luncheon next month to do and then I think we're done. I'd like to try maybe doing somepart time subbing, I've said this before and haven't done it, as I am just one class shy of a Masters In Education.

    Well I guess I should get myself up from here and get out and enjoy the beautiful day. Heres wishing each of you a Grand St. Pat's Day. MAY THE LUCK OF THE IRSH BE YOURS.

    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    dollbug replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Thanks have no idea just how HAPPY I was when I saw DH had our granddaughter....I go with him but he has to *drop me off at a place not too far from the pick up exchange*....(this is per the ex's request-as she thinks she can still tell people what they can and can NOT do) was interesting in court as the JUDGE saw right through what is going on here. I love it. granddaughter had such a good time...she was able to meet her younger cousin and I think they had fun...they were out in the yard for a it was really very nice temps for them to enjoy.

    I do know that my younger grandson got upset since they were playing a game that he is not allowed to play...and it made him sad...we are going to have to find a good *fix* for this I want them all to have fun and not be upset with anyone...2 is good and 3 is an odd number...I now this from very personal experience...(since I had 3 of my own) is always the 3rd person is the odd man out...regardless...not a good thing for 3 someone will always have issues.

    Perhaps this is why I had hoped to have 6 not really know...but there must have been some sort of reason. Funny how we adults learn along the way in life...too little, too late though for some things.

    Linda...I can not even imagine how you can manage to do heavy work. I have issues doing just the light things that must be done. I use to be able to do so much more...but I no longer have the energy or the strength.

    I bought my grandchildren the shirts in their picture for St. Patricks Day....I was so glad that my daughter made pictures of them. My world and family are now such a good way. I will be happier when my granddaughter has the entire week-end to stay...and I know she will be also.

    I hope you can rest today Linda...take care and enjoy the Sunday.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning everyone. It must be Sunday beacause I found time to post early in the day.

    We are going to my brother's this afternoon so my DW can hold our new nephew Holden. She was sick when he was born so she is itching for the chance to hold him. He is just under 7lbs now, just a little guy.

    We have yet another storm coming. My body is pretty well locked up today. I woke to a mere 8 degrees. It's a good day to study my books. I'm almost done.

    Mimi, geat picture of happy faces!

    Good luck Nancy B. I am jelous of your closets. People must not have had many things when my house was built because I have 2, that's it. We have to be creative with storage.

    Linda R, my sister did a lot of catering. I don't think she ever made money at it. It is a ton of work and a difficult job. It would be good if you can move on from that task.

    Here is hoping that you all have a fgreat day. Take care everyone.

    BetteK replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Linda, you HAVE to get that masters. Once you have it, it's yours. An unfinished degree can get lost in time and different administrations or rules. Besides, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you finally have that piece of paper on the wall.

    If money is the problem, borrow. If time is the problem, give up something (catering?) just for now. If it is the FM that is keeping you back, just don't let it.

    I don't know what the license rules are where you are, but here in NY I had 5 years to get 3 years of experience and my masters degree or I lost my provisional certification. On top of that, we make more money for every graduate credit we earn.

    And Linda, as hard a worker as you are, you need a little bit of tangible proof that you followed through and completed a goal.

    Let us know when we can salute a new Master of Science.

    rudyandirmouse replied to dollbug's response:
    @ MiMi, catering is hard work and I sometimes wonder how I manage to get the job(s) done. I think I manage because I've been doing it so long that it's second nature to me now. And too I do it because I care so much for my BBF who's business it is. I helped her get it started all those years ago and worked with her while she got her AA, BS, MS and now her PH.D. I think now that she's teaching and ready to move away from Education she'll really close down the business.

    And I am so happy for you. It's been a long and hard journey MiMi to get your grand daugher back in your arms and I am just over the moon happy for you.

    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    rudyandirmouse replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    @ Cory, OMG is catering a hard and difficult business. And NO theres no money to made in it. My BBF didn't make a dime last last night, in fact she lost money. And has been losing money since gas and food prices went up. She raised her per meal price just one by a dollar and people got mad! So it's time to get out.. I know I ready too.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R.
    rudyandirmouse replied to BetteK's response:
    @BettK I'm am sure your intentions were good and that you meant well, but since you don't know me, as others here do, you really shouldn't have commented so strongly about what I should do about completing my work on the Master's in Education.

    Because, NO I don't have to get that Masters! And FYI I was not working on one in Science! And I don't need or care to borrow money for more paid education. If I had wanted the sense of accomplishment I would have finished the Masters program back in the day.

    I don't need anyone, well intentioned or not to " cheer lead " me back. So I wasn't worried about time passing when I left the Master's program 20 years ago I'm sure NOT concerned about it now!

    And, again, since you don't know me you have no idea of what kind of worker I am! I could be just average.. you don't know me so you have no idea. And you should have assumed that it was Fibro that has kept me from getting my Masters.. you don't even have a clue as to how old I am.

    And I help my BBF because I was the one who talked her into opening the business 20 years ago. I owe her to be there when she needs me. I dont' need the money!

    So please think twice before you answer my posts again.

    Linda R

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