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    Trouble sleeping
    Cynseel1 posted:
    I have a lot of intense pain in my shoulders due to FM...I sleep better on my sides, but the pain in my shoulders when I do is intolerable! Does anyone have tips on how to sleep more comfortably on your side with this issue? Cynseel
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Cynseel and welcome....MiMi in you have a foam mattress topper? I am one of the FMers here who has been forced to sleep in a catnapper...and I sleep on pillows as well. (no contact with my body) It took me a long time to figure out just how I could get more and better sleep...well...I ended up having *cervical (neck) surgery and also had 7 hand right elbow I ended up having to sleep in a recliner anyway...and eventually just had no choice but to sleep in it all the time...(due to back pain issues plus overall pain). I use to be a side sleeper also...which took me a while to get use to sleeping in a prone position.

    I also have to take a hot shower using lavender bath salts right before bedtime...which helps my body to relax so that I can sleep better.

    You might also try the Stopain Spray at night (found at walmart) is good stuff to use.

    I am sure that you will soon find something that will help you cope better...keep reading and check out the info under *tips* and *resources*.

    Take care and good luck.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    xperky responded:
    Cynseel1, I'm a side sleeper too, and my shoulders can complain. I've found it best to have a rather firm or overstuffed pillow and to pull it down against my shoulders. That way my head is straighter in line with my spine and raised enough to take weight off the lower shoulder. Make any sense?

    Some nights I'm simply better off on my back though. I just can't seem to fall asleep on my back, even though I usually wake up on my back, LOL. Now, if I could just figure out how to take pressure off my hips, knees and feet too...
    With Compassion,
    Cynseel1 replied to dollbug's response:
    Thanks MiMi for all of your suggestions. I'm sorry to hear of all of the afflictions you've had to endure over the years. Compassionately, Cyndi
    Cynseel1 replied to xperky's response:
    Dear Margaret; Your suggestion sounds like it's worth a try I've spent hundreds of dollars on "neck" pillows and now it's my shoulders that hurt more. Have you tried placing a pillow under your knees/calves when you sleep on your back? I also use a "knee" pillow between my knees when I sleep on my side, that helps my lower back. Cyndi
    fibroinsd responded:
    I take Flexeril to help me sleep...and often tylenol..I use to take Etodolac ..which is like a heavy tylenol, I guess...but since I have run out of that..I just do the tylenol...and I still have a very stiff neck all the time...wish I could do something about it..but at least this helps.

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    agrapina replied to fibroinsd's response:
    I'm trying to learn to sleep on my back too because of shoulder and hip pain from lying too long (30 mins.)on one side. Old habits die hard especially when you're asleep and don't know what you're doing, lol.
    Cynseel1 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Hi Cece, I have had a stiff neck for so many years and thought it was due to bad pillows ! I've been taking Tylenol some nights and that's what my Doc recommended too. I still find Zanax helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep or at least be able to fall back asleep after trips to the bathroom:( Thanks for your input:) Cyndi
    Cynseel1 replied to agrapina's response:
    Hi Agrapina:) Do you know anyone who uses those sleep number beds? Or have you tried a foam mattress topper like MiMi suggested? Just curious... Cyndi
    BetteK replied to Cynseel1's response:
    Cynseel1 and all,

    The day I was approved for Social Security Disability Insurance I went in and bought Serta's version of a "Sleep Number" bed. It doesn't have a display telling you what your settings are. It also costs about one quarter of what the "real" "Sleep Number" bed costs. That was 13 years ago. My bed is still going strong. The bed is still the only place where my back and neck don't hurt.

    Be sure to try the bed out in the showroom. Try to get a 30-day free home trial. While you're in the store, check out the memory foam styles, too. Just be sure that you choose a bed you can really sleep on.

    Are there still nights when I cannot sleep? Of course! Would I buy my bed all over again? Of course!

    Getting SOME sleep almost every night is wonderful.

    xperky replied to Cynseel1's response:
    Yes Cyndi, my collection of pillows is vast...LOL. Thanks, and good luck pillow shopping!
    With Compassion,

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