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    Effexor for pain control
    nene_11 posted:
    Hello All......
    I havent been here for awhile but have been reading some of the posts here. I was wondering if anyone is taking Effexor for fibromyalgia & if it has helped with pain. My doctor said it should help with migraines & give me some energy as well. I get so tired of changing meds all of the time & just cringe at the thought of new side effects with taking different drugs.
    BetteK responded:

    Effexor is one of the many drugs I have tried. Unfortunately, it is also one of the many that locked my bladder up. Ouch!

    If you are not getting relief from the meds you were on before, and if you feel your doctor is working with you to find answers, then try the Effexor using whatever slow step-up of dosage you and your doc have decided on.

    Be aware of the major--as in scary--side effects and call your doctor (or the E.R. if they happen at night or on weekends) if you should experience them. Mild symptoms that aren't listed as dangerous on your patient information packet may be something that will fade away in time, but check with a doctor or pharmacist to be on the safe side.

    FM is a matter of trial and error. Sometimes you find a winner. Sometimes you don't. Unless you find you cannot take ANY meds without problems (some of us can't and quickly find this out), be willing to try different meds or combinations of meds.

    Hope this is just right for you,

    Wolfsong452 responded:
    good luck,
    jennagale76 responded:
    I've been on Effexor for 5 years, originally prescribed for post-partem depression. I don't think they help the pain, but they do keep my mood more level. However, I've recently tried to get off of them and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get off of them. Keep that in mind before you start taking them. You can't just stop taking them or even take 1/2 without some major side effects.
    Anon_10089 replied to jennagale76's response:

    I found it almost impossible to get off Effexor too. Finally, I found a way to do it and it was pretty easy. You have to do it through a doctor, and please research it for yourself because it was many years ago and I don't quite remember the dosing:

    I started taking Prozac at the same time as a slow wean off Effexor. Eventually, I was only taking the Prozac, then I weaned off the Prozac, which is easy because it has a long half-life.

    I couldn't have done it any other way. I tried a slow wean by itself. I took two pills per day and I reduced by one quarter of one pill and was dry heaving, sweating profusely, extremely dizzy, and very emotional. Unless I had weeks off work, there's no way I could have done it like that.

    I found the Prozac approach on the internet, then asked my doctor about it.
    nene_11 replied to Anon_10089's response:
    Thank you for the info. I took a similar drug to Effexor before for a year & a half-Cymbalta. I got on this immediately after it was available, before I knew of th e side effects. I was on a very high dose of Lyrica at the time & had an extremely difficult time during the transition. I was very sick for the 1st 3 weeks-very nauaseated & couldnt eat & had the worse case of insomnia. My doctor told me to taper off the Lyrica for 2 weeks but I decided to do it 1 week & start the Cymbalta-huge mistake! I probable needed 1 month to taper of Lyrica.

    After the awful beginning, I did pretty well on Cymbalta for a year & a half. It gave me a good deal of pain relief but I had to start additonal meds to combat the insomnia.Then, it just stopped working & my pain was again unbearable. I began to taper myself off it without my doctor's guidance & it was so bad I wanted to die! The constant brain zaps drove me insane & were painful in their own right. I made a big mistake in not taking enough time to taper. I will try the Effexor & when I need to go off of it, I will taper very, very slowly with my new doctors guidance.
    I do get tremnedous help with occasional narcotics but the docs do not like to give these as you all know. I am desperate & will try anything at this point that I have not already tried. I have not tried Savella, but I think Ive been on every combo of anti depressant, anti seizure, anti anxiety & sleeping pill there is!
    BetteK replied to nene_11's response:

    I was on Savella. It worked at first--sort of. Then I had to go off it in preparation for surgery. I did not notice any difference in my pain level without the Savella.

    My theory? I think these meds work at first--just a little better than a placebo. It doesn't take much for the drug manufacturers to claim an improvement. Then, after a while, our bodies get used to them, and they don't work any more.

    Good luck on the Effexor. I hope you get a much-better-than-placebo benefit from it. Let us know how you do on it. We care.


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